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Hi all, I'm 16wks and 1day preggo, and im serriously considering breastfeeding... but my mother in law constantly tells me, we dont even know if you will breastfeed it hurts too much. And ive heard a lot of talk about the pains... is the pain in breastfeeding really that concerning? Does the pain last the full time you breast feed (as in months-year?)

Tips/advice? Stories... experiences.. Thanks!

by on Jul. 1, 2012 at 8:40 PM
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by on Jul. 2, 2012 at 1:16 AM

You can do it. :) Those who told me I couldn't, or wouldn't, somehow made me want to try even harder. 

Quoting toxictink2009:

Amen!!! This is how I feel completely. I'm due Aug 27th & Im determined to all these interventions and I'm criticized for it. Bf, cloth diapering, home birth.

Quoting justone_jen:

I was uncomfortable for the first couple (maybe few) weeks. After the three week growth spurt (which is truly hard), things were golden. :) You will do fine, so long as you're determined. Don't let anyone break your spirit, mama.

People tend to discourage women in many aspects. I got criticized for planning an intervention free birth, for planning to breast feed, and for MENTIONING cloth diapering. Now I get criticized because I won't be feeding my child cereal, because I don't let people feed her ice cream (she's four months!), and because I don't want anything to do with formula. (I also get criticized because I don't doll her up in pink or pierce her ears. Why people give a shit about that is beyond me.) Basically, everyone wants to share an opinion, whether solicited or not. The conclusion I've come to is that people assume that because you are doing something differently than they did, you must think how they did things is wrong. It's like they take it as a direct criticism. And, in my experience, when I defend my choices with research, I hear the classic, "Well, you turned out fine," or, "My kids turned out fine." So, my advice is to do what you feel is right, and if that's breastfeeding, do it. Research it, learn about it, and build confidence. You will be great! Congrats!

by on Jul. 2, 2012 at 1:20 AM
Yep. It might hurt at first, but it passes.
The third trimester of pregnancy isn't the most comfortable either, but you wouldn't dream of delivering at 28 weeks to avoid it :-)
As a good mother you will have to do plenty of not-so-fun things for the sake of what's best for baby.

Quoting VintageWife:

It can be uncomfortable for the first couple weeks while you and baby are adjusting and then it's all fine. It may not hurt at all though! Don't let other people keep you from doing what's best for your child :)
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by on Jul. 2, 2012 at 12:48 PM

There were a few times that it hurt for me, but very rarely and it certainly does go down the longer you breastfeed.  I would definitely recommend that you at least try it.  It was honestly one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had.  Now...pumping.  It's not fun.  I had to return to work and pumped so the kids could be exclusively fed breastmilk until solids were introduced.  It can be a bit painful at times and annoying, but it really was so worth it.  You can do this!  Either way you decide, make sure it's your decision and do what feels natural for you. 

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