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my homebirth with Rhyleagh

Posted by on Mar. 4, 2007 at 8:37 PM
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it was the 14th of april 2006 at 6:30am, good friday, i woke to find my waters were leaking and as i had slept in my daughters bed that night due to trying to get comfortable i called out to my husband, he woke up after a while lol and raced down the hall to find me standing there with a towel between my legs, i told him to call out to mum as she was in the room out the back at this stage.
they both came racing in to find me calm cool and collective as they panicked and raced around the house trying to get everything ready, i called for my midwife and she said it might be another couple of hours before anything starts, well i knew better i told her to hurry as my previous labours were 2 1/2hrs and 55 mins so i needed her there like yesterday lol, we rang my aunty and my nanna as my nan was going to watch my older two girls so i could labour.
when they arrived the house was full of people and i was about halfway through the labour, my aunty was my support person as she had been through 4 of her own labours and many others too so she was great, my mum and my husband raced around getting towels and a bowl and trying to get the heater going so baby wouldn't lose to much heat when she was born, when the midwife arrived i was starting to really pant and having trouble coming to grips that i was having my baby and of all places a home lol, i was placed on the bed and given a flannel to help cool me off and then stripped down to my b'day suit so i was more comfortable.
at this stage my nan was leaving with my girls and the midwife was checking how far dilated i was so we could get a rough estimate of what time she would be born as i was now starting to panic due to the pain, i wasn't given any pain relief as you can't when you labour at home but they made my sorroundings more comfortable for me, so i began to focus and the midwife told me i had just a bit left to get passed before i could push but stranger things have happened and i had to push now, so i did they could see the head coming out with the first push and before i released i began to push even harder and within two hard pushes Rhyleagh Angel Paige was born weighing in at just 6lb 9oz she was covered in vernex due to being born at just 37wks and 3 days but she was completely healthy my husband delivered her as everyone watched on and took loads of pics, i did find out that the reason she was so hard to push out was because she was posteria which means she was face up and now i have a few probs with my coxic bone i did tear a little on a previous tear but nothing more than a bit of bleeding
i soon delivered the placenta within mins of her birth and then went of to clean myself up
she was born in just 2 1/2 hrs just like her big sister was (my first born)
my mum was excellent she cleaned everything up for me sheets, plastic you name it and even had time to make me a coffee and breakfast she was truly wonderful
my experience was one i will never forget and would do over again even without the pain relief lol she was my smallest baby but has now grown into my chubba bubba lol
she's a true gem, thanks for reading my story

by on Mar. 4, 2007 at 8:37 PM
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