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Desperate need of a babysitter on a budget

Posted by on Jan. 25, 2009 at 10:26 PM
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I am looking for a babysitter to help me out with taking care of my kids on occasion. I'm leary of trusting someone with my kids so I thought I would ask some other moms about their babysitters. I live in waterford, MI and I don't need a full time baby sitter. I just want someone to give me a break from the kids maybe 2 times a week. I don't know if we can afford this but that's why I am looking into babysitters and stuff to see if we can. I plan to stay home and just have the babysitter take care of the kids so I can go in my room and relax or go take a shower or something. Judge me if you want but I need a weekly break to look forward to. I can't get out right now because I still don't have a license but even if I did it would only help so much. I need time to myself and the only way for me to get it is to find a babysitter. Now in the future once I feel I can truly trust the sitter I do plan to have the person watch my kids so I can go out but right now it's just so I can have a little help and less resposibility 2 times a week... or less depending on how things go. Anyone know of a babysitter in the waterford area that they could recomend? If need be send me a message privately to give me the contact information. Please respond... This could really make a huge difference in my life if I get the help I need.

About my kids:

My son is 2 years old and potty training. He is trained as long as he is naked so i am working on underwear training him. Accidents do happen so I hope that I can find a babysitter who can handle that Idea. I use older towels to clean up carpet messes and just plan on shampooing the carpet when he's trained. I do not want a babysitter to undo the training he has gone through so far by just keeping him in a diaper. I understand this may be hard but my husband is bad enough when he watches them... I don't need a sitter to make him backpedal too.

My daughter can be very needy. She is 1 year old and still in diapers. She eats a lot compared to most kids and it can be alarming how much she eats but she is not over weight and she lets you know when she's full. She does squirm during diaper changes and fights a lot so experience with kids that do that would definitely be a good thing but I'm willing to demonstarte techniques for how to deal with her doing that if I find a good babysitter that just hasn't dealt with it but is willing to learn.

Both of my kids are big compared to others their age(height and weight) and are not easy to lift. They don't necessarily require a lot of lifting but it is just something to consider.

I am a very laid back parent usually. Kids will be kids. They fall and trip and they fight as all siblings do. I do not believe in giving a spanking to a child. I do however believe in smacking their hands or their bottom when they have done something wrong. Just not actually bending them over my knee and repeatedly hitting them. My kids both get time outs and are disciplined but they are not perfect little angels. They have only been watched by family and a neighbor before so i do not know how they will act with a babysitter. Typically they warm up to people very quickly when they see that I am happy with that person.

Overall my kids are in diapers and potty training. They fight and scream. But they are very loving and can be very easy to get along with... especially when you are not mommy! LOL


P.S. this was actually something my psychologist suggested I do if I could afford it. She said I need to take 2 days off a week and just have someone baby sit the kids to give myself something to look forward to that breaks up the everyday responsibility of being with the kids pretty much 24/7. So I'm looking into the idea. Please keep judgements to yourself about me seeking help in any form professional, baby sitting, or otherwise. I just don't need it right now and am liable to snap on someone if they try to say something stupid or judgemental to me about it. You have been warned.

P.P.S. Sorry if I sound overly defensive I just feel guilty for not being able to be happy caring for my kids 24/7 with no reliable breaks... I know that at least most people think rationally it makes sense to need a break but I just don't want anyone telling me I shouldn't be looking for help because I need support not critcism right now.

If I have insulted you at any point in here please let me know for I did not mean to in any way shape or form and I'm sure it is simply a misunderstanding. If not I will whole heartedly appologize. I mean no harm in my posts but sometimes you just never know how the things you post will be taken.

happily married to Tom (23) I am a, 21YO, SAHM, mother of one adorable happy boy(November 3rd, 2006), and one princess of a little girl(October 29th, 2007)

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We plan on having one more child after my little princess Keeley turns 3. Until then I do not want more. After we have our last child I still would like one more but we plan to adopt a little girl (up to 9 or 10 months old, not sure on that detail yet) from China or Japan. If anyone has any information about agencies to use or guidelines and requirements for foreign adoption with those countries please let me know. Also maybe a book or something reccomended for older siblings to get used to the idea of adopting a new baby sister. Anything to help me learn more about our interest in foreign adoption now. Thanks.

by on Jan. 25, 2009 at 10:26 PM
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