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Grandma Marinelli's Lasagna

Posted by on Nov. 12, 2009 at 10:43 PM
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Grandma Marinelli's Lasagna
Prep Time: 45 Minutes Cook Time: 45 Minutes - 1 Hour Total Time: 1 Hour 30
Minutes Servings: 12-16 Servings depending how you cut it.

Servings: 16 Servings

-- Ricotta Cheese Mix --
a.. 2 pounds Ricotta Cheese
b.. 2 cups Mozzarella shredded
c.. 1/2 cup Parmesan grated
d.. 2 Eggs
e.. 2 tablespoon Fresh parsley chopped
f.. 1 teaspoon Salt
g.. 1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg
-- Lasagna Ingredients--
a.. 1 1/2 pounds Ground beef
b.. 1 pound Ground Pork
c.. 5 cups Mozzarella shredded
d.. 2 pound Lasagna Noodles cooked
e.. 1/2 cup Parmesan grated
-- Tomato Sauce Ingredients --
a.. 7 can (16 oz) Tomato sauce Hunts brand prefered
b.. 1 can Tomato Paste Hunts brand preferred
c.. 2 can (12 oz) Diced Tomato Hunts brand prefered
d.. 1 cup Parmesan grated
e.. 3 tablespoon Extra virgin olive oil
f.. 4 cloves Garlic thinly sliced
g.. 1/2 cup Fresh parsley chopped finely
h.. 1/2 medium Onion finely chopped
i.. 2 Celery stalks cleaned
j.. 1 whole Carrot just peeled & cleaned
k.. 1 tablespoon Oregano dried
l.. 1 tablespoon Basil dried
m.. 1 tablespoon Bay leaves whole dried


Start by making the Tomato Sauce

Use a large sauce pot.

Heat olive oil on medium-low heat. Put garlic & onion in oil and heat until its

Put parsley, oregano, basil and bay leaves in and continue to heat for 3

Open all cans of tomato products, add in sauce pot. Raise heat to medium high.
Make sure to occationaly stir sauce;.Cook and stir sauce until hot. Once sauce
is hot, lower heat to a simmer.

Add celery stalk and whole carrot in sauce, continue to simmer for 30 minutes.

Add 1 cup of grated cheese to sauce, continue to simmer 15 minutes.

Remove Carrot and celery, cover sauce, continue to simmer. make sure to
occationaly stir sauce.

While sauce is cooking start making the ricotta cheese mix.

In a large bowl, scramble eggs, then add all ricotta cheese ingredients and mix

place in refridgerator until needed.

Now lets put it together.

Pre-heat over to 375?.

If you haven''''t done so already, get a large pot and cook lasagna noodles.

In a skillet mix ground beef & pork and brown it. When done drain fat & oil,
then set aside.

Get a large lasagna pan and cover bottom of pan with tomato sauce.

Lay out 4 rows of lasagna noodles across the bottom of pan. (if using a large
pan you may have to take 2 noodles and cut in half and add to the others. This
is better, it makes a nice large lasagna.)

Now spread 3 cups of mozzarella cheese on top of the noodles, then cover with
sauce, do not use to much sauce.

Repeat laying out another row of noodles.

Spread 2/3 of the meat mixture on top of noodles. Cover with sauce, again not
too much. (We do not want to drown the lasagna is sauce)

Repeat laying out another row of noodles.

Spread all of the ricotta mix on the noodles. Cover with sauce.

Repeat laying out another row of noodles.

Cover top layer of noodles with sauce, now spread the rest of the mozzarella
cheese on top. Take the rest of the meat mixture and sprinkle over top of

Cover pan with tin foil, bake for 30 minutes. Remove tin foil cook for
additional 15 minutes.

Remove from oven and let stand for about 15 minute or so before cutting lasagna.
Use left over sauce to serve on the side for those who want more sauce. Save
left-over sauce for a nice pasta dinner.



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by on Nov. 12, 2009 at 10:43 PM
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