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Gracie (just turned 7 months) also has food allergies. Last week I ate something with a little bit of egg & milk in it (bad mommy but it's been 17 months!). Gracie broke out with very noticeable eczema all over her back. So we went to the pedi & they did a blood allergy test. It came back positive to wheat, cashews, and almonds. I know it's also eggs or milk. It just showed up as a false negative. I already had a feeling she did because her poop is just not normal for an EBF baby. She still hasn't had any solids yet.

My 2 yr old has severe-life threatening food allergies. So, it's not a huge shock to us & not as severe of a life changing thing. But it still stinks. It's tough worrying about babies/toddlers putting stuff in their mouths when they don' t know better. You have to be extra careful about everything they are doing at all times everywhere you go. It affects your life more than you would ever realize.

Oh yeah....and the pedi told me "oh that little bit wouldn't cause a reaction like this in her! There is no way that could be the problem." They didn't want me to test her & wanted to just wait. I told them there is no reason to waste time. If she has life threatening allergies we need to know because she's going to be mobile soon. Plus that little bit was obviously enough to do that....I know better...I have been through this before!! LOL crazy drs!

I tried my hardest to do everything right to prevent it! But I guess it was going to happen anyways :(

by on Apr. 28, 2012 at 9:42 PM
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by Jill - Admin on Apr. 29, 2012 at 9:39 AM
Oh no! Thats awful =( I think thats worse than worrying about what food they will get into. We did use the Epipen on my son and it wasn't as bad as I thought but he was so young, 13 months. It made me cry to have to do it. It does work though. We will probably have them for both kids now

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my daughter is highly allergic to bees. we have to carry an epi pen it makes me so nervous when shes outside during the summer. i am so nervous about having to use the epi pen. i feel like getting rid of all of the flowers in the yard this summer just so ill have less to worry about. poor kid doesnt even want to play outside at all in fear that she will get the allergic reaction again!
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by on Apr. 29, 2012 at 2:47 PM
I don't think there really is anything you can do to prevent allergies. My sil swears her dd has nut allergies because she ate a lot of pbj at the end of her last pregnancy. Funny thing is, so did I with my dd and she's not allergic to any foods at all.

Good luck with your kids! At least you know and can help them get through life. I'm sure that they'll out grow some of it, but the best way to have that happen is to not expose them to it. *hug*
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