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**MERCURY** Government Refuses Connections

Posted by on May. 7, 2007 at 1:32 AM
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I copied this recent article from another group for your mentions the immune system, the intestines being the largest organ of the immune system must be healthy!

Mercury Is Dangerous Yet Government Denies Connections

Alan E. Moses
May 4, 2007
As the bans on mercury containing products are climbing at the state
level. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been sounding
the warnings for 3 decades. The CDC and medical community claim that
mercury has not contributed to any disease or disorder that we now
see. The fact that mercury can disrupt the function of the
neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and noreprinephrine seems to be
ignored. However the pharmaceutical industry makes billions on the
sale of drugs that deal with these neurotransmitters. More of you
health care dollars are spent here than anywhere else.

Mercury has also been shown to disrupt the function of the immune
system and with all of the increases in autoimmune diseases it is
again ignored. The medical community isn't even trained to find the
true levels of mercury in the human body. A blood test will only
reveal small amounts as this only shows the amount of mercury on the
move. Only by chelating can this toxin be dislodged and exit the
body. And only then can we see the true amount of mercury a patient
has been retaining.

We are constantly reminded of just how toxic mercury is when
something as small as a thermometer is broken. The call goes in for
your local Hazardous Material team to come and clean up this spill.
These are people in protective clothing and masks that close the
building down and check each individual for contamination. Yet no
connection to diseases or disorders is claimed.

The spin doctors have called those that have pointed to this toxin as
a contributor to Autism Spectrum Disorders junk scientist. They claim
that the only reason why the elimination of the vaccine preservative
thimerosal (mercury compound) is being done is to calm the fears of
parents. The denial that it was the EPA that sounded the warning is
neglected. A Dr. David Graham of the FDA told a congressional hearing
that mercury in vaccines is in fact dangerous. He was introduced as a
top researcher for the FDA but was soon ridiculed by his bosses as a
junk scientist.

Despite claims that all but the flu vaccine are thimerosal free is
also misleading as thimerosal is still used in the production of some
vaccines and trace amounts can still remain. This is noted but with a
disclaimer that these vaccines should be regarded as Thimerosal free.
Not that they really are.

We now are being asked to use a mercury containing light bulb to
lower our electricity usage. After all one of the major contributors
to the global mercury burden are coal fired electricity plants. CFL's
are being pushed and the contradiction is immense. We are trading one
for the other and just can't seem to get away from using mercury. The
Phillips co. has been trying to develop a mercury free florescent
light bulb for ten years but have not achieved success as of yet.

The fact is that mercury has been used for years and we have been
allowing this toxin to build up to the levels we see today. Mercury
just keeps recycling as it never dissipates and just continues to go
from air to land to water and back again. There needs to be some
truth that we need to find ways to eliminate our consumption of this
toxin. Despite the claims that mercury has no link to all of these
diseases and disorders that it can cause the medical community should
begin to eliminate this toxin from the bodies of children and adults
alike. There are safe ways of doing this today as Dr. Michael Sichel
and I explain in our new book Mercury, Medicine and Politics. By
ignoring this problem only allows it to become worse.

Living a healthier lifestyle and removing toxins such as mercury has
shown to cause no diseases or disorders. Your doctors and the
government should promote this idea and not disclaim it as it won't
harm you or your child. The only reason to not do this is due to the
billions upon billions of dollars that are made by the pharmaceutical
industry in attempting to alter the damage being done. Is profit more
important than your child?

by on May. 7, 2007 at 1:32 AM
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