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Tuesdays July 24, 2007

Posted by on Jul. 25, 2007 at 9:25 AM
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Dick is on a "power trip," raging through the house like a whirlwind of "intimidation" and "aggression." Meanwhile, Jen and Kail are on the block facing a tough Power of Veto competition. But in a display of sheer determination, Jen dodges the eviction bullet by winning the PoV and removing herself from nomination. Dick replaces Jen with Mike, the man who fell on his sword in a display of loyalty to Kail and earned Dick's venomous promise of nomination for his efforts.

Dick's Power Peaks
Jen and Kail are on the block and that's exactly where Dick wants Kail. But Kail's spirit is not so easily crushed as she swears, "There's no way I wanna leave the BIG BROTHER 8 house…You will see a new Kail." Zach is sitting pretty in the diary room as he's not in anyone's sights and is willing to "play Dick's game this week." Dick sits outside with Jen and Kail and reminds the women that one of them is going home this week. In an attempt to paint herself in a kinder light, Jen points out she was never "one of the four of the alliance," but Dick counters that she is guilty by association with Mrs. Robinson and her three boys.

Zach Streaks
The HouseGuests are bored as they ponder life in the BIG BROTHER 8 house. That is, until the HouseGuests challenge Zach to streak to the pool. Never one to "back down from things," Zach takes up the gauntlet, strips down to his boxers and goes for it. The HouseGuests give their word to keep a towel nearby for him, and with a "One, two, and three…" Zach lets go of his boxers and does his best football streak through the kitchen, across the backyard and into the pool. His housemates cheer him on before running for the door and snatching up Zach's towel on the way. Zach is abandoned in the yard without a stitch of fabric to restore his modesty. Eric laughs, "We stole his towel and locked him outside and then made fun of him." Luckily Zach sees the humor in the situation, smiling, "That's what you get when you take your nakedness into your own hands."

Kail Weeps
Kail and Jen commiserate in the round room. Kail says she knows she is Dick's main target. Kail asks if everyone in the house considers Dick "a god around here." Jen almost chokes on her reply, "God no!" As they discuss the impending PoV competition, Mike joins them. Kail asks what Mike will do if he is chosen to compete. After last week's desertion of Kail, Mike takes a stand and declares he would definitely use the Veto to save one of the two if he won it. It is important to Mike that people see he's "a loyal guy." His advice for Kail's PoV strategy is straight forward: "You have to have the determination, more than anyone behind you." Kail agrees, "No ifs, ands or buts, I have to win
by on Jul. 25, 2007 at 9:25 AM
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