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So now that there are actually members we should all get to know each other... so here i go...

 My name is Bryanna but I go by Bre... Yes I spell Bre with an "e" even though my name is with a "y"... I grew up in Virginia Beach Virginia but moved to California January of 2004. My family moved here July of 2002 But I moved back to Virginia 9 months later and didnt permanently move here until 2004. I am 21 years old with an 11 week old daughter. I never desired to have kids (because doctors told me I couldnt) but having her is the most amazing experience of my life. Every day is perfect now that she is here. I am with her father his name is Kevin. We have been together since July of 2005 and Engaged since January of 2006 (yes we got engaged after 6 months but I told him right away it would be a long engagement. ) I feel no need to rush into getting married and when we found out I was pregnant I did not rush to the alter with him, rather I told him that we would have to wait until at least a year after she was born. We found out I was pregnant 1 day before my 21st birthday and it was the best news ever... I had a still born when I was 18 which confirmed the doctors beliefs that I would never have kids. We werent trying but it was a very welcomed surprise.  

My fiance has a 4 1/2 year old son. He is the biggest brat in the world but it is not his fault. His mother has munchausens syndrome and thrives off of his crying and poor behavior and has pretty much ccaused some serious health problems that require he take pain medication EVERY SINGLE DAY. (yes we are trying for custody but so far no luck, back to court in January its just hard to prove her problems when she lives so far away.) We get him about once every month because they live in Kansas but during the sumemrs we get 3 weeks, during christmas we get 2 weeks, and spring break we get 10 days. It sucks but it has to be that way for now.

I have an older sister who is married with a 5 year old daughter who I love to death. She is also prergnant with another little girl due in october. We fight a lot but we also get along a lot, depends on the day because we are both so stubborn.

We are all planning on moving to florida by february (me, kevin, Kloe, my sister and her family and my mom.) I am super excited because I hate southern california and I LOVE florida. It has always been my dream to live there and now it is finally coming true.

I am currently a full time student studying criminal justice. I plan on becoming a parole office. I am so into crime and criminals... Funniest part is I am engaged to one. No he is not some bad guy, He made a mistake 3 years ago did a year in prison and is about to get released from parole hopefully within the next month. No he is not a druggie or robberer or anything dumb like that, he got into a bar fight and the asshole pressed charges and it was an election year for the DA they threw the book at him and he got royally screwed... it was his first and onlyl run in with the law and he learned a big lesson from it.

I have been through a lot in my life and learned from every single incident. I have grown up rather fast becasue I chose to not because I had to. I have always worked (until Kloe came along) I am brutally honest and always available for help. I love my mom to death, she is so strong...(currently divorcing my dad after 25 years of marriage) and I thrive to have the same kind of life she had (without the shitty marriage) So how about YOU???

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by on Aug. 13, 2007 at 5:17 PM
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by New Member on Nov. 5, 2007 at 8:13 PM
Hi Ladies,
Im Christine and I live in middle TN.  I am originaly from CT but relocated to the south in 2005.  Im married to a guy who's sense of humor is as warped as mine so life is pretty fun for the most part.  I have a 9 yr old daughter and a baby on the way (my husbands first).  Did I mention Im 40... I kinda feel like the old lady  Im looking forward to some frank discussions where you wont get deleted just because someone "takes offense". 
by on May. 6, 2008 at 9:04 PM
hi my name is nikki and i have 2 children, boy and girl 5 and 14 yrs old. iam a christian, i will be getting married soon, to the man who i have loved for the past 6yrs. we are getting our first house. i love to talk about good topics. i don't try to push stuff on ppl, i just like to give my opinion and try to show proof also. but that is me and i just learn how to like ppl and be nice and not so mean and evil.
God blocked it, all the Haters of the world including the Devil!!!
by on Jun. 20, 2008 at 9:19 AM
New here, saw the group because a friend had joined and a religion post intrigued me to come in.  I am pagan and have some fairly liberal ideas, so I look forward to voicing my opinion in an intelligent way and I probably will have some views quite different then other members...but I don't bash, I discuss intelligently. :-)

I am married and we have 2 beautiful girls.  I work full-time and we are a pagan family, I live in SC so having a different religion is awkward and frowned upon.  I also am part of a paranormal investigation team which might be forwned on by some in my community too.

by New Member on Oct. 12, 2014 at 8:58 AM

Hi! I'm Rachel, I'm 30, mom to a 13-year-old son, atheist, scientist, newly married, we live in Los Angeles, husband has two kids who are 12 and 10 and they live with their mom not far from us.

I'm a pharmaceufical biologist and I make chemotherapy medication at work. My job is one of the most important things in my life and I wouldn't give it up for the world.

Since someone brought up tattoos, I have the words "Keep Going" in my own handwriting on my wrist and a large back piece, a dream catcher that starts on my left shoulder and goes diagonally to right under my ribs on my right side. It looks like the wind is blowing in it and making it move, and it has trinkets hanging from it that represent the important people in my life.

You could say alcohol is sort of my hobby. I supported myself and my son by bartending while I was in college, I guess that's where my passion for alcohol comes from. I like to collect it, I like to drink it, and I pride myself on my cocktail-making skills and my vast alcohol collection. When I bought my first house, the first modification I made was to have an actual bar built in my living room.

I suck at cooking. Seriously, not even the hungry stray dogs on the street are desperate enough to eat my best attempt at it. That's one thing I have no interest in ever learning. It bores me to tears.

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