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Looking for sources and legitimate information on whether the body detoxes through breastmilk and to what extent. I've heard it does a ton of times, but never seen anything quoted or referenced. Anyone have anything?

by on Mar. 24, 2013 at 3:42 PM
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by Jill - Admin on Apr. 28, 2013 at 10:39 PM

Come to think of it I haven't either. If only a tiny bit of most medications pass through breastmilk wouldn't that be the case with detoxing??

Quoting Mrs.Salz:

No, I'm looking for scholarly info on whether toxins pass through breastmilk while mom is detoxing. I keep hearing it's the case but never seen any actual proof or information.

Quoting catholicmamamia:

Detoxing 'by' lactating, not detoxing 'while' lactating? I do not have any info on that.. sorry.

by Jill - Admin on Apr. 28, 2013 at 10:43 PM

THanks for the info

Quoting GoodyBrook:

I found the following article posted in another group, and felt it belonged in this thread...  (I hope the links work, as I don't have any more information than what was posted here).

When writer Florence Williams was nursing her second child, she read a research study about toxins found in human breast milk. She decided to test her own breast milk and shipped a sample to a lab in Germany.

What came back surprised her.

Trace amounts of pesticides, dioxin and a jet fuel ingredient — as well as high to average levels of flame retardants — were all found in her breast milk. How could something like this happen?

"It turns out that our breasts are almost like sponges, the way they can soak up some of these chemicals, especially the ones that are fat-loving — the ones [that] tend to accumulate in fat tissue," Williams tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross. "Unfortunately, the breast is also masterful at converting these molecules into food in the way of breast milk."

Learning that breasts soak up lots of chemicals made Williams wonder just what else was going on with breasts. A lot, as it turns out. In her new book, Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, Williams offers her take on — among other things — why breasts are getting bigger and developing earlier, why tumors seem to gravitate toward the breast, and how toxins from the environment may be affecting hormones and breast development.

She says many of those toxins, including the flame retardants found in her breast milk, may come from ordinary household items like couches and electronics, which often contain flame retardants. Some animal studies have shown that certain types of flame retardants interact with hormone levels.

(read more here... )


Studies that have focused on specific chemicals in breast milk, however, show cause for concern. Generally speaking, they have found that man-made chemicals referred to as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) invade the environment; spread through our water, air and soil; are taken in and stored by fish and animals; and eventually reach the top of the food chain -- humans. Once there, they seek out and attach themselves to our fat, which is critical to the production of nursing mothers' breast milk. As mothers breastfeed their babies, these pollutants enter their babies' systems.

In the links below, you can read detailed information on each of the POPs, as well as on certain metals and solvents that are also cause for concern in breast milk. Remember, however, that the absence of a chemical from these pages does not mean that the chemical poses no threat; it may simply mean that no scientist has tested for it in breast milk.

Follow these links to learn more about the specific chemicals that invade mothers' breast milk.

Dieldrin, Aldrin and Endrin
Nitro Musks
Dioxins and Furans
Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Other Metals

by on Apr. 29, 2013 at 7:06 AM
I sell the it works body wrap and the answer is no. Toxins could be preservatives, pesticides, artificial coloring and flavors. All bad stuff that you don't want to pass to your baby. The wrap continues to work for 72 hours, so unless you have enough extra milk stored in the freezer to 'pump and dump' I wouldn't risk it. The wraps will be here when you are ready for them! They aren't going anywhere :) If you want to check out my wraps page, it is There are lots of other it works products that are safe to use while breastfeeding or pregnant!
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