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Welcome.....let's hear your birthing story/s

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Welcome to the group!
Let's share our birthing stories..what happened, what we would change (if anything), and or what you'd do in the future.
I had posted mine in the "Advice" post if you'd like to check it out(my fingers are feeling a bit lazy....LOL)
I'd also like to take this opportunity to say, Congrats to you did it!!!!

by on Sep. 6, 2007 at 10:00 PM
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by on Dec. 28, 2007 at 12:22 AM
Quoting Vixiel:

I just gave birth to my first baby on the 23rd, all natural! Just had to announce it!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please share more! :)
by on Jan. 3, 2008 at 4:53 PM
Hi everyone!

I had both of my kids 6 & 3 all natural.  I chose to go to an AMAZING birthing center that seems like you are in a bedroom, not a medical facility!  I had only midwives who I loved all dearly by the end of each pregancy, they treated me and my hubby like we were their friends for a long time, which was very comforting.  Both of mine were water babies, and I wouldn't change that for the world.  Neither had any real complications, pretty much text book deliveries.  I was lucky I guess.  The whole process was very peaceful and soothing.  The lights were down low, Enya was playing in the background, and it was only me my husband, the midwife and another nurse.   I felt so strong after my body went throught such an amazing experience.  I wish more women had more support and education on natural birth.  I know it can't be done by everyone, but a lot more could.
by on Jan. 3, 2008 at 4:58 PM

Well I was having contractions all day Friday 12-28-07 but they were random 15 min or 30 min apart. I had a nst at 4 pm and i was still 80% effaced and 2 cm like i had been since 2 weeks prior. And my midwife told me if i don't have him by Monday morning would have to be induced for being past 42 weeks. Lets just say that pissed me off thats not at all what i wanted.

 Went to dinner cried my eyes out and then got mad haha (6:30) contractions picked up to every 5 to 6 minutes but not painful. Went home showered, walked, sat on my birthing ball just thought this was priming me to maybe have him Monday or so. 1am they kicked in to high gear 2 to 3 1/2 min apart uncomfy but not painful contractions i hopped in the shower and just started bawling my hubby ran in thought i was in pain... he said i told him ... no! they don't hurt enough this isn't going to get him out i can't do this if this is all i got!. haha (hubby knew i was hitting self doubt point, he was very supportive it helped a lot).

Went to the hospital at 3:30am tried to make me get in a wheelchair at the door so as soon as we rounded the corner i hopped out and walked to L&D. Nurses wanted me to fill out papers and get an IV. I just said no a few times and they let me be. My midwife checked me and i kept telling her i came in to soon i couldn't have dilated yet (I was at 7 cm) While they filled my birthing tub i went back and forth between sitting on the toilet and in the jetted tub, nurse let me be hubby watched from the door way incase i needed anything.

Was in the tub by 4:45 LOVING IT!!!!! at 5:10 they wanted to check me again so the silly nurse asked me to get out of my tub and i started to and a contraction hit, my mom said i literally dove back in the pool haha. started pushing shortly after. Pushed for 45 min and the same push that he crowned he torpedoed out haha. My hubby said that  was the coolest thing he ever saw!. I basically had an unassisted birth, i was left alone to do what i wanted to do, push in any position i chose, just with a midwife and nurse in the back ground if anything went wrong. Hubby did his VERY HELPFUL counter pressure on my lower back only when i asked to be touched (more like grunted at him and he did it)  haha and kept me in full supply of water and cranberry juice.

Jacob didn't cry until they cut his cord after it was done pumping, the nurse tried to go for it sooner and i jumped to the other side of the pool, i wasn't one for talking at all through my labor. we sat back and tried to nurse in the tub to high of water, the midwife looked over my shoulder and gave him a 9 because his toes were a little purple but that was it.

Then daddy got him right away because my placenta was coming. Within 15 min i had taken my shower and was walking around to see what they were doing to him. I got checked after they announced his head was 15 inches my midwife got scared that i could have some bad lacerations, there was. NONE!

Then everyone left and we snuggled and breastfed  and slept! and daddy just kinda looked at us in amazement haha.

by on Jan. 5, 2008 at 10:51 PM
Nicole (millerbabe07), I love your story.  It's really beautiful, you are a strong mama!!   Thank you for sharing your experience here!
by on Jan. 6, 2008 at 4:54 PM
hm... well its kind of funny, because i never had those fake braxton hicks (?) contractions, so the 22nd at 6 in the morning i started having contractions... but i THOUGHT they were fake! i tried to time them and they didn't seem regular to me.
well.. i went home to my parents for Christmas, and I told my mom about them, and described how they felt and that they hurt so much I couldn't sleep. She said, Oh no! Those have to be real! Tom (my dad) go take a shower!
Haha, she makes me laugh, so we left their house around 10 pm, got to the hospital around 11 I guess, and they took me to some room where they checked me and I was 8 cm! I was moaning and groaning by that time, and when the nurse stepped out to get a doctor, I felt my water break. Or explode. Which brings me to a quick question... did any of you feel your water break? I always just imagined water leaking suddenly, but I really felt it just explode, it was weird...
Well.. after that they made me walk to another room where I delivered her. :) I must say, the worst part was trying NOT to push! I said all kinds of crazy things, and the embarrassing part is that my parents, bff, bf, and bf's sister were all standing right outside the door (I didn't want anyone in there with me). So now my mom likes to tell all her friends the things I said, from "I don't like this", to "STOP IT". Oh, and "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" But the doctors said I did good, and it took 55 minutes to push her out. And I got to touch her head when she crowned! That was definitely amazing.
by on Jan. 6, 2008 at 7:13 PM
Nurses can be so rude, and don't they know how dangerous it was to hold your leg closed, did you complain to the hospital human resources about your nurse and experience I would and actually did write the hospital I was at, needless to say my next two babies were home births. Never unless absolutely necessary will I have a hospital birth, but you needed to at this time because you were pre-term, so glad that you had your wits together and was not afraid to but the nurses in their place, lol. Congrats on your baby. Oh and I had marathon labor my shortest was 25 hr lol smallest baby 9# , 10.2, and 10.4
Quoting marthamendez813:

ok so i am also a member of hte bradley metod group.... just to let u all know. but my experiance was like heaven compared to urs! that sux!  my husband and i didn't agree on the bradley method until i was about 5.5 or 6 months preggers, what convinced me to go o naturale was seeing two of my girlfriends go through it with drugs! it was aweful. they didn't know if they were oushin or not, they had to get caths because they couldn't walk, they had to either not bathe or get sponge bathed or showered in a wheel chair for almost 24hrs! and their poor babies came out sooo dazed and confused they didn't even cry after bein smacked on the butt! my dad had been pushing us to go with the bradley method since the minute he found out we were expecting because he used to teach it and coached my mom and stepmom through their births, so he tried his best to remember it all, and my momma bought us the books, and he helped us learn how to do it naturally. we found a birthing center when i was about 30wks along and wanted to deliver there in the pool, but my baby had other ideas... b4 we had the chance to sign all the papers and transfer my chart from the ob to the center, my water bag ripped and was leaking heavily. thanx to my hornball hunny!!LOL. so my ob had me admitted to the hospital and i got into my gianormous room at 2:30pm ish. the rude ass nurses kept pushing me and pushing me to take the iv pain meds. one of them even went as far as to come in with the iv meds in her hand and wait for me to contract then in the middle of it she gave me a vaginal exam then had e get up and walkout the rest of it!! i was like oh no u didn't bitch! i got my happy ass up outta the bed after she lied me back down and tried again to push drugs on me and "escorted" her outta there. i asked for a new nurse immediatly and told called the floor director and reported her, then askes him to call my ob because i hd it in my char tthat i was to deliver with out medicinal intervention unless found to be ABSOLUTLY neccessary. my contraction weren't that bad at all, and the only reason i knew i was having most of them was because i would look at the machines recording them. at about 10:30pm my ob came and ruptured my bag the rest of the way, and i fell asleep for about 2 and a half hours. then at 1am exactly ( i remember because where i live thats what time montel comes on) i started to get stronger contractions. i called the night nurse because i thought i had to poop and i wanted her to unplug my iv machine for me. she came in and refused because my water had already been broken so she put a bed pan. i called her back about 5 min later to tell her i wanted to go in the toilet and she said i didn't even have to poop it was just the baby pushing on my bowels and i said no it wasn't i either had to poop or i had to push. well she kept blowing me off! then at 1:20am the nurse came back FINALLY and decided to check me so i would shut up already and go back to bed ( i had only been 2to3 centimeters all day) and i was at 10 with zero plus 3 whateva that means. she got all scared and ran out and came back with two more nurses and told me my doctor was on the way. then her and another nurse pushed my knees together and told me whatever i do DONOT PUSH!!! apparently my baby's head was already out to his eyebrows! by the time the doctor got there my husband was running around like a maniac my dad kept telling to think of the beach on  calm day or some dumb crap like that, and to stay calm and breath normally. and i was all telling my husband ( eddie ) to calm the f$%^ down and get over there and hold my hand and telling my dad to shut the hell up about the damn beach. i pushe two times and at 1:26am my son was born! i got up right away. bathed him, nursed him, rocked him to sleep, took a shower and POOPED then ate and walked across the floor to my post pardom room.  
by on Jan. 8, 2008 at 11:49 PM
Okay, I haven't had the chance to say hi to the goup yet and I don't have the time to post my birth stories yet...maybe during bath time I'll work on them!
I have been meaing to write mine out for well...almost 3 years now so thanks for the nudge!
I am a second generation home-birther...any others out there?

Rejoicing in the Journey,


Chief Momma 

by on Jan. 9, 2008 at 12:10 AM

this is the story of my first birth...i now have 4 children,all born at home.warning:very long!




Koshari’s Birth Story~


                                                                                                    March 6,1995


I never thought it would actually happen but at 1:00 a.m. on February 28th,I gave birth to a dark haired rosy skinned,20 inch long,8.5 pound baby boy.He let out his first cry before he was even out all the way ….but I’m getting ahead of myself!I want to tell you the whole story of my labor and birth because it was definitely the most awesome,intense,magical,primal experience of my life.I want to write it in detail so I will not forget an of it.I don’t suppose I ever really could but even at the time it was all so surreal that I felt like I was watching a movie.

  On Sunday,February 26th,Jamey ,Summer, and I drove out to the west end beach to have a picnic and enjoy the gorgeous sunny weather before summer departed for maui at 2:40.We were al feeling out of sorts-I was tired and my back was in pian.Summer was bummed as she usually is the day she has to leave her dad and go back to maui.Jmaey was just wanting to see us feeling good.But a little sun ans sea can cure all ills and we were in good spirits when it was time to take summer to the aiprport.We had the typical drama when Summer realized enroute to the airport that she had left her $1,000 retainer at the beach park.But it was too late to go back and she was feaking out.As fate would have it,for once the airplane was on time and we got there exactly at 2:40 to see it taking plane-6:55!Oh well…guess it’s back to the beach!  

  Jameyand I decided to treat ourselves to a night at the hotel so we wouldn’t have to make the two hour drive back home after dark.We went back to the beach park,and thankfully found Summer’s retainer.We went to the one hotel on the isand and got a room and then rented a few videos(something we never do at home).When it ws time to take summer to the airport,I opted to stay at the hotel.I had alterior motives though.I usually avoid any sweets except fruit but my cravings had overtaken me!I lost it and went to the hotel restaurant and had mocha cheesecake and then went to the gift shop and bought coffee ice cream and chocolate bar!!When I lose it,I really lose it!i confessed my sins immediately to Jamey when he returned,and actually felt no remorse whatsoever!   

  We watched “Midnight Cowboy” togtether after dinner,and ended up haing a romatic evening(which we hadn’t in awhile).We had a beautiful time together,and I had never felt so much love for him-knowing that very soon the flower of our love would blossom and show its beauty for the world to see.When I awoke with ‘gas pains’ at 3:30 am,I blamed it on the sweets and tried to get comfortable. It seemed that every time I was falling into a deep sleep,I would get this intense strange ‘pang’,I’d start to fall asleep again,and like clockwork-there was another ‘pang’!I was getting really irritated and just wanted to get some sleep!None of my gas relieving tricks worked and by dawn I was beginning to wonder if this was indeed gas,or could it be the start of labor?.I managed to fall asleep for about five minutes and dreamed that Helen(a midwife I knew on the Big Island)was in our hotel room and when I asked her if this gas could be early labor she laughed at me as if to say ‘of course dummy!what else?’then Susan my real life midwife was there and quicly hurried me out of the room towards the front of the hotel(which I thought was odd because in real life she had an injured foot and can’t walk that fast at all).When we got to the patio  by the ocean,waves were crashing up onto the patio and a sea turtle was in a wave.I was really excited and waded into the water with all my clothes on,and then I saw three tiny baby turtles and began to jump up and down like an excited kid.The tourists were all looking at me like I was nuts then I woke up.

    I knew then that I was in real labor but I didn’t want to get excited just in case it was just a warm up for the real thing.Jamey was awake and I tolfd him how I felt.He was immediately ready to pack up and leave but I felt like we had all the time in the world.When we timed the contractions they were consistently five minutes apart from the hotel to town,but not at all painful if I breathed and relaxed myself.I was getting super excited and everything looked clear and beautifully vivid.It was a gorgeous day island wide-not a cloud in the perfect blue sky.the drive home was mellow.I was really enjoying how blessed we are to live in such a sacred paradise.Rounding that last bend in the orad and seeing  Halawa Valley enfold,it was like the first time I rode my bike to the valley.I had this deep feeling of truly being home for the first time in my life.To me,Halawa Valley is like the Mother Earth’s womb-open and yet secure and nurturing.Total abundance.

    I went right up to the structure where Susan was staying,and told her I was in labor.I couldn’t wait for her to check my cervix!She agreed that I was in early labor,but said first time mom’s usually labor 12 hrs easy,12 hrs hard so no need to check my cervix til the evening!!WHAT??!!??I was all set to have this baby by sunset and she’s telling me I probably won’t have it til early the next morning?!I was super bummed but decided to try and go about my day normally.I did some chores and decided to try and take a napseeing as how I would probably be up all night.A friend of Jamey’s from Maui had sailed over to discuss plans for a lomilomi(ancient Hawaiian massage)retreat that he will be having at our home at the end of march for 10 days,so they were off working out the details.After laying around for half an hour I decided that a nap was not going to happen because of the contractions and so we all went to the beach(which is a five minute walk away) .Jamey’s friend left and we had the whole beach to ourselves.We had a nice skinny dipin the ocean and Jamey floated me around for awhile and then we walked home.The contractions were definately getting stronger and made me stop and have to consciously focus on relaxing.We went up to the kitchen and I began to make us some lunch when our friends Rain and Christian showed up.I had asked them to be at the birth to help out.Susan was at the beach and agreed to check my cervix when she came back.It took me forever to make lunch because I would have to stop every four minutes and breathe deeply.When Susan came and checked me about mid afternoon I was about 2.5 centimeters dilated.Another bummer.I was hoping that I would be an exception to the first time mom rule.Oh well.The whole pregnancy had beena major lesson in letting go and this was no exception.

    Jamey went down to the lower cabin to take a nap and Rain came and hung out with me in my cabin.She was timing the contractions for me-about three minutes apart and 40 seconds long at this point.I was not able to lay down during contractions so I’d get up every time and lean on the desk and shake my butt and deep breath.I felt silly,but hey-whatever it takes!I was tired and really wanted to take a nap but I just could not be laying down during a contraction !At one point,I had gone outside to my ‘outhouse’ which was a wood platform that I would squat on.I was squatting there thinking I had to poop,when I was overcome with the most intense,powerful feeling.I stood up and reached my arms up to the sky and I kid you not-I felt like I grew into a ginat Goddess and was flooded with the most beautiful energy that words simply cannot describe!I went back inside,and Rain rubbed my feet and we talked and joked around.Christian came and hung out in between gophering.I was kind of wishing Jamey was there,but I knew I’d need him more as the evening wore on.He came up before dark and was getting the tun ready,since we had planned on having the baby in the water.The day was nearing its end and clouds had begun to cover the sky.So much for giving birth under a star filled sky…letting go again!Around 7 p.m. Susan checked me again.Almost 5 centimeters.She reassured me that I was making great progress but I wanted to be making OUTSTANDING progress!I was dilating at a rate of about 1 centimeter an hour and at that point couldn’t imagine 5 more hours of contractions and god knew how many more of pushing!I was so tired and wished I could aly down for just 10 minutes.Jamey came in and everyone else left.He would rub my back but every couple of minutes I’d be up and grabbing the desk and letting out these deep moaning,sometimes animal like growls.I really wanted to get into the warm bath but I needed to be at least 5 centimeters or else my progress could slow down.

   Somewhere around 8 p.m.  called up to Susan,who was in the kitchen with Rain,Christian,and Patty(Susan’s friend who has photographed many home births)and asked her if I could get into the tub.She said ok so Jamkey and I went out to the 150 gallon Rubbermaid animal trough,which Jamey had already filled.The night sky was completely filled with clouds,but Jamey had set up numerous candles all around us.The tub was set inside a natural circle of large boulders,making it feel quite magical.   I was hoping that I would be able to stay down in the tub during contractions but even the warm water didn’t help.So as soon as I’d feel a contaction coming,Jamey would pull me up and I’d grab onto the huge rock next to the tub and shake my butt and make my noises til it was over,then sink back down into the watery bliss.Jamey and I were facing eachother and would hold hands in between contractions.Sometimes I’d close my eyes and enter an altered state where I was floating in some timeless non –physical space.It began to lightly rain and we prayed that it would not increase.Occassionally a flash of lightening would illuminate the sky,something which rarely happens in Hawaii(I had never experienced a lightening and thunder storm in Hawaii at this point).The water was my saving grace and afford me the luxury of a minute or two of rest between contractions.As fate would have it,the heavens opened up and the light rains became a downpour.The air became to cold fo comfort so I reluctantly made my ay inside.I was shaking  and crawled onto the bed  where Jamey covered me with a warm blanket.

   The warm comfort of the bed didn’t last long as i was back up with the next contraction.I was getting so weak from the constant up and down that Jamey would have to haul me up each time and as I’d flop back on the bed,Jamey would cover me up again.Soon though I couldn’t even lay down between contractions.When we had come in from the rain,instead of going to my old place at the desk, I would go out to my little porch and grab the roof overhang and psuh on it as hard as I could.With every contraction I was putting my whole body into it.Every muscle was straining.Things become really jumbled to me after the tub because I was so wholely involved in my contractions .At some point the thunder came and joined me each time I’d go to the porch and let out my birthing sounds.It was as if I wasn’t even there anymore.Some powerful force of Nature had taken over and moved me as she would.After the contraction ended I’d have a brief moment of lucidity and think to myself things like “I can’t imagine having to do this in a hospital confined to a bed!” and “I hope the neighbors aren’t bothered by me”.Making deep,low,growling/roaring noises really transformed the pain because when I didn’t make them,it definately hurt and when I did make the sounds the pain would leave my throat with the sounds.It was intense the way the lightning would flash just as my contraction would begin and the thunder would rumble as I began to roar.I felt totally connected to nature and the storm was teaching me how to birth.I had long since lost track of time and the contractions were one on top of another.I had also lost my mucous plug and my shit,and had performe every bodily function  imaginable on the porch.Jamey was perfectly in tune with me and all I needed was his presence.i knew that no one could ease this process for me and I alone had to do it.Susan came down and she and Jamey talked quietly about the storm,the likes of which no one there had ever seen.   It was so obvious the connection between the storm and my birth.This baby sure knew how to make an entrance!

   During a contraction on the porch and it felt so strange and was such a release that I began to cry.We knew the baby would be there real soon.Susan asked if I wanted her to check my cervix and I growled ‘no way!’She went back up to the kitchen and had told us to call her when I felt like pushing.Soon enough,I couldn’t go outside anymore and with every contraction I would lean my hands onto the bed and push my whole body down.I would collapse on my knees when the contaction ended and rest my head on the bed,and Jamey would haul me back up with the next one.I didn’t realize it but I had already started pushng so when I felt a strange feeling in my yoni and reached down and felt a large bulge,I hollered for Susan.She came and said “yup,that’s it’s s head!”She oiled my yoni and perineum and put a warm herbal compress on me but I didn’t want to be touched at all.The pushing was so fucking intense I could hardly believe it!I was amazed at how strong and long I could push,yet his head would slip back in at the end of every contraction.This went on for quite some time…maybe 45 minutes to an hour?Eventually I knew I was just oing to have to ignore the searing pain and just go for it!I asked for  mirror and could see a path of dark hair and said ‘can I push him out on the next one?’Susan said ‘sure’.Jamey  was sitting behind me holding  the flashlight for Susan and I was still standing by the bed .I was bent at the waist and tried to squat to push him out but couldn’t do it.It hurt so much more in the squatting position.My hands and wrists could barely support me anymore,so with the next contraction I pushed and growled and workd harder than I ever had in my entire life to get his head out.I looked down and there was his head!He opened his eyes and looked right into mine.It was like looking into the universe,or the eyes of god.

   I had told Susan previously that I only wanted the baby to be suctioned if it was truly necessary because I didn’t want his first impression of the world tyo be someone shoving a plastic syringe up his nose and mouth.She had agreed.On the next contaction I pushed his shoulders and he let out a good cry and then the rest of him slid into Susan’s hands.I could see Jamey upside down,between my legs with tears streaming down his face.Even with him coming out of my own body,it still felt like I was watching a movie!As oon as he was out I kneeled down and Susan gave him to me.He looked up at me with these huge black eyes that seemed to reflect the cosmos,and I had never felt such an intense and fierce surge of love  .I had decided during pushing that I didn’t want anyone in the room to photograph the birth,but I will never forget that moment.The storm had subsided as I was pushing him out and the rest of the night was serene.

  Everyone came down from the kitchen and I was helped into the bed.I could barely move and my yoni and butt hurt so bad that I couldn’t even sit up.I was shaking uncontrollably and someone gave me some hot tea.I was really out of it andi anted so badly to be able to hold my baby but it hurt so much to sit up.I asked susan if I had torn and she told me ‘o just a teeny tiny skid mark’.I couldn’t understand why my yoni hurt so much and felt like a big wimp.Jamey said he heard a big crack as I pushed the babies head out,which I was sure was my tailbone.i had broken my tail bone as a kid,and that was just how it felt right then.We waited til long after the cord had stopped pulsing to cut it.H e never had any trouble breathing and his color and muscle tone were excellent.He just lay there,totally silent,looking from person to person.So peaceful.So in the moment.I had a hard time delivering the placenta(I was terrified of the pain thinking it would be like another head).I was so exausted I could barely kneel on the floor.I was so scared it would hurt but it actually felt good when it finally slid out.after we were all cleaned up and checked out,we were left alone.Jamey fell instantly into an exausted sleep but as sooon as I’d start to drift off I’d wake with a start to check and see if the baby was still breathing,to make sure that it hadn’t all been a dream.Even though I barely slept,I felt mentally wide awake in the morning.I was so excited to finally have my beautiful,healthy,perfect baby boy here with me!


The following was written in retrospect:


      Susan had told me that I should only get up to use the bathroom to allow the“teeny tiny tear” to heal.Now,before I had the baby I had done extensive reading on birth,and discussed the possibility of stitching tears with Susan.I had told her that I wouldnot want to stitch a minor ter that could heal better on its own,but that obviously I would trust her judgment if I did end up with a tear.The first couple of days were really difficult because I could barely sit up,let alone walk the baby or do anything else.Even holding him was painful,and I felt like such a failure!i couldn’t understand why a ‘teeny tiny tear’ would casue me so much pain!I couldn’t do anything for myself and felt like such a burden on Jamey.Jamey was very sweet and understanding though,and took good care of me.Susan came back to check me on the third or fourth day and after she checked my yoni told me I needed to stiil keep my legs togtehr and only get up to go to the bathroom.For the first time it occurred to me to look at my yoni myself,so I asked her to get me my mirror.She said “o how about we wait a few more days.It’l look a lot better then”.I was schocked that she responded that way and after a moment I said “ well actually,I want to look at my yoni right now!”.She tried again to put me off,but I insisted.I cried when I saw my poor yoni…it looked so battered and awful!I had never seen a post birth yoni so I really had nothing to compare it with,but even so I just couldn’ t believe that what I was seeing was normal.This is when Susan decided to tell me that actually I had had the biggest tear she’d ever seen (in the 80 something births she’d been to)and she had dleibertated on whether she should stitch me,but decided that I would have said no so didn’t bother to tell me!I could not believe my ears!I feel so betrayed!(I have since learned that Susan didn’t know how to stitch,and my tear had been so severe that I would have needed to have a surgeon repair it.i now suffer form retcaceal and cystaceal because of the damage to my pelvic floor) .

  I had virtually no support in breast feeding..meaning no one to talk with or ask questions.Because I was in so much pain after the birth,I didn’ try very hard to get him to nurse the first 2-3 days.By the time my milk came in,he was so hungry,and my boobs were so engorged!It was almost impossible to get him to latch on with the engorment and I had flat nipples.i realize now that another problem was my milk was pumping so hard he could barely swallow,so he’d get frustrated and unlatch.It is a miracle we were able to keep going with the breastfeeding but we did get the hang of it before long.I certainly learned a lot with this birth…unfortunately a lot of what not to do on the next one.Overall the birth was the most empowering,amazing,transformational experience of my life.sometimes when I think of it,its like another lifetime ago… was truly a blessings to be able to have my first baby at home,in such an amazing place surrounded by so much beauty and being mothered byt the earth herself.I truly felt that the earth and the elements were the real midwives,and to them give my eternal thanks!     

"This is my way.What is your way?THE way does not exist."~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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by on Jan. 11, 2008 at 10:39 AM
MIne is a story of a disappointing hospital birth experience and I want to do it differently this time around!

In Europe we are used to natural birth at home, I was born at home, but my husband is not used to this, besides I thought I would feel guilty if something goes wrong.

And thought they would know what they're doing at a hospital..
WRONG! In my experience they just see mom and baby as another patient, that should be monitored and strapped down to the bed continuously as not to bother them.

My pregnancy was without problems, on my 41st week's dr appointment she said the baby was estimated 7 pounds, I spent 2 hours on a monitor she saw I had contractions but I didn't feel them. That day the hospital called me to schedule induction for a few days later.

NOT! My DD decided to come out that same night WITHOUT EPIDURAL AND AT 9 POUNDS withouth the drs expecting this. The contractions started at 3 minutes apart and when the water broke, the dr told me on the phone that is was just a result from the internal and that I should go and call the hospital to schedule.

I told my DH we have to go to the hospital: MY BODY WAS RIGHT IN FEELING THE LABOR HAD STARTED. What can a dr say on the phone? Just because she's busy with other patients she thought I didn't start naturally. If I would have followed her advice, I would have had the baby at home (maybe would have been better!).

During BIRTH CLASS in the SAME hospital we were shown videos of different birthing positions, and to walk around during labor and to sit in a bath. Those things really calmed me down, but alas, just to meet HUGE disappointment upon arrival. They hooked me up to monitors saying I couldn't leave the bed anymore because of the frequency of the contractions.

While during class we were told that LYING DOWN DURING CONTRACTIONS IS MOST PAINFUL. I was decided not to have an epidural, did they just want to make it more difficult to me? I had brought a birth ball, and luckily I was stubborn enough to get up an sit on it regularly with nurses running into the room panicking that the monitor didn't show any heartbeat..


I went to the rest room too regularly to have an excuse to walk and stand, which helped. I had to page the nurses first though before I was able to get out of the bed. I remember pulling the cables myself a few times because I couldn't bare it anymore.


By the time I was beaten down with the cables and pain, and asked for some pain relief, I was 10 cm and ready to push. I was happy I made it w/o epi, but I was tired before the pushing began.

THEY RUSHED ME THROUGH THE PUSHING AND DIDN'T GIVE ME ANY CHANCE TO FEEL IT ON MY OWN. Once the monitor would show another contraction they let me start pushing. I was angry and my legs and arms were doing what they wanted, but they forced me to do it how they told me to.

I understand they know what's best for baby, and that it had to come out. But that is their ONLY aim to get it over quickly w/o caring for the mom's feelings.


Everybody was amazed the baby came out 9 pounds and well. I teared and the doctor was hurting me again cleaning out the uterus. I guess they are not used to working with women that don't take epidural.

I was just happy having my daughter, but now I'm expecting #2, I WANT TO TAKE CONTROL OVER MY BIRTH EXPERIENCE!

Cause I don't want to scare dear husband, I'm looking into using a birth center. It's a 30 minute drive, but so is the hospital, and I hope I can come in earlier AND MEET A MORE HUMAN APPROACH.

Thanks for letting me vent and for this group, it's really helpful.



by on Jan. 21, 2008 at 7:15 PM

I have been lucky in that all of my labor and deliveries have been natural and quick.
Baby 1---I am 18 and married....
I was sched. for induction at our local hospital.  We arrived at 6 am. and after the usual paperwork, gowns, shaving and IV's we were ready for induction.  This hospital was a teaching facility and they used a TNS unit. (Tens)  They applied small electrodes to my feet/ankle area and to the fleshy area between the thumb and pointer finger.  Then, an electrical impulse is set.  This works similar to acupuncture(that's what they told me).  By 9 am I was in a regular labor pattern and the electrodes were placed on my lower back for pain management.  I was given the control of how much stimuli I used for the pain management.  Katrin Ashley was born around 3pm the same day.  Only 6 hours of labor, and no pain meds.
It was so pleasant that 14 months later........
Baby 2
I went into labor at home.  By the time we reached the hospital, I was already dilated to 4.  This labor was also very fast.  I don't remember much of the labor as I slept through much of it.  I think having a little one at home and being pregnant was too much.  I do remember hearing her cry and thinking that all was well.  Once again, no meds, no interventions.  Stephanie Lynn was a beautiful baby girl.  Total labor at the hospital was 4 hrs.
These babies were both 5 pounders.

Flash forward....10 yrs and second marriage
This was hubbies first baby.  We attended birthing classes and Lamaze.  The girls went to sibling classes.  We practiced our breathing and were confident that we would have a good experience.  By the time I was 6 months pregnant, I had to quit work because of contractions that were caused from being on my feet.  Every night I would have contractions that were 5min. apart and what I thought were strong(the mind tends to forget how strong they actually get!).   The night I went into labor, we had eaten out at a local Mexican restaurant and my hubby was feeling the burn of his jalapenos.  He had went to bed early, and I just couldn't get comfortable.  By 11:00 I was uncomfortable enough that I tried waking him so that he could breathe with me.  We had went through this so many times that he told me to wait another hour and then wake him.  So, at midnight I got him up and he got cleaned up and we decided that we should go to the hospital.  The girls were at their Dad's so that was one thing we didn't have to worry about.  By this time I was in transition and finding it difficult to breathe through contractions.  It was a crazy drive to the hospital, as hubby was speeding and freaking out because I was in so much pain.  When we get to the ER they take me up to LD right away and checked me, I was dilated to a 7 and they get on the phone to call my doctor.  At this point they are working to get me undressed and hooked to an IV.  Hubby looks terrified because it was all happening so fast.  They check me again because I'm telling them I want to push and I had dilated to 10 in just 20 minutes.  They call the doctor again and tell him to hurry that I was ready to deliver.  They also send for an ER doctor just in case.  When she arrives, she wants to check me and I was having a contraction.  I asked if she could wait, and she said no.  As she proceeds to check me, my water breaks and sprays all over her just like a big balloon and in walks my Doctor.  All I said to her was, "I told you to wait."
The doctor gets settled and a few pushes later we had a beautiful baby girl. Madison Jayne 7'6''.  She was pink and warm and hubby was in shock that she was born 40 minutes after we arrived. 

Baby 4
I had morning sickness right from the very start with this little guy.  I knew I was having a boy.  Pregnancy was a breeze.  We  moved out of town around my 4th month of pregnancy.  I was working full time and had been promoted to a Manager's position.  I actually worked right up until delivery.  When I went into labor, I was at home.  Hubby was here with me and helped with breathing.  Our youngest was here with us.  It was a school day and the big girls were gone.  When the contractions got to about 5 min. apart we headed out to the hospital with Madison in tow.  This hospital had a birthing center that was beautiful.  Since I deliver so quickly, we decided that we would go medication free again and I didn't want an IV.  As I was getting prepped for delivery, my husband recognized one of my nurses as someone he had went to high school with.  They start hugging and catching up, and I start needing to push.  Now, I'm not necessarily quiet and they were afraid I was scaring Maddie.  So, hubby walks out of the room to take her to the nurses station where she would be watched.  And he misses the delivery of our son.  I figured this would be the last child we would have so I asked to cut the cord.  He nursed right away.  He was really a handsome little guy.  Connor Jeremiah was 7'3''.

I really am proud that I've had 4 unmedicated deliveries.  We are expecting our 3rd(my fifth) baby in April of this yr.  I really wanted a home birth or a birthing center with a midwife but my health history doesn't allow for it. Ten months after Connor was born I had 2 heart attacks.  There was no damage to my heart and I am on no medications, but they still consider me high risk.   I will be meeting with Anesthesia and doing my birth plan in the next month.  I hope to be induced/ medicine free,  so that I can labor in a tub and try for a water delivery.  My biggest concern is that the hospital is about 30 minutes from our house and I fear if I go into labor on my own I may have the baby on route.

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