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Advice on my birth plan please

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This is my first and his first vaginal birth. I think i covered everything i cld think there anything i shld spell out further or i missed? I was trying to state it gently...i can be a bitch but am trying not to bridezilla the birth :) thanks in advance
Birth Plan
Id like family to be present during labor and my husband Daniel and mom Judy to be present during the birth.
Id like to listen to music,
dim the lights, and take pictures.
If not in active labor, id like to return home. Once admitted i'd like
to have Daniel with me at all times,
to eat if i wish, to stay hydrated by
drinking fluids rather than an iv. If an
iv is a must id prefer a heparin or
saline lock. Also i'd like to be able to
walk and move around as i
As long as baby and i
are fine, if like to have intermittent
fetal monitoring and be allowed to
progress freely without time
I would like to try a
shower, if allowed, breathing
techniques, hot/cold therapy,
massage, birthing ball, and
medications only if necessary. If i
decide to go with pain medication, i
would like systemic. I would like to
avoid an epidural and hoping to go
through with a natural birth.

When its time to push id like to do so
instinctively and be allowed to
prpgress freely as long as baby and i
are doing fine. If stalled i would like
to try natural methods to restart. I
would like to avoid pitocin. I would
like to push in the squatting position
or whatever feels right at the time. I
would like avoid an episiotomy. Also,
please no assistance of birth with
medical instruments. Only gentle
hands if necessary to turn or assist
the baby. I would like to deliver the
placenta naturally as well.
birth i would like delayed cord
clamping and cutting until it stops
pulsing. I would like my baby placed
directly on me and checked there
instead of being taken. I would like
to breastfeed immediately. We,
daniel and myself, are refusing the
eye ointment but are agreeing to the
recommended vaccinations and
screening tests. Id like baby to be
bathed in the room after bonding and
feeding. Please do not take baby
from the room without myself or
daniel. Id like baby to room in at all
We would like our
daughter and other family to be
allowed unlimited visiting after the
baby is bathed.
I am hoping to
exclusively breastfeed. Please do not
offer formula,pacifiers or sugar
water. id like to have the assistance
with nursing if needed and would like
to nurse on demand.
In the
event of a life threatening
emergency, i request all other
options be exhausted before c-
section. If i am unable to answer for
myself, please confer with daniel and
judy, with daniel having the final say.
If a c section is absolutely
necessary, i would like daniel to be
with me and be given the baby as
soon as dried.
If baby needs to
go to the nicu i would like myself or
daniel to accompany him.
Babys name will be tristan
zackery daniel . We would like to
circumcise the baby and would like
it done before leaving the
We would like to go home as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience and assistance in welcoming our baby.

Elisabeth and Daniel
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by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 12:56 AM
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by on Jan. 18, 2013 at 2:48 AM

Here's my most recent birth plan.  It was to be used if an Emergency Transfer was again needed (like my first pregnancy).  While I did end up with a hospital birth the second time around, it was without surgery, and the staff was very respectful of my verbal requests:


 We've been working toward a natural VBAC with our midwife, ____________, and a hospital birth was never our dream for this, our second, child.

 Because ________ missed so much of the first hours of our first son's life due to c-section recovery in 2011, we respectfully ask the medical staff of_____________ Hospital to honor our wishes.

 Mother's Surgery

No arm restraints used during surgery.  If mandatory, please release mother to greet baby. 

 If no complications arise, baby will be kept with mother upon delivery and through recovery.

 Cord clamping and cutting to be delayed by at least 60 seconds if approved by OB prior to surgery.

 Placenta will be taken home.

 Newborn Procedures after Surgery

Please explain all standard Newborn Procedures to parents prior to implementation.

If baby cannot be kept with mother during her surgery recovery:

Please, delay bathing baby until mother and baby have had time to meet.

 Please, delay PKU and other heel or body pricks until mother and baby have had time to meet.

 Please, delay hearing test until mother and baby have had time to meet.

 No antibiotic or Silver Nitrate eye drops for baby, as mother has no STDs.

 No Hepatitis B shot will be given to baby.

 Vitamin K drops, not the injection, may be given to baby only after pediatric consult with parents.

 No formula, bottles, or pacifiers.  (Frozen breastmilk is readily available if the need arises).

 No Vitamin D drops given to baby without prior pediatric consult with parents.

 Baby will remain in mother's room until hospital discharge of both.

Thank you in advance for helping to make happy memories for our family during this difficult time!

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