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Rivers run dry - Prophecy

Posted by on Feb. 5, 2009 at 4:33 PM
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31st January 2009 - 3:35am (UK time)

Rivers run dry

Rivers will run dry; bitterness will penetrate what water is left.  Will you have the faith of Moses who by My command struck a rock and fresh living waters poured forth?

Will I find faith when the earth shakes and islands disappear from tsunamis?

Will you trust me even then to keep you safe as the waters part and you walk on dry land?

As I pass the doors with the blood of the lamb marked on them, will you accept my destruction from the Pale Rider of Death?

Will you accept that My Judgement is fair and righteous?

All these things I speak about will happen, they will come to pass.

A cataclysmic event never seen on this earth before will cause many to run and hide. 

Will you be ashamed of your sin and turn to me, Jesus, the only Saviour, or will you run ashamed, still denying the Truth and continue to live and believe the lie?

Satan has deceived the earth since the beginning and will not stop until it is his appointed time by My command alone!

But know this you nations; all prophecies from the HOLY SCRIPTURES will be fulfilled.  My Glory will be revealed.  I will have My say and My Judgement will prove right.  I made the heavens and the earth and everything in it.  Every knee will bow before me and say; Jesus Christ is Lord of all!

Oh unbelieving nations, your ears are choked, your eyes are smoke screened, and your heart calloused towards Me, I who gave birth to every living breathing being and creature.

A time is coming and is now come when a swarm of bees instead of producing honey will sting in protest at My command, those who deny the Creator.  I, the Lord am the Creator of everything.  As I brought the swarm of locusts by the winds to Pharaoh, so I shall bring harsher demonstrations of my creatures to torment the wicked.

Will I find faith upon the face of the earth?

Just like Noah only a few will be saved.  Many are invited but few are chosen.  Read the scriptures diligently and seek understanding on this.

As my disciples were few so are my words few.  But My Words bring life not death.  I do not wish anyone to perish but I know men's hearts and they are for life on this earth which shall perish and melt in fervent heat.  They do not seek the One above.

My Kingdom is not of this world!  When will you understand this?  You are strangers, foreigners passing through and will be caught up like Elijah!

Those of this world who already have their reward belong to Satan and Satan is going to hell, reserved for him and his followers.


The doors of Heaven are open to receive you.  Jesus is the Gate to Life, only through me, Jesus can you have Life.


The Watchman is standing now at each corner of the Watches warning.





Prophet of the Most High God

by on Feb. 5, 2009 at 4:33 PM
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