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How do you AVOID a cesarean ?

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Isn't a cesarean a maternity medical emergency?     So how do you know if you should do one or not?    Do you even get to choose?    If doctor says you need one, don't you just say "YES!!" ?
What if the doctor says something about it prior to labor??

by on Aug. 23, 2010 at 2:03 PM
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Well, for sure there are reasons to have that c-sec.  If life is in truly in danger, that is a good reason.  If baby is absolutely stuck (which you would not know until you got to that point), a severely wrapped up cord or if there is a true complete placenta previa.  Often docs see a low placenta at the 16 week ultrasound and begin prepping mom for c-sec then - which is rediculous since the placenta continues to move upward as the uterus grows larger.  The main reasons why 1 in 3 women will have a c-section in this country are however NOT a true emergency.  Usually it's "the baby is too big for you to birth" before birth or "failure to progress" while in labor.  I have heard too many nurses jump to the c-sec conclusion during a normal labor because they felt the heartrate was "too low" or labor was going too long - only to find that the mother is fully dialated and starting to push within a few minutes of the comment.  Keep in mind that birthing is a huge business in our country and c-sec make more $$$, not only for the cost of surgery, but also because it frees up the birthing rooms faster and gets doctors home earlier.  They are also covering their own behinds legally rather than concerned for what's truly best for you.

In my opinion the only way to completely refrain from c-sec is to have a homebirth.  SInce, if you are in the hospital and they start throwing around the c-sec idea - it is very hard to fight against them when you are in labor and are very vulnerable to fear.  Most of the c-sections that happen are totally unnecessary  -  and more often than not, are caused by hospital interventions. 

Also, in relation to the last comment about death from hemmorraging... This is not related to c-sections at all!  There are many things that cause a woman to bleed out and that is why it is very important not to ignore heavy blood after birth.  If a woman begins to hemmorrage a midwife knows how to deal with the situation... at least to stop the bleeding to get her to the hospital (usually for a D&C).  NO woman should have an unassisted delivery unless she is very knowledgeable and prepared for exactly such an instance.  She should take the proper herbs to slow the bleeding and get to the emergency room stat.  But, again, just to reiterate - it is not related to a c-section or why a woman should have one, but more related to having wise support at birth to help make decisions and keep you safe.

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