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Wow God Moved So Fast On Our Behalf!!! {UPDATED}

Posted by on Jun. 28, 2008 at 7:41 PM
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Hello Everyone,

I just had to share the blessings of the Lord. Sorry its so long but I had to give you the details so you could see how remarkable it was.

Recently my van was on its way out. The computer on my van was going out. Sometimes it would run, and sometimes it wouldnt.  I have been so scared and didnt know what to do because I have absolutely no resources to take care of it myself. Nissan told me that it was going to cost 1100 to fix my van and that with the year and the mileage that I had on the van it wasnt worth it to fix it. So i have been really worried. I had just bought that van last year for 3000 cash. The money I had was from income tax and school money refunds. Right now since im in between semesters this is my worst money time until school starts. But anyways so I didnt have the money to fix it and I had noone to rely on for a ride. So i have been driving it still even with it messing up. During this time that I have been worried everyone kept telling me it will all work out the Lord will provide a solution to the problem. I have been trusting the Lord but I was still scared. Cause i have alot riding on the line. I moved here away from anyone who gives a poo about me, I moved here for school, without a vehicle its hard to get there, my workstudy job would require me to get there by vehicle, my sons daycare is across town and the city busses dont easily go that way, hes special needs and if an emergency arrose I would have had no way to get him to the hospital. and so on and so on. All this stuff had been waying on my mind.

Well last night after going to see a movie, after my van had ran perfectly all day, on the way home my van decided that it wasnt going to go anymore. So someone stopped and gave me and my boy a ride home.

This morning, I got up and got us ready and I walked us down to the van. Usually when my van has been acting up if it sits for a bit it will work again for a while before it messes up again. So I get to the van, and of course it wouldnt start. So the computer had officially completely stopped working. It broke down across the street from the park me and my son always go to so i took him into the park and let him play for a little bit. As we were leaving the park all these fears and thoughts about how I was going to get this fixed filled my thoughts. And out of no where the Lord put a song in my heart and my mind, and I started hearing the lyrics of a Matthew West song. I kept hearing over and over again, "If you ever need me, you know where to find me, I have been waiting, where Ive always been, right by your side." So then i was screaming out to the Lord, and was like if you are right there and right by my side why dont you help me Lord, "IF I EVER NEED YOU?",  I do need you right now. So I started talking to the Lord and I prayed Lord let my van just turn over and lets get it home please Lord please Lord please. I said Lord if you help me I promise I will tell others of how you helped me. I promise I will bring glory to your name and make your name famous.

So I get to the van and again it wont start. I start to get a little bit cranky and cry a little bit and wasnt that i necessarily fealt sorry for us but I was scared and had absolutely no way out of the problem on my own.

So I open the hood and try to mess with stuff that I dont even know what it is that I was messing with, hoping if I jiggle it the right way it would work. Yeah, NO, it didnt work. I had 3 people stop and asked if I had called anyone for help, and I said I have a phone just noone to call, I said Im just going to walk home thanks. I was actually kinda rude to these people, I should have been appreciative but I was still caught up in my tantrum.

So I leave the van there and start walking home. Thats when i really started talking to God again. I started saying Lord I really need your help, I know I dont have a great relationship with you but I need your help. I kept thinking about the lady who touched the hem of Jesus's garment and she was healed because she understood the power of Jesus, and I thought I want to touch your garment, its not here but if it was I would show you my faith and touch it. I know what you can do Lord!!

I was a bit scared to walk home because of all the traffic and there isnt any side walks at the worst part of the roads. EDMOND PLEASE GET SOME SIDEWALKS, THANKS!!!! But anyways, as I cross the street to walk through the bank parking lot, because of no side walks, a truck pulled into the bank driveway. He was going slow, and I thought he was waiting for me to get out of the way. So i get over as far as I could and I was getting crabby again and was like, omgoodness you have plenty of room go by, dang it. But he was actually wanting to talk to me. OOPS, me and my attitude.

So the guy gave me a ride home and hes a landscaping business owner. Im pretty sure hes a christian too, he had a Joel Osteen (Dont ask me how i feel about this man) book in his car and I noticed his LifeChurch keychain on his keys.

He finds out what happened to my van and he was asking if my mechanic was going to be sending a tow truck to get it and stuff. Yeah I dont have a mechanic. But i told him, no nothing is in the works and I have no resources. When I was heading to go to my apartment, I turned and thanked the nice man and he said I hope everything works out for you. And I said, remembering that I said I would bring fame to the name of the Lord for helping me, I know everything will work out, the Lord is on my side.

Then he said, hey I have a mechanic on staff for my company and how about I let him take a look at it and we will see if we can fix it for you. I was shocked, so i gave him my name and number. He said that I would probably hear back from him on Monday. I get home and I get a call, it was his mechanic, already.

The mechanic came and took my keys, went to the van to check it out. He called asked me the year of my van and he said that he had already started calling around for the parts but he wouldnt be able to get to it til Monday. Again I thought wow, so he came back brought me the keys.

He asked if I had a tow truck coming to get it to bring it home so it wouldnt get towed for sitting there. I told him no, I said it will probably be ok. He said ok and went on.

Then after he left he called me again and said, hey me and my guy here are on our way back to get your keys and were going to tow it home for you. Again I was like WOW!!!! God worked mysteriously, I am so amazed at how fast the Lord worked on this. So as of Monday my van will be getting worked on and for FREE.

God is so good.

Watch this video to hear the song that came into my head that the Lord brought to rememberance in my time of need.
by on Jun. 28, 2008 at 7:41 PM
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by New Member on Jul. 1, 2008 at 9:37 PM
Ok everyone, I just wanted to update about this but unfortunately they will not be able to fix my van, but hey atleast they tried. So please be in prayer because I know that when the Lord shuts one door another one opens. And Please dont feel like the Lord did this too me, he probably did me a favor. I know the Lord will provide when we are desperately in need.

God Bless,

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