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What are some of DX's?

Posted by on Feb. 25, 2007 at 11:12 AM
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What are some of the Dx's that youc child has?
Do you find that it is sometimes hard to tell where one stops and one starts, that they all overlap one another? Do find it harder or  eaiser to receive beniefts for your child due to the multiple dx's?
Just some food for thought
by on Feb. 25, 2007 at 11:12 AM
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by on Mar. 1, 2007 at 11:37 PM
I realized that I had not answered my own question..DUH!!
My son(age 5) has Autism,BiPolar,SID,Intermittent Explosive,ODD(Like), ADHD(Like),Severe Learning Disorder and CP. For starters...he has varying medical conditions as well, but those are the behaviorial and or mental dx's we have.

Group Owner
by on Mar. 3, 2007 at 8:16 AM
Hi everyone!  Thanks for the invite, I think I really need to be here!  Jordan has Tourette Syndrome Plus, which means he also has ADHD and OCD.  He takes Tenex which helps his tics and Concerta for the ADHD.   He has only been diagnosed with the ADHD for a few months, and has a follow-up with the neuro on Tuesday.  We are suspected he will need an increase or change in the ADHD med as he is having some short-term memory loss, both at home and school.  I am having a problem with my husband, Jordan's father.  He doesn't like Jordan having to be on any meds at all, so he is resisting any increase.  I have tried telling him the consequences to Jordan if he doesn't take any, and Bill, hubby, won't stop him from taking the meds, but he will resist every step of the way.  I have already called the Doctor and given him a heads up on this issue, since I am not going to be able to attend this appointment.  I am just so frustrated, since Jordan has gotten so hyper again.  The TS is pretty much under control , and we only did the meds for Jordan's sake anyway.  The tics don't bother us a bit.  Sorry this is so long, I think I needed to get this off my chest!  In my opinion, I think Bill could use some ADHD meds too!
Anywho, thank you so much for starting this group and being here for us!!
by on Mar. 3, 2007 at 12:38 PM
Never be sorry for sharing, thats what we are here for.
I have had the same issue with my hubby, however he has't even wanted to believe that anything was wrong, until yesterday a friend of his told my husband (the friend is a psy.) that it sounds to him like we have very sick little boy on our hands. My hubby called and said "is Eddie really sick", ofcourse I was shocked cuz he hasn't believed it before, I just said yes babe he really is. I think he finally gets now!
by New Member on Mar. 13, 2007 at 2:00 PM
Between the 6 children I have 5 of them have varying diagnoses, autism-higher functioning, autism w/mr, mr, ptsd w/mr. These are the main diagnoses with others added for each child. I have found with their getting older I believe we get more settled into what the needs for each one are. Their ages are 15(2) and 14(2). But it is nice to have a place to go where other moms are struggling and get support.
by New Member on Mar. 13, 2007 at 2:56 PM
HI everyone, I am so glad to have found this room!   I have struggling for years.  I started noticing something was wrong with my son at 2, he wasn't talking, I started with a neurologist. then from there the list goes on. He is 12 now, and diagnosed with: ADHD, PTSD, mild-moderate mental retardation, Bi-polar.  They ruled out Autism because he does connect with people. He is functioning at a kindergarten level.  I have had such a hard time for 9 years, and it got to the point I could not handle him anymore!  I beet myself up , everyday, what kind of mother am I, how can I not take care of him?  I have 3 daughters , and they are scared of him.  He is violent, and since he had been in the first residential home for disabled children, he was molested by another child!  This broke my heart.  I took him back home.  It lasted 9 months and Again he was out of control and was hospitalized several times.  HE was recommended for residential again, and it took several months for any place to even except him  due to the severity of his behavior.
His behaviors at this time include: Biting(deep flesh wound), kicking, head butting , spitting and throwing feces, urinating in public. He requires a one- to one aid at all times.  I am in Florida and he is living in NH.  We are trying to move back up north to be closer to him.  Last year I was only able to see him 2 x's, it is so expensive to travel.  I call him several times a week. Has anyone else had to deal with the torture of not being able to handle their child?  I love him so much, thats my baby!  I need comfort.  I am so lost in misery.  I miss him so much.
by on Mar. 13, 2007 at 4:17 PM
First, Welcome to both of you.
Second, to Cherimomof4(I think I got it right) I am soooo sorry. You have come to the right place though. I too have a violent child. My son at 5 has fractured his own skull twice. He threatens to kill himself, me and his siblings, even friends if not given his way. His dx's(I may have mentioned this before) are Autism, BiPolar, Intermittent Explosive Personality Disorder, Cerebal Palsey, and borderline IQ. We have him home but on heavy doses of medicaion. Currently he is on both Trileptel and Prozac(they seem to be working a little), however he has to be rusher to the hospital just yesterday for an allergic reation to one or both(no way to tell) so we have to start all over(weaning him off now).
Doctors and even my family has said to move him to residential care, but I keep holding out hope that maybe someday I will reach him. I share your pain in your choice but we all have to do what is best for each of us. Do not feel shame, trust that you have done the best you can with waht God has given you.
Again I am so sorry.
by New Member on Mar. 16, 2007 at 7:51 AM
Thanks Autie... I am so hapopy to have found you guys for support!!!!  I have felt so alone in this for one truely knowing what it feels like to havea child with so amny problems,a nd not being able to handle it.  I have beat myself everday for the past 9 years, that why couldnt I be this supermom?? THat could handle it all.... It is immpossible!The staff in his residential and wehen hospitalized  have had some real challanging times with him...imagine and they get to take a parent we dont get any breaks.  I didnt have a asupport system , I have no family out here in FL and my friends have tried abut have little by little told me that cant watch him because they fear him hurting them or himself.
I feel he is safe where he is, but as a parent I miss him so much it kills me! 
Thanks for all your loving support everyone!  Keep writing to me,  I need your eencouraging words.
by New Member on Apr. 4, 2007 at 6:23 PM
Hi. My twins have multiple DXs between them. My son has is absent his ring & pinky fingers of his right hand, including the section of his hand which would house those fingers. Basically, draw a line between your middle & ring fingers- imagine that 1/2 past your middle finger isn't there. My son's right arm is also smaller in circumference & shorter in length than his left. He does have full use of his right arm, and is mainly right handed by his choosing.  My son has mainly tiptoed since he began walking. He had been seen by Early Intervention as an infant to 2 yrs. of age. At that point, it was suggested by the Therapists that my son have PT. Our Ped wouldn't approve it, just kept assuring me he would outgrow it. My son is now 4 yrs. old, and still hasn't  "outgrown it". We had an appt. with our Ped last week, and I demanded he finally do something about it. He is ordering PT FINALLY!

My son has a peanut allergy. His one & only reaction was when he & his sister were 13 mths. old. I had just given them pb toast for the 1st time. Upon 1 1/2 bites,  Z began gasping- raspy breathing, turned pale white, broke out in a sweat, and a pinpoint rash broke out around his mouth & traveled to his temples. I immediately took the pb toast away from Z, rinsed his mouth, hands & face, gave him milk, and watched him closely. As quickly as the reaction began, it ended. We had a well baby visit the following day, and I told our Ped about it. He said Z definately had a peanut allergy, to carefully watch that he never comes into contact with peanut products. He wouldn't discuss EPIPEN JR., told us it was "ok" for our son to have other nuts, and it was "ok" for our daughter (Z's twin sister) to have peanuts. We have always treated A as she has a peanut allergy as well. It just makes it easier for everyone involved. What one kid has, the other wants. Makes for a safer environment just to be a peanut free zone. Throughout the years, our Ped told us it was "ok" for our kids to have other nuts, as long as they weren't peanuts. He would never prescribe an EPIPEN JR until they started Preschool this past August. Now we have 3- 1 for school, 1 for home, 1 to carry in my purse. Last week, at our visit, the Ped told my husband & I that Z & A are NEVER to have ANY nuts EVER. Throughout the years, we had given our children the occassional macadamian nut cookie, walnuts, pecans. No reaction, not even the slightest one. He had been telling us that a child can outgrow a peanut allergy, that once the kids turned 4 yrs. old, we could reintroduce peanut butter, and see what happens. Just to keep the EPIPEN JR handy. Now he said a child NEVER outgrows it. Also, that because Z & A are twins, there is a high likelyhood that even though A had never had a reaction, that she could also be allergic to peanuts as well. Before he said that we didn't really have to avoid foods that were processed in a plant which handles peanuts or any other nuts, just as long as the product didn't actually contain the peanut products itself, it was fine. Now he's saying that's wrong. We've been following exactly what our "DOCTOR" said all these years, and it's WRONG?!? Besides peanut/nut allergies, they both are to stay away from Apricot products. My husband is deathly allergic to Apricots. As a child, he ingested something with apricots & coded twice. He obviously was brought back, and was instructed to never ingest anything made of or containing apricots. Due to my husbands severe  reaction, the Ped instructed us to never allow our children anything containing apricots as well.

My son Z has the signs of ADHD. We've been speaking to our Ped about it for a few years now, and until last week, he said our son was just "a normal little boy". Z is unable to focus in every way of the term, unable to make eyecontact, can't sit for any period of time, constantly on the go like he's wound up tight & is going to bust. The list goes on. Until a few weeks ago, I felt like I was being ignored about his behaviour. My kids Teachers Aide stopped me after school, and said she is concerned with my son's lack of attention / focus, and his tiptoeing. I explained that I've been talking to our Ped about these issues for years; Ped says it's "normal". Not! So, I contacted the Ped AGAIN, and spoke with his nurse. They sent me surveys- one to be completed by my husband & I, and one to be completed by the teacher & aide. The Ped finally agreed that Z has ADHD, but with him being 4, is unable to stick him with the ADHD diagnosis. We were told to keep track about "what sets Z off- food, people, whatever". It's nothing impaticuluar. It's just our son...Possibly watching his diet more closely would work...I'd like to hear some suggestions from others who have attempted to use diet as a way to lessen the symptoms of ADHD. That would be greatly helpful.

Both my son & daughter have/had Kidney Reflux. My daughter still has it, my son recovered with the use of antibotics about 2 yrs. ago. At 6 mths. of age, my daughter spiked a high fever, began screaming nonstop, had brown urine. We contacted the Ped, and were instructed to get A to the ER. Upon arriving, she was diagnosed with a UTI. Because it's uncommon for a 6 mth old to have a UTI, she was further tested, and refered to a Urologist. St. 4 Kidney Reflux was diagnosised. The Urologist said St. 4; but the Tech Dr. doing the VCUG said it was a 5. Either way, A was put on a variety of antibiotics over the course of the next several months. My son Z had to be tested as well, since Kidney Reflux is normally hereditary, and them being twins, if one had it, the other would most likely. Sure enough; Z had St. 2. He was also treated for nearly 2 yrs. on antibiotics. Z's KR is gone.  A's KR is down to a 2 now, but has worsened on the other side which was ineffected. She now has at least St. 1 on the other side, possibly 2. Currently taking Macrodantin 25 mg 1 xs daily, as well  as 1 tsp. Benefiber daily to counteract Chronic constipation as a result of the Kidney Reflux. We've been considering the Deflux procedure for a few years; just waiting to hear what the Urologist decides.
by on Apr. 13, 2007 at 8:14 PM
Jeez...where do I begin...LOL I will start with the first one...Jason. He is 12, 13 in Aug., and he has HF ASD (aspbergers, PDD, SPD mix-hence the HF label). He also has mild ADHD with anxiety. He has come so far that I have learned to deal day to day with him and he has even been going to reg. ed. for the last 2 years. He has progressed by leaps and bounds, but still needs resource to help him with the language arts and short term memory loss problems.
Second is Zachary, he is 6, 7 in Sept.,  and we are still working on a dx for him. He does have autistic tendencies, but doesn't fall in the spectrum. We do know so far that he has bilateral intergration, fine and gross motor skills delay, short term memory loss, speech delay (nasal sounds on some letters, lazy pallet, and possible apraxia). He is scheduled to see a ped. neurologist at the end of May...they are thinking that he has a neurological disorder that is causing all his problems. He has been tested for numerous things and all the scores have been all over the board, so nothing is pinpointed. Anyway, that is my life in a nut shell, but I wouldn't change my boys for anything!

My Troop...L to R: Jason, Zachary, Elizabeth, and Steven
by New Member on Apr. 29, 2007 at 4:38 PM
My son, who is 71/2 yo ,is diagnosed ADHD,ODD, and Bipolar. This is quite a challenge.
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