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soap nuts, RLR, and Charlie Banana (have a question about each of these)

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 ok ill start with the easiest (i hope). at a target by my dads they had cloth diapers in store! they only had Charlie Banana brand. i had a $20 gift card and really didnt need anything so i decided to buy one of the diapers to see how it works (we really need more diapers in our stash...long story). so here is the question have you ever tried them and how did you like them/ what have you heard about them. i only bought 1 and it was free cuz i had the gift card but i would like to know your experiences with this brand.

next is RLR. has anyone used this to strip and how well of a job did it do. we have a top loader thats a little old and we have hard water.

Last but not least is soap nuts. if you have used them did you use them on just cd or all your laundry. does it work well?  we have been using rockin green. we have hard water so we use the formula for hard water, up until recently its been working really well, have you ever had a buildup from soap nuts?

 our wash cycle has been a prewash in cold with funk rock (its a product from rocking green to help with ammonia), wash with 2 scoops or soap, and then 3 hot rinses(it was two but since we moved to this apt it has increased to 3 because the washer is slowly dying. maintenance is supposed to come tomorrow to fiz/replace it) even with all the rinses it the diapers smell sometimes and i think its a build up. i want to get some rlr and strip them and then use soap nuts for our laundry and diapers to prevent build up from happening again... but i want to know if the products are going to work before i buy them.

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by on Jan. 7, 2013 at 6:22 PM
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by on Jan. 8, 2013 at 6:03 PM

OK - Don't panic when I say this...

Bleach your microfiber inserts. I had amonia problems for A WHOLE YEAR. Do a whole load of CLEAN microfiber inserts (i'd say 15 being max) and (catch it before it washes)let it rinse then do a 1/4 cup of a LARGE load of HOT WATER and let it sit for 30-45 minutes then rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse until you smell NO more bleach. Do not add soap to any of the wash with the bleach in it. Before I found this out I was on the verge of selling my stash and calling it quits. I was in tears every time I did laundry.  My son was getting amonia rashes every single time he peed.

Lady, that saved my sanity finding bleach won't hurt microfiber. It actually kicked the stink. Do not add vinegar because it will actually make the hard water deposits stick worse to your diapers and cause stinkier diapers in most cases. In my case, it was.

Definitely try Charlies..i think cotton babies or somewhere else has a sample pack of charlies you can buy for like 1.00 or something. I am not sure. You'd have to look. I'd say buy two or three of those and see if it works.I think they also have samples of eco nuts there too.

Also try hand rising your diapers before throwing them in the diaper pail to get some of the pee out of it also to try to keep the stink at bay.

Quoting rmgriffberg:

 i was thinking of trying Charlies if the soap nuts didnt work- i am allergic to tide and both my kids have eczema so we never use tide and have started only using all natural soaps for all laundry.
we are using microfiber inserts

Quoting butterflyk1ssez:

RLR is great - I have VERY hard water.. I live in Santa Fe county in New Mexico

Charlies Soap is actually recommended in my area for cloth diapers because it works really good on hard water and same with Tide orginal not HE.

I hated funk rock - felt like it created more build up in amonia.

Are you using microfiber inserts???

I have a top loader.


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by on Jan. 8, 2013 at 7:00 PM
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The RLR worked!!! No more stink and no more rash! I have a HE washer so I soaked my dipes in hot water in my utility sink and agitated with a piece of wood. I rinsed three times, then ran them through the washer twice... no more bubbles and no more ammonia!

Also, I primarily use gdiapers with prefolds. :)
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