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7 Ways A New Mom Can Hide Unwanted Cellulite

Posted by on Dec. 8, 2017 at 12:54 AM
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It has been said many times over how cellulite do not pose nor signify any disease or serious medical condition and, ladies, you've been told not to give a fuzz about those dimply eyesores on your thighs, arms, belly, and buttocks.  Still, you keep investing in over-the-counter solutions which easily carry price tags that can be worth the same as your anti-aging products.


Causes of cellulite


Before seeking a viable solution to vanish your cellulite, it is imperative that you first gain a better understanding of what causes those bumps to suddenly appear?


Skin specialists have yet to fully agree on a viable treatment to take out cellulite but, the advancements in medical science have given us a better view underneath cellulite infested skin.  This new perspective is showing us that fats get stuck in between firmly established fibers causing these fats to push against the outer layer of the skin.  This action, in turn, causes the skin to become dimply and bumpy from the outside.


Other factors that affect the timing and severity of cellulite include heredity - cellulite does run in the family too - hormonal changes most notably during pregnancy and the accompanying increase in cortisone levels which weakens tissue fibers, rapid weight gain and weight loss, obesity and poor lifestyle choices.


Treatment options

 Up to 90% of women are said to be affected by cellulite at different points of their lives, and that's because this certain fat that causes cellulite occurs more commonly among women than in men.  Also, men have more muscles to counter the development of cellulite-causing fats.  However, it is an injustice to simply leave the fate of your skin to biology, isn't it, when in fact, science is on your side.


Below are 7 ways by which you can get rid of your cellulite:


1. Cellulite Creams:

Topical, over-the-counter solutions, such as the Cellmaxa Cream, can help increase the rate by which fat deposits are broken down but, there should often be complemented by other cellulite treatment options.


2. Cellulaze:

Perhaps the newest buzz in treating cellulite in-clinic, Cellulaze involves making micro-incisions on affected areas of the skin.  Using a laser tip, the device is used to cut through fibers that trap fat deposits causing your skin to look bumpy.  The heat from the laser further facilitates the breakdown of these fat cells and fibers to smoothing your skin's outer complexion by making fat distribution underneath more even.


3. Mesotherapy:

Moving at least a notch higher than topical cellulite creams, Mesotherapy utilizes chemicals that are injected deep into your skin.  These chemicals then facilitate fat cells to break down and melt.  The procedure, however, cannot guarantee that only affected areas of your skin will be acted on by the chemicals injected.


3. Radio Frequency Treatment:

Operates much the same way as other procedures, in that the objective is to melt away excess fat and tough fibers, only this time, with the use of radio waves and heat.


4. Laser Treatments:

Offer more targeted solutions to your cellulite problems, laser treatments apply heat and damage only the cells that they are supposed to act on.  Improvements in the overall appearance of cellulite, however, vary widely.


5. Natural home remedies:

Dry brushing with a soft-bristled brush and regular scrubbing, most especially with ground coffee, can aid in restoring the firmness of skin areas affected by cellulite.  Other than massaging which improves micro-circulation, however, there are no clear longer-term benefits that can be derived from these home remedies.


6. Eat healthily:

exercise regularly and stop smoking. Making healthy lifestyle choices will undoubtedly help improve the appearance of your cellulite.  Also, help your skin sustain its firmness by not smoking.




Nobody can blame you for squeezing in that bottle of Cellulite Cream into your grocer's cart every time because that cellulite is simply what they are - eyesores and they do take a toll on your otherwise beautiful complexion.

by on Dec. 8, 2017 at 12:54 AM
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