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Wednesday - 9/12: Slimy

Posted by on Sep. 12, 2007 at 9:39 PM
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Okay, I have added a whole bunch more words to the basket.  I used a selection of those posted in the other thread, one that was mentioned to me (thanks mom) and some that my husband and I came up with.

Sorry I am so late with this tonight!

Today's word is "slimy."



by on Sep. 12, 2007 at 9:39 PM
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by Group Admin on Sep. 12, 2007 at 10:10 PM

Eeiiwww! Not one of my favorite words -- and no,  this was not my suggestion. HEHE!

My Home is Where I Park It

by on Sep. 13, 2007 at 7:04 AM
Yea, yea, yea.  Slimy wasn't my idea either, Tom (hubby) threw that one in there...  I can draw a new one tonight if everyone wants me to....  LOL


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by on Sep. 13, 2007 at 7:44 AM
rofl I have tried to write 2 versions and came up with a few thoughts last night and this am.  Nothing that flows. I'm fine with it but it really is a tough one. 
by on Sep. 13, 2007 at 11:12 AM

I tried to post a story last night, but after I hit the button, my router crashed and since I wrote it here...I lost it! I will try again.

   "Our first meeting will now convene," Mae fluffed her '50's starlet blonde hair as she sat at the head of her table. "The itinerary today is to come up with a name and begin our quest." She looked around at each one of the four women sitting around the table. "Any suggestions for a name?"

   "Kiss And Tell," Sandy giggled, sipping her energy drink. "When we kiss someone, we tell each other everything."
   "The Artemis Club," Brenda said, "I mean we're hunting for men, right? And she was the Goddes of the hunt." Everyone stared at Brenda, their eyes dancing.
   "It's perfect," Mae announced. She wrote the name at the top of her legal pad. "Now next order of business, eligible bachelors in town." She looked around at everyone at the table. The names started flying.
  "Joseph Wadle," Sandy said.
   "Slimy," Brenda said.
   "Slimy?" Mae bit her lip, pen poised above the pad. "What do you mean? Slimy?"
   "Well, he's creepy, isn't he?" Brenda shrugged. "If they're creepy, they're slimy."
   "I think that's a good word," Candace said, slowly mixing honey into her tea. "I mean, if they can't be good husbands, for one reason or another, they're worms and worms are, well," she placed the spoon on her napkin. "Slimy."
   "That's a good word," Mae said, writing it next to Joseph Wadle's name. "Slimy it is for the men we believe aren't marriage material." Everyone nodded and so it began, The Artemis Club was on the hunt for husbands.

Hmmm...I'm liking this one...I think I'll expand it. LOL

by on Sep. 13, 2007 at 11:33 AM

Quoting FictionalGypsy:

Hmmm...I'm liking this one...I think I'll expand it. LOL

I LOVE IT!!!!  hehe


Attention writers! Join the challenge!!! Come check out my new group: NaNoWriMo

by Group Admin on Sep. 13, 2007 at 2:14 PM

            Margaret, Sally, Helen, Ruth, and Alice were the center of activity in Spoon Lake.  They were septuagenarians all and had lived in Spoon Lake for the entirety of their 70+ years, and are always featured prominently in the society pages of the Spoon Lake Telegraph. 

            Unofficial activity directors, they planned everything from town picnics to retirement lunches.  Their afternoons were filled with gardening club, card games, strolling through the town square, and getting their silver hair tinted a lovely shade of blue.      

             Today, they are taking their weekly constitutional through the streets of Spoon Lake.  Walking arm in arm in their flowered dresses with purses in hand. 

 “Morning Ladies!” yelled Jim Mason, who was standing in the town square talking to Mayor Randall Pryne. “Enjoying this wonderful day?”

“Morning Jim, Mayor,” the ladies replied in unison, giggling at the coincidence. 

     The Mayor turned to Jim as they passed, “Don’t know what we’ll do when the SLIMY Ladies aren’t here to ride herd on us all.”

 “SLIMY Ladies?” asked Jim.

 “That’s what they call themselves,” answered Mayor Pryne.  “It stands for ‘Spoon Lake Independent Moderately Youthful’ Ladies.    

My Home is Where I Park It

by on Sep. 13, 2007 at 2:45 PM

The Slimy Frog

His mother had been folding laundry watching him through the window as he dug in the dirt with his little red shovel.  His older brothers all but ignoring him as they swung on the swings, shouting and laughing with the neighborhood boys.   Jimmy’s  mother worried about her youngest. When her husband had unexpectedly passed away last year,  he had been slowly withdrawing into himself more and more.

Sarah now concentrated on folding the large queen size sheet before her.  Hot from the dryer it floated around her with a heat that warmed her tired arms and chest.  She hugged the sheet to her and breathed in the familiarity of her families freshly cleaned clothes. 

Jimmy came rushing through the back door, sidling past her as she reminisced, hurrying upstairs to his room. 

“Jimmy,” his mother called.

“Yes, mommy?”

“Jimmy, please come here.”

Sighing and turning around he tried to hide the bulge in the pocket of his favorite Buzz Lightyear windbreaker. 

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” Sarah asked, mussing his hair as he came closer.

“My hands got dirty, I’m going to wash them and play Legos with Steve, he said he’s coming in soon.”

Hurriedly the boy tried to brush past again.  His mother saw the bulging pocket that was now moving and stayed him with her hand.

“Jimmy Cantori, What is in your pocket that is wiggling?”

Jimmy stood there thinking about denying the obvious.  His 4 year old mind was whirling with thoughts of his new found treasure.

“Can I keep him, Mommy?” a pleading look in his eyes as he withdrew the large green frog from his pocket.

The inner groaning of her female self coming to the forefront, she quickly checked her squeamishness and counted to 5 before answering.  Reminding herself of all her worries over this special little boy who had been so withdrawn of late.

Hunkering down to look Jimmy and his new frog in the eye, she smiled saying “What are you going to name him?”

Slimy” Jimmy said, smiling from ear to ear as his brothers rushed in the door, all biding for Jimmy to let them hold his newfound pet.
by Group Admin on Sep. 13, 2007 at 3:37 PM
Maybe one day I can do that too. 

Mothers of boys (and sometimes girls) everywhere can relate to the frog problem.

Good story

My Home is Where I Park It

by on Sep. 13, 2007 at 11:33 PM
I love the frog story! that's great!
by on Sep. 14, 2007 at 1:18 AM
Thank you!!!  I just woke up and couldn't get to sleep. I wrote this about my stinky 10 year old and wanted to share.  It happened yesterday, rofl. (more dialogue than I have ever written)

My 10 year old and Seinfeld:

My 10 year old came home from school yesterday.  As I approached him from across the counter, I smelled something. 

"Hmmm, you stink, Ben....I hope you didn't smell like that in school."

"I didn't" a confident young mans voice blurted out.

As I stood there I wrinkled my nose, doubting THAT was true but shrugged my shoulders, not wanting to add embarassment to anything he couldn't change now.  I told him he was going to take a shower and scrub under his arms after homework time.

Of course, it got pushed off until after dinner as things like that do in little boys lives.

I happened to be upstairs getting jammies and such for the little ones when my 10 year old son came out of the shower.

He darted past me with dripping wet hair (how come he doesn't understand the towel can dry his hair as well as his body?) and headed down the stairs.


"Yes?" he said, trying to dart past me.

"Did you use deoderant?"

"No, I'm not going anywhere," came the reply.

"Ben, the stink will start while you sleep, if you don't use the stink stick the stink will be there again in the morning and you don't want to stink for are trying to head off the stink," I replied.

Grumbling he headed to the bathroom.  As my feet touched the landing on the first floor, my husband said, "You sound like a Seinfeld episode".

Since I am a die hard fan, I took that as a compliment.

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