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Mission Statement (aka, Why I created this group, the long version)

Posted by on Aug. 17, 2007 at 11:27 AM
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Hi y'all!

Mandy again. I wanted to take a second to let you all know why I decided this group was sorely needed.

I'm a new SAHM to Joshua (born in March '07). When I moved to the Central FL area, I came here for college from Jacksonville and didn't know anyone. I've made a few friends here and there, but have stayed mainly close to my husband's family (in Orlando proper) and my own (in Jacksonville).

Before child, I had a fairly active social life, going out every week or so to movies, dinner, drinks, whatever. After child, I have absolutely no life at all, outside of cooking, cleaning and taking care of my little guy. Unfortunately, I've grown apart from my non-mommy friends, as they can't quite relate to the toils of a mommy, much less a mommy and full-time home-maker.

The only moms I know are Megan (my SIL) and now Charisse, both of whom live quite a ways away from me. While I love getting together with these two fine ladies, driving an hour (more for Charisse) to meet up with other moms is quite the trek (to say the least), and it makes play-dates an all-day affair (and a not-so-often one at that).

So I've scoured the Internet looking for other mamas in my area to make friends with. Alas, the few groups I managed to find were either really expensive to join, not accepting new peeps, or an hour + drive away from me. Which brings me back to my original problem.

So I looked for a group on Cafemom. I joined several SAHM forums and even a political one. All were great but (a) I got tired of the constant unfriendly debate and (b) everyone I met that I meshed with lived way across the country. And while there is a Florida Mommies group (and a very nice one, at that), I found that the members who responded to the call for other moms in my area were extremely scarce. Like, 3. So I looked at the other Central Florida groups. Same problem.

So, like Pooh Bear, I went to my thoughtful spot and began to think. It occurred that I could start a group exclusively for Mamas in the Central FL area. I can recruit members. We can organize and have fun! Holy cow! Great idea!

So, that my friends, is how we became. Now, get out there and meet other mamas. SAHMs, WAHMs, Career Mommies, Single Mommies, whatever. All are welcome!

Oh yeah, and even though it's nice to stay close to home, don't be afraid to meet up with some mamas out of your immediate area, too. Just about every town in Central FL has something great to offer. Discover it, while we discover each other!

=) Mandy P.

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by on Aug. 17, 2007 at 11:27 AM
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