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vhs tapes for sale only $1 +shipping!!-updated

Posted by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 8:48 PM
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we are getting rid of all our video cassettes. if interested please personal message me. alot of these movies aren't even opened, they were my husbands before we got married, and he just never watches them. alot of people have seemed interested and just havent got back to me. i think 1 dollar is a fair asking price. i have a paypal account, or will accept a money order. i will list all that i have, and indicate if it has been opened or not. this will be the last time i post this before my yard sale.

                                            frosty the snowman(the one on tv every year)
                                                                  uncle buck
the game-2(1 is unopened)             fear
the abyss-special edition                              mars attacks
007 tomorrow never dies-unopened          deep impact
as good as it gets-- unopened                     snake eyes                                       the mask of zorro-2( 1 is unopened)
                                                        final destination
beautiful girls                                    crimson tide                                                dumb and dumber
sports illustrated 1997 the year in sports-unopened
monty python and the holy grail                  
to die for                                            the crush
independence day                         groundhog day
mimic                                              the cable guy
out of sight-unopened                 the virgin suicides
legends of the fall- unopened        the hunt for red october
the shawshank redemption-unopened      volcano
                                                    lethal weapon 4-unopened
                                                            the professional
clear and present danger               the waterboy
gettysburg(has tom berenger,jeff daniels, martin sheen, war movie)

scream 2                                         higher learning-unopened
varsity blues                                   the nutty professor
heat-unopened                              chasing amy
men in black                                   jurassic park
                                                      excess baggage
deep impact-unopened                 twister
i still know what you did last summer                 the faculty
save the last dance                         city slickers
dante's peak                                      
the stand                                            inventing the abbotts-unopened
everyone says i love you-unopened       scream
the ladies man                               air force one(widescreen)
in & out                                             the fifth element
jason goes to hell                          the general's daughter
city slickers 2( the legend of curlys gold)             the craft
                                                                  hocus pocus
cruel intentions                                  ace ventura when nature calls
the birdcage                                        national lampoons christmas vacation    the lost world jurassic park
contact                                            sleepless in seattle
                                                            delores claiborne
the sixth sense-unopened              airplaine
goodmorning vietnam                  l.a. comfidential-unopened
the net                                           the three musketeers
you've got mail                                field of dreams-unopened
a perfect murder                         summer rental
                                                         primal fear
i know what you did last summer       friday the 13th part Vll the new blood(no cover case)

these are all the x-files movies i have: (posting episodes on the tapes)
1 little green men/ the host                       2 wetwired/ talitha cumi-unopened
3 humbug/ anasazi                                    4 piper maru/ apocrypha
5 beyond the sea/ e.b.e                            6 darkness falls/ the erlenmeyer flask
7clyde bruckman's final repose/ war of the coprophages
8 pilot/ deep throat                                    9 fallen angel/ eve
10 the blessing way/ paper clip              11 squeeze/ tooms
12 conduit/ ice                                          13 colony/end game
14 pusher/ jose chung's"from outer space"
15 irresistible/ die hand die verletzt         16 sleepless/ duane barry
17 nisei/ 731                                             18 ascension/ one breath
these are all thetales from the crypt movies i have: (posting episodes on the tapes)
1 whats cookin/split personality/ as ye sow

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by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 8:48 PM
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