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Truth Justice and/or the Tabloid? way

Posted by on Mar. 2, 2011 at 11:02 AM
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Whats going on is this, there is a certain axis astrologically thats called the moons nodes in a few more days the nodes will change into Sagittarius (north node) and Gemini (south node). The nodal axis will remain in these 2 signs until end of August 2012.  The nodes go backwards in the zodiac, as they are in the last degrees of Capricorn / Cancer now.

The nodes are a very important feature in a persons horoscope, the north node is where the moon travels going north across the ecliptic-the south node is where the moon goes south. Nodes are where the Eclipses happen. North node is known as where we need to direct outwardly but its harder to do this, these are our goals that we should be going towards in life.- We need to get this.  Whereas the South node is the place where we need to get rid of behaviors- or give to let go. In the respect of the nodes its good to get more of the North feature while we leave behind the South feature. Sure we can be talented in the South node  yet we need to see the opposite Node as where we were lacking and give up the behaviors that hold us back.

For the past several years the Nodes have been in Capricorn (north) and Cancer (south) Its been particularly meaningful to me because natally, when I was born, the nodes were in these signs as well so what I had was a nodal return. Depending on when you were born is where yours are and everyone has this in their charts.

We can go back and forth between these 2 ways of being we can show the good side of each sign or the worst behaviors of either --- any babies born between Mar 4th 2011 and Aug 30 2012 will have these 2 signs Sagittarius North & Gemini South as their nodes and it will be special to them-- some of us even have these 2 signs already as their nodes when we were born and it pays to note whats going on in your life when you reach a nodal return.

Depending on where you personally have your nodes is where (which house) you will see changes happen-- in general the North node is where we need to learn and the south node is where we have been there and done that, its also where we have talents already- even if we do not use them.

So this new time that's beginning on the 4th of March 2011 represents a time where we increasingly search for TRUTH. In the world today that won't always be easy and alot of whats out there in the news isn't really news at all its merely gossip and tabloid. We need to ascertain which is which.

Also a biggie in the News is the case of being honest & True vs what is tabloid truth anyways and that itself at this point has to do with JUSTICE another Sagittarian word.  -I'm thinking- Julian Assage.- wondering whats going to happen to him.

Personally I do not know what to believe anymore.

RELIGION  is going to be a highlight as well while the North node is in Sagittarius, as with religion it depends on what we see as our truth.

LAW is also a biggie along with justice - hoping that things remain fair yet it seams to me that justice might be served the wrong way due to the opposite south node Gemini which has to do with talk talk and more TALK or information-even for the sake of TRIVIA. We need to use our higher mind to really get ther truth, as tabloid will come real easy and perhaps can ruin innocent people reputations.

Well thats just a few thoughts from my perspective on the changing of the nodes, hope everyone has some good few years as the passing Capricorn Cancer nodal axis is ending from August 2009. It seams to me that now its good time to reflect back on what have you done these past few years since then. Its also a good time to think about where you stand on the upcoming issues of Truth vs. tabloid, and how we can better serve the Truth.

by on Mar. 2, 2011 at 11:02 AM
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