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When my daughter was around 4 mths old she developed a bad rash on her face. After tons of frustration we discovered it was eczema. The doctor prescribed a steriod ointment along with regular use of vanicream (some kind of lotion). He told me if we had other reoccurances to use some hydrocortizone. She has not really had any flair ups until recently. We live in way south TX with high heat and humidity and just when temps started getting in the 90's i noticed her start to break out in a rash around her mouth and nose.

I at first thought it might have been eczema but the beginning stages of it and used a little bit of hydrocortozone but it did not do much. I then thought it was from dribble from a sippy cup at night so I started using some petrolieum jelly at night to help keep it dry and it kept it from getting worse but did not relieve it. Now I am thinking it might be eczema again. I have also tried a day or two with just coconut oil and it again does not make it better just makes it not get worse.

Help please! I cannot get rid of this rash!  BTW it does not seem to bother her but it does get a lil more red or irritated after a meal or a bath. She is right at 20mths old

by on Jun. 25, 2013 at 6:29 PM
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by on Jun. 26, 2013 at 2:39 AM

She has not had straight almond milk long enough to really know prolly 5 days or so straight (budget usually can't afford it but we prefer it). She still gets greek yogurt almost daily though so she is still getting dairy.

Quoting GreenDotsOrange:

I have used tea tree oil in his bath and it made his worse. He seems to have very sensitive skin. I have learns though that what works for one person may or may not work for another. We have found what works for us through trial and error. I would just double check the oil to make sure it's non toxic since its so close to her face. I don't know a lot about them. Our son got a blood test done for allergies and it came back that he had none but if he has dairy you see him break out in a rash from head to toe almost instantly. He drinks almond milk too. How long have you been giving her the almond milk? It takes up to 6 weeks to get dairy out of your system an notice a difference in their skin. A blood test for allergies might be a good place to start though.

by Gold Member on Jun. 26, 2013 at 11:09 AM
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I think whole foods, sprouts or any of those whole food stores.

Quoting kspear0120:

how do u use alfalfa and where do u get it?

Quoting Precious333:

My nephew has severe ezcema, and so far they are still finding the culprit and what works, he will be turnkng 7 and had it since he was a baby.

I also.have a friend whose kids get it on their face, because of food allergies, and so she stays away from.those foods obviously, but also said alfalfa helps with allergic reactions.

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