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full moon in Scorpio and ending bitterness

Posted by on May. 16, 2011 at 11:40 PM
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The full moon is tomorrow Tues the 17th of May 2011, Full moon is a time when things come to a climax we can think of it as the biggest and brightest also of the clearest of all as far as nights or as far as our situations can become clear. When I think of a Scorpio moon- astrologically I know as well that its in" its Fall " which also means its expression is difficult.

We are dealing with a Scorpio moon as there are also many of the opposing planets in Taurus including the Sun as all full moons are a show of the Sun in an opposition to the Moon. Yet Mercury- Our thoughts mind, Venus our way of expressing love and Mars our way of expressing action all are in the fixed and stable sign of Taurus as well- one who does not budge what a mix of opposites to further stress out the moon.

If there is a time to come to a closure on things of the past- perhaps its a bitterness in our hearts that we haven't budged from through the years even decades we need to let this go and a full moon in Scorpio can let out frustrations angers and rage like no other- a moon in Scorpio has reached its bitter end as if we have held on to contempt and hatred for so long it can cut off our very breath- its like we are being choked.

We should all know that when we hold in anger it becomes us- we are restricting our hearts as well as our own lives- bitterness can only bring regret and more hatred and so on and so on. Letting go is a lesson learned by the Scorpio and everyone can benefit- as it has to do with transformation- our change has to come with a price we need to let go of anger and bitterness towards others. anger and bitterness should not be valued yet we can hold onto it--- like its worth something. (think aboout it )

If there is a person who you have this problem with- realise that the more hatred and loathing you have for that person the more you are giving away--- yes giving away to the one you would least want to.

I don't know if I can explain it yet it took me awhile to get it personally as I am not fortunate enough to have Scorpio placements- although I do have lots in  the 8th house as they have much in common.

It all goes back to the saying to-- love your enemy (Matt. 5-44)--- as reading this saying can really make no sense at times-- when you have been to hell and back or have seen and been disgusted by the world or perhaps a certain individual that you may have trusted turned and deceived you or perhaps hurt you or your family- any number of things we hold on to, they are all burdens we carry--- how can this be? that we are expected to forgive each other --- The Scorpio moon is highlighting these things --- and a bitterness can rise up within oneself if one has taken hatred too far as we who hold the grudge are holding it-- its a burden actually- something that pulls us down believe it or not it is- like a weight on our shoulders.

Forgiveness is letting go-- and when we can come to let go of the past others faults, even forgiving ourselves for things we have done- we can have the burden lifted as well- we become lighter and more free- we do not need to carry the weight of all the past- we let go.

The 8th house is other peoples things- and what we get from our relationships with others-- think about all your significant relationships-- can you look back on them and see that you have learned from them-- even the ones that bring back "bad" memories-- The Scorpio moon can be passionate yet its focus is on the other person besides yourself-- its not all about your own emotions its about what you bring out in others.

Perhaps its even a good time to see yourself in someone elses shoes no matter how disturbed this may make you feel as it can, depending on what you have been through-- sure think it over yet think it over and then--let it go -- write it out- scream if you have to!!! Make it a poem or sing a passionate song perhaps with a hard metal punch to it.  Paint or draw or kick something (don't hurt yourself)-- perhaps punch a pillow (try not to hurt anyone!) RELEASE those pent up emotions!

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and Mars is for war as well as passion and strength -- take all that anger and express it if you dare as the Scorpio Full moon is only once this year and why not take advantage of it -- then let it all go.

Make the best of this Full moon.

Juliemarie Camery

by on May. 16, 2011 at 11:40 PM
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by on May. 16, 2011 at 11:45 PM

thank you for the reminder :)

by Member on May. 17, 2011 at 11:41 PM

your welcome hope your day went well, as for me ended up watching several other peoples kids it was like a kids party over here as I had 1 playdate then the kids from down the block just stoppoed by 2 more - I couldn't turn them away too so they all had fun- 5 of them !

all went ok as nobody got hurt. Take care

by Member on May. 5, 2012 at 3:07 PM

TODAY  2012   another Full moon in Scorpio 2012

Todays Full moon -It will be in Scorpio (as the sun is now in Taurus its opposite) so being in Scorpio its in its FALL so even though its a super moon the moon itself is not in a place where its most comfortable (if the moon was in Taurus its then in its Exaltation where its works better being 'moon-like" shall I say. Sometimes when the moon is in Scorpio hidden things come out and in this case hidden things and hidden situations can come out in the open and perhaps we may see some people jealous & vindictive. Scorpio moon is harsh and can be sharp like Scorpio sun but its more secretive more Intuitive because the moon itself (the more feminine) is involved.

Having a Scorpio Moon or Scorpio Sun or its opposite a Taurus Moon or Sun brings people to deal with possessiveness whats mine vs whats yours and trying to work out whats ours (if possible) due to the house placements of the 2nd which "belongs" natuarally to Taurus and the 8th which has to deal with other peoples belongings and is associated with Scorpio.

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