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*Feingold's * Stage 1 * 1st Step to TREATMENT

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     One of the first options to treatment is the Feingold Program. This is one of several options to make after 1st diagnosis, earlier the better. Detoxification can be done in many ways depending on the severity of toxins found in the body.
     This Program is easy and doesn't take a doctor to do it, just checking the cupboards & frig & reading some labels. This Program works well with others and can be 'customized' to each individual's needs.
     The symptoms in the checklist below can be brought on/aggrevated by the things that should be eliminated in Stage I of the Program. Stage I of the Program should be followed by EVERYONE for cleaning out all our bodies!     
    This list was for ADHD kids some 15 years ago but seems ADHD has now come under the 'Spectrum' of autism and has carry over symptoms of some of the other diagnosis in this spectrum but still works. As my son had overlapping symptoms and using this program lessened them after putting this into use. I have the Program, Cost me $69 and still costs $69 on the internet. Have questions, I'll answer...will be posting more on this Program. But this is the most important part!


The Feingold@ Association of the
 United States
Box 6550 . Alexandria, VA 22306 .
(703) 768.FAUS

    SYMPTOM CHECKLIST                                                                                                                                                                     

One or more symptoms may indicate a child's adverse reaction to food
additives or salicylates.
Check those characteristics the child exhibits
before becoming established on the Feingold Program, four weeks
after being established on the Program, and six months later. Many of
these symptoms may also apply to adults.
Characteristic the child exhibits: (My son showed almost all these symptoms at some time from birth thru 2 yrs, some worse than others)


Low frustration tolerance
Demands must be met immediately
Cries easily or often
Throws, breaks things
Easily distracted
Doesn't finish projects
 Doesn't listen to whole story
Doesn't follow directions
Difficult to get to bed
Hard to fall asleep
Restless sleeper
Has nightmares, bad dreams
Constant motion
Runs, does not walk
Difficulty sitting through meals
Wiggles legs/hands inappropriately
Disruptive at home & school
Doesn't respond to discipline
Doesn't recognize danger
Compulsively repeats action
Unkind to pets
Fights with other children
No self-control
Unpredictable behavior
Makes inappropriate noises
Talks too much
Talks too loudly
Bites & picks nails, skin
Chews on clothing, other objects
Overreacts to touch, pain, sound, lights 
Leg aches
Ear infections
Bed wetting
Daytime wetting
Accident -prone
Poor muscle coordination
Poor eye-hand coordination
Difficulty writing and drawing
Speech difficulties
Difficulty with playground activities
Eye-muscle disorder (nystagmus, strabismus)
Tics, seizures

Notice above the red wording states "one or more
Anybody have less than 6-8? or more?
A lot of these symptoms can be minimized and some totally eliminated, speed & degree depends on the person, their age & severity of the symptom. And how diligently you follow it. Just by eliminating the following things:

Stage 1

1. Synthetic (artificial) colors
2. Synthetic (artificial) flavors
3.The Preservatives, BHT, BHA, TBHQ
4. Asprin  & meds w/ asprin
5. The following foods containing natural salicylates
Almonds, Apples (also apple cider & apple vinegar), Apricots,
All Berries, Cherries, Cloves, Coffee, Cucumbers & Pickles,
Currants, Grapes & raisins (also wine & wine vinegar), Nectarines,
Oranges, Peaches, Peppers (bells & chilies), Plums & Prunes,
Tangerines, Tea, Tomato (including catsup), & Oil of Wintergreen
(methyl salicylate)

I found that apple juice & catsup were the worst because the salicylates are more concentrated)
After the body has had time to heal some of these items can be
reintroduced but may take time & watch for symptoms to
 return! My son can eat a few almonds or a piece of apple
w/o symptoms but he has quit eating catsup totally & apple juice also. 
Over the years has made substitues and other items
 he just never liked to begin with.

Artificial sweetners are a BIG NO-NO, some have caused seizures. (Apertame, Xylitol, Sorbitol, etc.) Some are also in pets foods. I've also found to avoid aluminum in products, found in antiperspirant & some baking sodas that I know of. check labels. Also avoid pet collars & flea & bug poisons: Advantage, Frontline etc. Even the other brands sold at the stores.
One other thing that should be avoided are the particially hydrogenated oils used in processed foods. Read labels and use saturated fats & oils when posible, Also using Vitamin E will sounter act the effects of the mono & poly satureated oils found in food.

To avoid these items you have to READ the ingredients labels. The preservatives are USUALLY the last item listed in the ingredients, however some products hide the preservatives and list them in the shortening or oil used. Some put them in the packaging material and have gotten by buying them OK. Stages #1-4 are absolutes, never buy or use, the items in #5 will have to be determined by observation to see if symptoms return when eaten. I did find that Ketsup & Apple juice were the worst because they are a concentrated form and triggered my son within minutes. Each person may have or not have reactions to these foods. Eliminate all then introduce separately over time to see if they cause any reactions. But only after the minerals & healing have been done for a while, give the body a chance to heal itself and get going in a postive direction.

The next things that can cause reactions are Wheat & Milk. If the child Has a gluten-casein allergy this also can be treated. Some use the GFCF diet which is in another post. It can be treated with enzymes and I'll have info on that also.
If you have any specific questions just ask...

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by New Member on Jan. 21, 2012 at 8:42 AM

Thanks a bunch. I am curious though, is it all tea or only certain teas? I use a lot of different herbal tea.

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