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Natural birth friend hospitals/OBs

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Please tell is where (city/state), what hospital or what OB(or both), and what the positives are about these places.(no pressure, baby friendly status, no formula giftbags, no IV required, water birth allowed, etc etc) This post will be edited as replies are added.


Boojum ob/gyn-Chandler, AZ, AZ

Chandler Regional-Chandler, AZ

Mercy Gilbert hospital- Chandler- AZ


Kaiser-Roseville, Antioch, and Walnut Creek, CA


Rush Copley Medical Center-Aurora, IL


Willis-Knighton South, Shreveport, Louisiana


Cambridge hospital-Cambridge, MA


St. Joseph's Hospital-St.Paul, Minnesota


niversity of Nebraska medical center-Omaha, Nebraska

New Hampshire

Caring Partners (Dr. Mueller)-Rochester NH

Frisbie Memorial Hospital-Rochester NH


Dr. Steven Harter (delivers at Summerlin and Centennial Hills hospitals) Reno-Nevada

Mike O'Callaghan hospital on Nellis AFB- Las Vegas, NV


Sid Peterson Regional Medical Center-Kerrville, TX


St. Joseph's Hospital-Bellingham, Washinton

Dr. Frederick J. Gunningham- Bellingham, Washington

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 12:23 PM
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by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 3:27 PM
O yeah should baby need some sort of extra testing or care or something(mine did not), they have the supplies needed right next to you so they dot have to rush baby down the hall or anything. Major perk.

Quoting haleykj:

I far birth in Omaha Nebraska at university of Nebraska medical center. (Since then theyve opened a birth center about 20 minutes from UNMC). I used the team of midwives ( Rebecca Was the one on call on that day she was great I also loved Kate). No IV(per my request though) Delayed cord clamping, baby was given directly to me, my husband delivered rebecca just watch and told him what to do:), they technically aren't allowed to let you birth IN the jacuzzi but they turn a blind eye "we can't FORCE you to get out" I believe was what she said in an appointment, allowed movement, never once offered pain management(except the next day they offered ibuprofen which I declined). No mention of pitocin. No monitors. No hep b or vit k for baby (per my request) used only my cloth diapers (per my request as suggested by a mw) I didn't know about delayed bathing dh gave her a bath right away but I'm sure you can request that not be done too. Hhmm I can't remember anything else ATM.

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by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 3:34 PM

St. Joseph's Hospital in St. Paul Minnesota currently has an 11% c-section rate. It has dropped a few points each year for the last few years.  They allow waterbirths if you need certain criteria but have big tubs and showers in each room for laboring if you don't qualify for a waterbirth.

I've only seen the CNMs there so I can't recommend any particular OBs.

The two peds we saw were pushy, but the nurses and CNMs during labor were very nice (some more than others, like any hospital). Aside from a VE and 15 mins of monitoring on entry, I was able to avoid further VEs, monitoring, etc. without issue. No IV was required. They have birthing stools, birthing balls, etc. Declining Vit K, eye drops, and Hep B wasn't an issue whatsoever.

The only negative I can think of is that they don't have any IBCLCs on staff and no one offered to have an LC come to our room.

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 3:34 PM
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St. Joseph's Hospital in Bellingham, WA (1.5 hrs north of Seattle)

Bf'ing friendly. With dd (almost 2 yrs ago) they gave me a nursing mom bag. Basically it was a bag with a onesie, pacifier, baby's first book, and a book about what to expect the first year (with NO formula). I've recently learned that they will no longer be sending anyone home with formula. They have an lc on staff to help with any issues and to check on you within hours of delivery.

Encourage laboring moms to move throughout labor. They have squatting bars available in all rooms, and birthing balls available first come, first serve. They encourage laboring in the shower/tub and have waterproof and wireless heart rate monitors. However, they don't want you to actually give birth in the tub.

They respect your rights and decisions, especially if backed by your doctor. (ie signed birth plan) I was given no problems with not having an IV, having the option to eat during labor, VE's only upon my request, delayed cord clamping, bf'ing before newborn procedures were done.

The hospital's policy is rooming in. You have to request your baby be taken to the nursery. They do all newborn tests in the labor/delivery room within sight, and even with baby in your lap.

Hospital policy to immediately place baby on your chest after birth.

They will not give you a bottle or pacifier unless you specifically request one. (You do get a pacifier in the goodie bag, but you don't actually get the goodie bag until you're ready to go home.)

They encourage you to ask for a different nurse if you don't get along with the one you have, don't like her, or if she reminds you of your aunt that you hate. (Haha... those were their words during the hospital tour).

My OB is actually a family doctor. Dr. Frederick J. Gunningham

He is an evidence-based doctor, up to date on all recent studies. He is respectful of patient choice. He encourages patients to bf'd and not to circumcise. He respects my decision to delay and selective vax. He says his piece (required to), asks where I stand, then doesn't bring it up again. He was ok with no ultrasounds with dd. He is a hands-on doctor and is incredible good at finding position of baby, size and presentation of baby, etc with just his hands on the outside of your abdomen. He's okay with no pap once you find your pregnant... list could go on. Basically, he's a great doctor to work with who respects his individual patient's requests, beliefs, and feelings. The only thing he doesn't do is high risk pregnancies, multiples, and births at a birthing center or at home (his ins. doesn't cover).

Hope this helps someone. I'm kind of in an out-of-the-way location.

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 3:45 PM

Quoting sreichelt26:

I'm in Roseville, Ca and we use Kaiser. I delivered at the Roseville hospital, but from my own research, all the Kaiser hospitals in the Sacramento area are on the same page. The Sacramento one has a birthing tub and Roseville is supposed to get one soon.

Very bf friendly - they promote it heavily and immediate skin to skin for an hour after delivery is standard practice. In the event of c-section (I had an emergency c), baby does skin to skin with dad until mom's in recovery. They don't give bottles/pacis unless you request it, and they prefer not to.

They have a growing CNM program. I met with my midwife for all prenatal care, and even with my complications in labor, the attending OB waited until the last possible moment while the midwife tried to do what she could to allow for a vaginal delivery.

They are very respectful of your birth plan, again, barring any complications - but they discuss everything with you. The only people I ever struggled with during my labor and stay were nurses, and it was maybe 2 or 3 out of 8. If you're firm, they'll comply.

You're free to move, change positions, walk, and get in the shower during labor.

And the rooms are HUGE. During our tour, we fit 30+ people in the birthing room. Recovery room is smaller, but can still comfortably fit about 10 people. No set visiting hours, so anyone can come whenever, as long as you give permission, and there's high security (they have to get a photo id badge and be buzzed through the security door).

I think that's it...ask me q if I left anything out. But to sum it up, they themselves say that they will give you the birth you want. If you don't want any help/intervention and just want a place to push out a baby, you get it. But if you want the works with all the drugs and a typical hospital birth, you get that too.

I'm in north highlands and plan on giving birth at The Birth Center.

Have you heard of it?

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 4:33 PM

Cambridge hospital in Cambridge Ma

They don't pressure you the midwifes who work there also work across the street at their birth center having the midwifes has become infectious in that theirs a more natural view of labor even by the OBs. IVs CFM etc aren't required. There was no formula bag, they had no prob with baby sleeping with us, they don't allow a water birth but do allow water labor. They routinely wait for the cord to stop pulsating to cut it and they do/encourage immediate skin to skin, have no problem allowing discharge after 12hrs (prior to if u sign out AMA)

They ask for all "routine" post delivery care (Vit-K, Hep B, eye ointment, first bath etc) They don't nag you about BF times and diapers they check in and ask for concerns etc but don't require a written log of each bf and length of time or diapers etc.

By far my best hopsital experience!!!

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 5:24 PM

I have not - looks great tho!

Quoting outstandingLove:

I'm in north highlands and plan on giving birth at The Birth Center.

Have you heard of it?

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 5:25 PM

Mike O'Callaghan hospital on Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.

My OB was Dr Weir, but the doctors/midwives rotate through frequently since it is a military hospital. I had no IV and was free to move around as much as I wanted. They don't have a tub available, but the showers in the delivery room are large and have a seat. There was some type of sign in there about using the shower during labor (I think they didn't want you in there if you had an IV, but I didn't want to be in the shower so I didn't pay much attention). My birth plan was followed exactly. I had no pressure from the nurses and everyone was very nice and supportive. I'm not sure about food because my labor was very short so I never asked. I delivered standing up using a squat bar.

I refused all routine newborn procedures and no one pressured me about them or gave me grief about not doing them. I did have to sign a release. Delay cord clamping was supported as well.  I took my placenta home and that was no big deal. They were curious about what I was going to do with, but didn't give me any grief.

Very breastfeeding friendly. There is a lactation consultant on staff. I didn't meet with her though. No one so much as said the word formula to me and my baby never left my side.

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 11:51 PM

 Great post! I'll be having my baby at Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora, IL. I had my DD there but under the non-natural birth friendly OB's 3 years ago. This time I'm with a group of CNM's and different OB's at the same hospital. From what my doula has said (she had 3 of her 4 kids with the midwives) it's very natural birth friendly and if you qualify water birth is also an option. I'll have to update after I have my baby in September!

by Tabi - Admin on May. 1, 2012 at 9:09 AM

Thanks ladies I updated!!

by on May. 1, 2012 at 11:13 AM

navy doctor - currently in San Diego- Dr. Michael Johns - Family Medicine

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