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Work From Home Opportunity

Posted by on Jan. 21, 2009 at 7:24 PM
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Field Service Inspections

 In today's world, there is mistrust of everyone.  Between the finance companies and the insurance companies, you will find 1000's of needs for inspectors.

      Companies across the nation are in dire need of field service inspectors.  They contract businesses who specialize in inspections to do their work for them.  Outsourcing this kind of work is more cost efficient than to try to send employees dashing hither and thither to complete inspections.  The industries involved are many.  Insurance, mortgage, finance, rental, lease, real estate to name a few. 

They call these contractors, vendors.  And with the economy in this country falling apart, these industry professionals need you.  The assignments that are filled are very simple.  No need for a special license or education.  If you can take pictures and write notes, you can do the job.  In some cases special training is involved, but the vendors are not asked to do those unless they want to get the training required. 

To get started you may not need to pay out any money except in gas.  Which you already have.  You only need a car, a camera and a notebook.  We have created a "how to" guide to get started.  You need only to simply download the 24 page document which includes a list of over 100 companies with contact information (mostly via internet).  Follow the steps and you can be earning a good income within hours.  Each assignment pays a minimum of $20, and can pay up to $150 each. 

This is not a get rich quick scheme.  It is simply a way for someone to work from home.  You can choose what hours you want to work.  You can choose what assignments you want to take.  You will be your own boss.  If you are offered an assignment you don't want to take, or can't because of the time needed to complete it, you can say "no".  Your choice, your business. 

We have written a 24 page informational packet that will help you get started.  For a small fee  ($9.95) you will have access to a great amount of information on companies that need you.  Today's market is screaming for more inspectors.  There is not enough inspectors to cover the much needed areas today.  With the foreclosure market the way it is, the mortgage companies and their associates need you.  There are 1000's of foreclosures every day that need a simple drive by with pictures and a few notes. 

Are you ready to make some extra money in your spare time?  Are you willing to eventually make a living and be your own boss?  Are you willing to spend little to no money getting started? 

Then this is the way to you need to go.  Simply order the packet and you will free yourself from your everyday humdrum life.  This can be very exciting.  It is easy to make upwards of $200 a day without spending a fortune.  Does your current income compare?  Can you afford to make a couple hundred dollars extra a day?  You have come to the right place.

by on Jan. 21, 2009 at 7:24 PM
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