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Posted by on Mar. 23, 2007 at 8:08 AM
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Only an honest way to make money with your own gourmet scented candle business.

Here is a copy of an article written in The Times Leader (a newspaper in PA) that I  wanted to share with you. This is truely a great company to join. We are growing by leaps and bounds.
Don't you want to be part of a multi million dollar business.

By RON BARTIZEK  "We make scents, you make dollars." That slogan painted on the side of a van owned by Scent-Sations, Inc., themaker of Mia Bella candles, sums up an important aspect of the company'ssuccess. Two of three partners in the venture, Bob Scocozzo and Charles Umphred, weresuccessful direct marketers for several years before they joined with CarmenMilazzo to form Scent-Sations. Also known as multi-level marketing, or MLM,direct selling uses a large network of mostly part-time distributors topromote and sell products person-to-person rather than in stores. "When a direct selling business works it is far superior to a 'shelf'industry," Umphred said. "To me it is a superior model." Unlike its two largest competitors, PartyLight and Gold Canyon,Scent-Sations does not use the party model. According to Gold Canyon's Website, a party host earns $60 if sales are between $400 and $549.99. The hostalso is allowed to buy two items for half price. But to get started, distributors must purchase a "demonstration kit" thatcosts $175. That kind of fee is how most direct marketing companies makemoney, Umphred said, as well as by keeping the vast majority of the profits. PartyLight doesn't even pay hosts in cash, instead offering free ordiscounted merchandise, according to its Web site. Scent-Sations makes it much easier for the distributor to make money. Theminimum purchase is only six candles, bought at half the average $18.95 eachretail price. If sales exceed $45 per month, which represents just a handfulof candles, Scent-Sations sets up and maintains a Web site for thedistributor and handles all the order processing of Internet sales. There isno upfront payment and no contract. Distributors are free to sell products any way they wish - at parties andcraft shows, for fundraising or by "walking and talking" as they go throughthe day. Even with incentives like that the typical distributor is looking only forsupplemental income and sells $100 to $300 per month, Umphred said. Thatmakes it imperative that direct marketers build large networks ofdistributors. Scent-Sations already has 6,000 of them covering all 50 statesand several United States territories and is adding 15-20 a day. Scocozzo says that is only the beginning; his goal is to reach the level ofa Mary Kay, which has 50,000 or more distributors, many of them earning $1million or more a year. Distributors reach that lofty income by signing up others on whose salesthey receive commissions - that's the "multi-level" part. Scent-Sationshelps by devoting 37 percent of its revenue to commissions and support formaster distributors. Already that has allowed its largest distributors toearn $200,000 a year. "One is a housewife who is now outearning her pilot husband," Umphred said. Sandy Saimond, a distributor from Allentown who was visiting the plant lastweek, said Scent-Sations offers more earning opportunity as well as the bestsupport and a superior product. "There really is no other company to compare," she said. Saimond, 46, is aiming to retire from her regular job and rely on income fromMia Bella product sales within four years. Scocozzo and Umphred are optimistic about Scent-Sations' growth potential.With sales estimated to hit $15 million this year, they now are a smallplayer in the $2 billion candle industry. But their niche - fragrant candles made with natural waxes that give offless soot than paraffin - is growing fast and so are Scent-Sations' sales,at between 40 and 50 percent a year.

JOIN NOW! Get in on the fun and of course THE MONEY!!!

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by on Mar. 23, 2007 at 8:08 AM
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