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Great holiday gifts for adults... please post your handmade holiday gift ideas, links, or tutorials here!!!! (updated)

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Okay ladies... this thread is for all your awesome holiday gift giving ideas!  This will be your place for one stop holiday "shopping".  Please post your ideas for handmade gifts your family and friends would love... or items that you would love to recieve this holiday season!

Here's one to get you started:

follow the link to get the recipies for these super yummy popcorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by on Nov. 2, 2008 at 10:17 AM
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by on Nov. 6, 2008 at 5:36 PM

i did this for my husband for fathers day for my made him cry since he is so close to our 2 year old...and we made a picture book with the different things they do together like mow the lawn, and read books and play video games...and i had a pic of them doing the things for each thing...he loved it...but poems and hand prints are great lifelong gifts that really show love...

Quoting mamaholly1:

this one brought tears to my eyes........I have three small kids and hand prints are EVERYWHERE, o this would be great for me to do with them

Quoting crickettty:

This one is would be great for grandparents!

Handprint Poem Gift



Make a home-made card or a wall hanging with your childs handprint on it, and print this poem on it!


My Handprint

Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls
But everyday I'm growing big
And soon I'll be very tall
Then all my little handprints
Will be hard to recall
So here's a special handprint
Just so that you can say
this is how my fingers looked
when I placed them here today.

 put a border around the poem and add the child's name and the year. Poem to the right of the page, Name on the bottom left and year at the top left with handprint in the center.


by on Nov. 7, 2008 at 2:56 AM

Kind of a different take on the handprint poem I'm planning on making all family members a handprint calendar.  They are adorable!  Check it out here...

by on Nov. 8, 2008 at 9:42 AM

Gee, do you really want me to fill this post full of all the ideas I have? LOL! If you need an idea, I am the person to ask! I just finished altering this tin which will be a christmas gift with an accordion style mini scrapbook of my 4 kids tucked inside for my mother in law. If anyone wants to knwo how I did it, just ask and I'll give you a tutorial!

by on Nov. 8, 2008 at 6:57 PM

I am doing a picture calander for my mom and my grandma (great grandma to the kids). Im doing mine through shutterfly b/c they have the cutests borders and I already have all my pix on that site. You can also make them through snapfish  and so many others. If anyone hasnt check out shutterfly you should. You cando so much with this site! I have our own little "home page" so family can see the kids growning.

Gavin and Corbins mommy 


Gavin 1/13/04                                     Corbin 9/12/07

by on Nov. 8, 2008 at 10:31 PM

You can get the cedar at home improvement careful though - some people are extremely allergic to it

Quoting ThaMCE:

I know they sell dried lavender at Michael's in the soapmaking section, I don't know how good it is though.

Quoting bethybaby:

Where do you find the Herbs. Especially Lavender and Cedar? These are really neat! I just don't know where I would find the first set of herbs!

Quoting carrie_grace:

Lavender Sachets...



by on Nov. 9, 2008 at 11:02 AM

I like to do anything with old photos. People seem to love that for some reason. So far I have a couple ideas. For my mom I am making a table for her new apartment with a glass top with a picture collage of all the kids in my family.

For my aunt I am making a framed poster of all the little girls in the family having fun together

For my mother in law I am making a picture quilt

Not sure what else right now but thats alot of work for now!

by on Nov. 9, 2008 at 6:44 PM

Last year I made snowmen and women ornaments out of felt with a pocket on the front for a gift card, or note card, whatever you might want to use them for, the ladies had hair and the men had hats, I will see if I can find one and take a picture, i used felt the color of the tree themes my kids use, or according to their favorite color. They were a little time consuming, but I made a lot of them as gifts, and stitched them by hand, I am sure hot glue would also work. I will see if I can find the pattern..


by on Nov. 10, 2008 at 10:58 AM

I don't know how bethybaby did it, but I found an online tut for several different ways to make them:

Quoting Seanswife05:

How did you make those coasters? I love them

Quoting bethybaby:

Photo Coasters

Heat Theraphy Packs

by on Nov. 10, 2008 at 1:35 PM

Hello all!  I have been busy making crafts for this holiday season.  I sell online as well as at some local stores.   Please check out my items and let me know what you think!  I hope you see what you like and I hope you plan on bringing home one of my crafts or give one as a gift.  If you like what you see let me know!

I am in the process of loading the stars on my etsy site.  They do come in different sizes and some even have 4 snowman faces on them!

Thanks for looking!

visit me at

I have holiday crafts available!

by on Nov. 12, 2008 at 12:15 PM

Last year for the women in my family I made either fleece knotted blankets (so easy!) or I made Country Dammit Dolls.  Here is the doll:

I didn't make the canister - instead I got a pretty stiff piece of cream colored fabric and got it to feed thru my laser printer with the Dammit Doll poem on it and sewed it to the doll:

When you want to climb the wall, And stand right up and shout. There's a little Dammit doll You cannot do without.   Just grasp it firmly by the legs, And find a place to slam it. And as you whack the stuffing out Yell Dammit, Dammit, Dammit!

If Dammit's not a word you say Then twist its little neck And grumble out repeatedly Oh Heck, Oh Heck, Oh Heck!     And once your done abusing it Just sit it on the shelf. But hug it first, as I'd hug you If I were there myself.
The doll is very easy to do - here's the link:

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