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How could they not care about our babies??? (PIOG)

Posted by on May. 28, 2008 at 6:37 PM
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Hi ladies,

How much I wish all of you where Hispanic and watched the show I watched yesterday.  There is this major news channel in the Univision channel called Aqui y Ahora and they had a report on babies that die before they where born.

I was shocked to find out the number of women that loose their baby before birth is about 70 per day.  They also had a doctor there that was studying the placenta of these mothers and the found out the 70% of these deaths was caused by the the bacteria group b strep and in the majority of these cases the mother tested negative.

They also mentioned there how the government descriminates against us women that have lost babies like we have due to that they do not give enough funding for research, they even showed some examples, I believe if I am correct this is the statistics since the 60's and I may be off a number:


  • Death caused by SIDS 105,000 and money donated for research was 404 Million 
  • Death caused in utero 225,000 and money donated for reseach was 3 Million 


I felt so offended to see these statistics.  How could they not care about these babies. They where babies too that where just about to be born and where very much wanted.

What difference of a baby dying a day before being born, than a baby that died a couple of days after birth due to SIDS?...IT"S STILL A BABY!

I am going to try to find the video and repost the exact numbers that they posted about the deaths, but I know that the money donated was that.  They also mentioned the MISS foundation and their goal on having every state give out a birth certificate for these cases.  They also interviewed several women that have gone through loosing their babies in utero, and most of the cases where exactly like mine, unexpected.  They showed a lady that lost her baby 22 years ago and still grieves for her daughter and after the loss of the baby she started a foundation to help mothers through their loss.

After I saw that show I was a crying mess, how can cases like this just be swept under the rug like it never happened? When this first happened to me, I never even heared of something like this until it happened to me. I think the government needs to inform people about the statistics of this and donate more money to research to try to find a prevention to all these unnecessary deaths.
by on May. 28, 2008 at 6:37 PM
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by Member on May. 28, 2008 at 7:49 PM
It's unfair to women like us all the way around. They expect us to get over it quickly and forget and never speak of our dear little ones, yet a mother of a baby who died from SIDS is encouraged to talk about it and go to therapy or become an awareness advocate. I'm so tired of these old fashioned views of hiding our pain and never speaking of our babies. We are not abnormal, yet if we talk about it this is the response we get. If I could donate to a cause specifically there to find out why our children die in utero and research how to prevent mothers from feeling our pain I would donate to it as much and as often as I could. If you find a research organization just for researching and preventing in utero death please let us know and if you could post a link. I'll try to start looking too.


by on May. 28, 2008 at 8:02 PM
It is a shame how they expect us to not grieve over our angels.

In that show they had a mother who stated that when a family looses a baby before they are born, the family moves on after 6 months, but the mother never does.
I know that even though there are times that I am ok and I feel like if I am moving on, there are times that I still mourn over my baby, because she was part of me and only I trully experienced her presence here.
by on Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:08 PM
There is the March of Dimes that's a fund raiser for premature births... although, experiencing this myself I can't say that I've heard of any type of charity that deals with still births... its really sad. My daughter had a leak in her amniotic sac and I was told by the doctor's that this is a common thing. My doctor told me that she knows of only ONE doctor researching this. ONE! THAT'S IT! Its an outrage! And she told me that what he knows wouldn't be able to help me anyway...

It seems almost like a means to help the population problem. Almost like China banning births... kind of like the US is saying "well, if the baby is going to die, why research it because its less money the government has to shell out in education, medicare, etc..." Am I making any sense? Maybe I'm being paranoid.

At any rate, what you're reporting is horrible. Awful!
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