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What Every Parent Needs To Get Through the Day

Posted by on Jun. 5, 2017 at 6:23 AM
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Whether you’ve got young toddlers, preschoolers or slightly older children, there are some days which present more of a challenge. From the moment you blearily crack open your eyes, to the time your head finally hits the pillow you could do with some help. 

Supernanny may not be on hand to whip everyone into shape but there’s a few parenting essentials which will make things that little bit easier. Here’s three mum and dad must-haves which will help you avert a crisis. 

Baby Wipes

Before you had children, you probably hadn’t been within 100 feet of a baby wipe in more than a decade. Time for a change: meet your new best friend. 

Baby wipes are indeed a godsend for cleaning bottoms but they’re so much more than just a nappy-changing accessory. 

Sticky fingermarks over your black trousers? A quick dab or two and the evidence disappears. Children overheating on a day out? A refreshing wipe over the face can do wonders to instantly cool them down. Getting rid of crayon off the walls, cleaning dirty shoes, removing fingerprints from iPads and wiping down shopping trolleys are just a few more of the everyday uses for baby wipes. 

In fact, baby wipes are even used in the armed forces, when service men and women are out on location. Whoever came up with the idea of creating permanently damp tissues first, we salute you. 


Whether your children are intent on battling each other to the death, refusing to eat their lunch because it “tastes funny” or simply won’t put on their shoes, a lack of sleep will make everything so much more difficult to handle.  

The ability to keep smiling sweetly evaporates with the onset of sleep deprivation - and that can mean poor quality sleep as well as simply not enough hours catching some zzz’s. So if you find yourself about to start losing your rag at the Cbeebies presenter, you might find a little pick-me-up will help you through the day. 

Coffee is a great choice because it serves a dual purpose: it gives you a bit of an indulgent treat and a sharp shot of caffeine too. This one little cup of heaven can help you power through the remaining hours in the day even when you spot spaghetti in your hair. 


You may well start off parenthood with the best of intentions but very quickly you’ll realise that a smartphone is an essential that no mum or dad can manage without. 

Quite aside from allowing you to connect to Facebook as a reminder of the existence of other adults in the world, it’s a miracle solution that resolves all kinds of mini-disasters. 

Whether it’s turning up at the Infant Nativity play and forgetting a camera or entertaining a bored child in the restaurant (so the other diners don’t get you thrown out), it’s a lifesaving bit of kit. And if you’re still struggling with your conscience, there are lots of fun, child-friendly apps that you can download which are actually educational too. That’s a rare parenting win-win, right there. 

Be Prepared

Baby wipes, coffee and a smartphone are the three absolute essentials that every parent needs to get through the average day. Make sure you stock up in the supermarket, take out a coffee subscription and keep your phone charged up and you might just make it through. 

And of course, when you’re having a really bad time, there’s always the emergency supply of wine and chocolate too. But shhh… needs to know about those….

by on Jun. 5, 2017 at 6:23 AM
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