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family Find registered and convicted sex offenders and predators THAT COULD BE RIGHT NEXT DOOR

Posted by on Apr. 1, 2008 at 10:47 AM
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  • 1 of 5 girls and 1 of 6 boys will be molested before their 18th birthday.
  • 90% of all sexual assaults against children are committed by someone whom the victim knew.
  • The typical sexual predator will assault 117 times before being caught.
  • The re-arrest rate for convicted child molesters is 52%.

These shocking statistics come from recent studies on the epidemic of sexual assaults that plagues our society today. Our goal at Family Watchdog is to provide you with the information you need to protect your loved ones. Our service allows you to view known registered offenders and predators in your area. Knowing who these people are and what they've done provides you with your best defense to protect your family - awareness.

We invite you to use our free service to locate registered sex offenders in your area. Just enter an address and we'll show a map. You can click on the squares that appear and see photos (where available) addresses, convictions and other information about the offender.

Our notification service is very simple. You specify up to three addresses that you want to watch and the distance around those addresses. We do the rest. We update our data daily from multiple state sex offender registries. As soon as a convicted sex offender registers an address in your area, we will alert you. It's that easy.


Russell, D.E.H. and Bolen, R.M., 2000. The Epidemic of Rape and Child Sexual Abuse in the United States. Newbury Park, California: Sage Publications.

Snyder, H.N., U. S. Department of Justice Statistics, 2000. Sexual Assault of Young Children as Reported to Law Enforcement: Victim, Incident, and Offender Characteristics.

Center for Sex Offender Management, (2001). Recidivism of Sex Offenders, Full Report and Statistics.

Tips to Stay Safe


  • Always know where your children are.
  • Put your children's emergency identification (name, address, phone number) on their clothes.
  • Teach your children your home phone number and to how call 911 if there is an emergency.
  • Agree on a specific time when children must return home.
  • Contact law enforcement authorities immediately if there is any suspicious or unlawful activity.
  • Purchase and watch The Safe Side video with your children.


  • Always tell your parents where you are going.
  • Never enter any home without getting your parent's permission first.
  • Never get into any vehicle, unless your parents know and have said it's OK.
  • Always wear reflective clothing at night.
  • Never approach any house that is not well lit.
  • Remember anything weird that an adult says or does to you and tell your parents immediately.
  • Run away from people who offer you candy or other treats or want you to help look for their puppy or kitten.
  • Scream, run and fight if anyone tries to grab you or make you to go with them.
  • Don't play in areas that you are unfamiliar with.
  • Stay on well-lit streets and always use the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, always walk facing traffic.

by on Apr. 1, 2008 at 10:47 AM
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by Group Owner on Aug. 2, 2008 at 4:08 PM

These people can also live right on post!...How?

Well Civilians run everything in housing just about now. and The same way these ppl trick the same civillians off post for an apt they will do it on.

Soldiers do have family members that are sexual preditors and they do move them in housing.

So just because you are in housing does not mean you are 100% safe.

Also it is not just men! WOMEN! are befriending single mothers, mothers like us who husbands are deployed, ETC. The befriend to molest your children.

We are so used to seeing men that the women slip right by.

So be very careful because We never know what nut job is out there looking for our children!

by Member on Nov. 15, 2010 at 10:52 AM
I'm toally all for keeping an eye on this but make sure you read what they are flagged for. I know someone on the list for peeing in public who lives around me. I freaked when I saw it and read it and it's ridiculous in my eyes. I just want people to know to READ before you go and try and make people look worse than they are
Posted on CafeMom Mobile
by on Nov. 17, 2010 at 2:26 PM

This post would be very helpful to every parent who wants to protect their children. I'am a mother of 2 kids and it worries me much every time they are not at my side. Even a person you know that is good can do harm to your children and even places you know that are safe becomes safe no more. Tracking and monitoring our kids is not just the only thing we need to do in order for us to protect our children. There's also a need to educate our children what to do in times of emergency situations because this is the main job of being a parent. A friend of mind shared about this application that could surely protect children from possible danger. This is their site I believe this is very helpful on your part because it works to me.

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