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We visit my parents once a weekish and see them at church 1-2 times a week.
My mom always puts ellie down so she'll crawl. shes close, rocks back and forth and moves her arms forward but cant figure out her legs yet.
I don't want her to crawl! Where we are/will be staying theres no where to crawl and not ok for her to be on the floor. I explained to them that once she knows she can be independent she'll want to be. Or at least thats how my older 2 were.
Am I wrong, should I encourage her? Am I really harming her?
Shes also developed the pincer grasp this week but I haven't offered solids because with housing placement undetermined I thought I would/should delay a little longer until we're more stable.
Im being made to feel like a jerk :(
Shes 7.5mo what should I do
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by on Nov. 10, 2012 at 4:22 PM
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by on Nov. 12, 2012 at 11:40 AM
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Just got home dr talked at length with him. He asked him a million questions a million ways. Marcus story was consistent the entire way, he says hes never seen other ppls private parts nobody has talked to him about that stuff except mom/dad hes never seen any private parts on tv/computer. his answers to why was always idk or because I think its funny.
The dr feels confident that he has ADD(something we've discussed with him before) and that this is how hes exhibiting it. They notified CPS as did I per his guidance. I discussed possibly bringing him to the ER but the CPS worker said it'll only get him an outpatient referral which will also take weeks for an appointment.
So we're back to wait. It'll take 1-2 weeks to have the case opened with cps/dcf.

Quoting larissalarie:

Let us know how it goes today with the doctor!

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by on Nov. 12, 2012 at 12:14 PM

Ok, rephrase, it is not an essential milestone.....and it's not only babies that spend time in entertainers etc. who skip it. Many babies with parents who practice AP fall in this category. Failure to crawl has not been shown to be a precursor to failure to meet other milestones. Babies who never crawl begin walking and meeting other later milestones at the same age as crawlers on average. Also, a hands and knees stance is not an indicator of being ready to crawl or that THIS baby IS trying to's called 'four point kneeling' and typically occurs in most babies around 7 months (both crawlers and non-crawlers alike). OP asked, "Am I really harming her?" No, she is not harming her. It would not harm her period, and given the alternative of baby laying in floor covered by dog urine/feces...even it were a possibility that it could delay walking I think the latter would be more harmful.

Quoting larissalarie:

Crawling absolutely IS a milestone, it's just not a *required* milestone nowadays with babies who spend way to much time in baby entertainers and skip doing it.
And the question at hand is about a baby who IS trying to crawl, so obviously it's a milestone for THIS baby.

Quoting Rlambert6002:

I'm gonna be the odd man out and say you're fine on the crawling thing. Main reason being that crawling is technically not even a milestone....lots of babies never do it at all and are perfectly normal. Plus at 7.5 months she's on the early side for crawling anyways. Personally though I don't think you'd have many problems even if she did learn to crawl right now as far as her wanting in the floor all the time as long as she had somewhere to practice being in a crawling stance and taking a few " strides"...such as a playpen or crib.

by on Nov. 12, 2012 at 3:30 PM

Don't worry i have thick skin :) I know all you ladies mean don't mean to be if this was mommy confessions that would be a different story. lol

Her landlord knows and is okay with her having the dogs. Shes on housing assistance (section 8) so she has inspections of the apartment every 6 months. Its cleaned up as soon as its seen-ish. She uses puppy pads but doesn't want them picked up until their "full" the dogs have terrible aim when they're trying nevermind when they don't give a crap, so theres urine all around it. We do clean up as much/often as possible sometime it just gets frustrrating. 

Also because of it we don't allow the older kids to be walking around without shoes/slippers on. We'd NEVER allow any of our children on the floor. With three dogs someone is always making a mess.
The application for shelter assistance is mostly completed, hopefully i'll be able to drop it off tommorow.

That sounds very frustrating with your mother, I'm glad you guys were able to help her out.

Quoting tansyflower:

this is going to sound so mean of me so please dont take this the wrong way. but you should really call the housing authority and animal control on her.  livinging that type of enviroment is not okay for you, your child OR her.  may i ask why its not getting cleaned up?  if you live there (even though its not your responsibility) then you should clean it up at least for your daughters sake.  i understand what a tough spot there has got to be a way you can make this better (even if its calling then authorities) for everyone living in the house until you can find somewhere else to go.

i get this.  my mom was like this. we not only had to get rid of her dogs, but we had to rip out the entire floor, subfloor and even replace the floor joints because they were rotting out of the foundation from so much dog urine.  i cant even begn to tell you how filthy and moldy EVERYTHING was.  this is just so unsafe :(

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