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OT but I love you guys...opinions? thoughts?

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SO my friend posted how horrible it is that sex education is taught in schools. Keep in mind we live in an abstinence only state, that has some of the highest STD and pregnancy rates in teens in the country..pretty sad huh? I told her its optional, you can sign forms for your child NOT to take sex ed and the child is not penalized for it in any way. I respect that many parents take care of this education at home and many religious beliefs vary so things should be taught different. The BIG argument she has is that theres a separation of church and state and that morals are not taught in school. SHe said that since we are a country created on CHristian values we should teach those values in public school...obviously she doesnt know her history when she quoted "One nation under god", which wasnt added to the pledge til 1948! SHe homeschools and it worries me that her kids will not have the correct info history wise about our country. This creates hatefulness and bigotry when kids do not understand that this country was created with FREEDOM of religion. That each person can believe what they want and can not be forced to believe things they do not. They can not be persecuted for what they believe. Sure teach your religion, that your religion is the right one and teach the morals and values of it, but also teach equality and correct beginnings of our country ARGH. I know AWESOME homeschooling parents that teach not only what they believe religion wise but also human anatomy so the kids know how the body anatomy lessons. AND also teach correct US history.
by on Apr. 18, 2013 at 10:33 AM
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by on Apr. 19, 2013 at 2:36 PM

Agree except we home school and my 4 yo already knows where babies come from, she just doesn't know the how part. 

Quoting funhappymom:

I guess I disagree to a point with both you and your friend.

I am a conservative Christian-haven't always been but as I get older and learn more, I lean more that way.

I believe in abstinence. I believe that sex was designed to be something beautiful, magical and awesome but within a marriage. I do understand that not everyone agrees with me. Heck, I didn't agree with myself until after I got married and started having kids myself

I do believe in teaching my kids about their bodies, what sex is and why I want them to chose to wait. It is ultimately their decision, just like it was mine.

I also think that the education should come from my husband and I and not from the school district. My 9 year old will get to take the beginner class of sex education next year (he'll be in 4th grade). We haven't decided if he'll take the class or not. I need to do some research first on what exactly is taught. Before that though, my husband will sit down with him and start discussing the changes that will start occuring with his body.

As for the history lesson...the country was founded on freedom from a set religion being set up like it was in England and other countries. The government cannot tell you what religion you must be. Many of the founding laws were based on the 10 commandments. They're not just a Christian religion thing. They can be found in other religions, too.

by on Apr. 19, 2013 at 3:45 PM

I think it's important to teach abstinence as one option but you have to do more than that.

I was homeschooled and overly sheltered (in my opinion). We were taught abstinence only - I learned about the existence of birth control from reading a parenting magazine while babysitting when I was 17.

by on Apr. 20, 2013 at 9:31 AM
My kids are still very young, both are very aware of the different ways babies are born. From natural to c/s. I will most definitely teach them all aspects of sex education. I graduated for a private Baptist school in 85 where they tought abstinence only.
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