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Do your children LIKE YOU?

Posted by on Jul. 14, 2007 at 11:12 AM
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Do Your Children Look Like You?

10:06, Thursday, July 12, 2007 .. Posted in Motherhood .. 2 comments .. Link

"As you look to the Lord and are changed into His image, so your children look to you and their lives are affected by your countenance.  They will grow to be like the expression on your face."

(I have no idea where this piece of wisdom came from.  I read it a few years ago and thought it was so profound.  So I copied it down and have had it posted on the bulletin board by my desk.)

When I sat down to have a quiet time with the Lord recently, I glanced upon this quote, since it is posted right by my desk, even though I oftentimes fail to take notice of it.  But recently, as the Lord would have it, I pondered upon it for awhile before reading His Word.  I was convicted about how my attitude and countenance set the tone for what I see in my children's lives.  After reflecting for awhile on the quote's truth, I opened to my Bible Study, The Power of Motherhood---What the Bible Says About Mothers, by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies.  I could hardly believe it---the message was exactly the same as the quote I had been pondering only moments before.  That was definitely not a coincidence, but totally the work of the Lord.  Obviously, it was a message I needed to be hearing.  The verse was Ezekiel 16:44 "As is the mother, so is the daughter."

I had been reminded twice in a matter of a few minutes that our children will grow to be like us.  A mother's influence upon her children is incredible, whether that be a positive influence or a negative one.  Our daughters (children) are watching us, listening to us, and will become like us.  Mrs. Campbell goes on to say in this study, "What we are, our children will be!  We as mothers set the tone for our homes.  We are the builders of the home...We must keep a pure spirit, free from hurts, grudges, bitterness, anger, hatred, jealousy, DISCONTENTMENT, and GRUMBLING (emphasis mine)...Children will learn far more from your daily attitude in the home than they will learn from what you teach them!  They will forget facts and knowledge, but your attitude and the atmosphere of your home will be indelibly imprinted upon their spirit.  It will affect their lives and future generations!"

Wow!  What conviction!!  Both the quote and God's Word make it clear that my children take their cues from me.  They will become like I am!  Do I want that?

Oh, Lord, may I be a positive example.  May I be a good influence on my children.  May I exhibit joy in all circumstances and contentment always.  May grace, gentleness, and kindness flow from me and fill my home.  May I respect and honor my husband each day.  Oh, Lord, help me to remember that my children are watching me and that they are affected---either for good or bad---by everything I do.  May I faithfully reflect the Spirit of Christ in my life.

So, I ask you, do your children look like you?  Do you want them to?
The title is actually, "Do your children look like you?"

But, when I came across this, I read it as, "DO YOUR CHILDREN LIKE YOU?"
I was so moved by what this mom had written. I couldn't find her name. I certainly hope that she doesn't mind that I am sharing this in this group.
When I copied and pasted, I realized that I had left out the word "LOOK".
Anyways, I was touched. I just want to share and hope that you feel how powerful this message is. ~~~~~~Ramona
by on Jul. 14, 2007 at 11:12 AM
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by on Jul. 22, 2007 at 11:18 PM

Do you mind if I use that line as my signature?

Love and Blessings,


by Group Admin on Jul. 23, 2007 at 7:33 PM
Anything that is any of my groups is allowed to be used. I am speaking for myself here. If there is something from one of the other moms, then you should probably contact them.
also any posts with questions or input will be greatly appriciated.

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