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My baby boy's Strawberry Hemangioma

Posted by on Jan. 1, 2009 at 10:42 PM
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  •                           My 6 month old son Nick was born with nothing unusual about him except a white looking spot on his forehead where his strawberry is now. It appeared maybe a week later. It was in the shape of a little seahorse and now people say it looks like a rose. It did get darker and bigger with time. I hope it does fade away since kids and people can be cruel. When i see him i dont notice the mark. Sometimes i notice people staring at him. I forget sometimes it's there and just think people are staring cuz he is cute.
  •                           My husband does not like his mark and wanted me to ask the doctor how we can treat it. I told him just be happy it isnt worse than what it is. I think he is perfect and i am happy there is a place here that we can share our experiences. Here are a few pics of him from newborn till now. You can see the changes in the birthmark.


by on Jan. 1, 2009 at 10:42 PM
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by New Member on Jan. 1, 2009 at 11:36 PM

He is beautiful.  My son is now 3 and had a hemangioma in his eye.  People would look at me like I beat on him, because his eye was all puffy.  Now, you can't even see it.  No surgery, drugs,  or invasive anything.  I know it's tough to see your child with any type of "irregularity", but he will be fine.  Take care and feel free to contact me.

have a nice day

by New Member on Jan. 1, 2009 at 11:49 PM

My DD had five of them and now they are just about gone :) she had a big one on her forehead and now you can't even see it. So don't worry it will fade :) but they do get bigger and redder but then they just start to fade away little by little

this is about 3 weeks old

about 4 months old

this is about 8 months old and it started to fade about then you can kinda see the white spot in the middle

this was taken this christmas and you can't see it now :)

and the other four there was one on here back its gone. there was a big one on her chest it is just about gone all you can see is the outline of it umm there was one on her left arm you can't see it and the lastone was on the top of her head and its all but gone also so don't worry it will go away :) i hope this helps :)

by on Jan. 5, 2009 at 9:44 AM

Dont you worry about a thing.  These things  will take there time and fade and when it does he will be a better person for it.  You and your husband must stay strong and teach your child the most important lesson of all who he is and how wounderful and beautiful he is just as god has made him.  Be greatful  it is not worse and that all the rest of him is intact and that his functioning is normal and he can see and run and think and play and is normal as nay other child out there.  Dont let the ignorance of strangers affect how ou treat your child.  Instill in his a strong sense of self.

People always stop and stare and ask questions of my daughters face and i respond with respect for her and consideration of them.  They are curious... so i have taught her the correct name for her mark and how to put peoples fears to rest.  She says with confidence now  "its not a boo boo, it doesnt hurt,  its a hemangioma, a birthmark"  and people are shut up by my 3 year old and start to see her not her mark

by on Jan. 5, 2009 at 10:42 AM

He is adorable!!! congratulations on you new son. I agree, he is perfect the way he is and his hemangiona will probably fade away in time. My daughter had a large compound hemangioma over and inside her left eye, which caused many complications with her vision. She underwent 9 months of steroids, 2 surgeries and 5 lasers. She is now 100% recovered at age 2 and her vision is back to normal. She did go through a lot and if I could have prevented it, I probably would have. All the poking and testing was hard on all of us.... However, I just wanted to add that there is nothing wrong with wanting other options, if they feel right for your family. I met a lot of families in similar situations through our journey and learned that what works for one does not work for all. If you feel comfortable with your decision of waiting it out and feel that is the best approach for you, that's perfectly fine. If you feel you want to pursue other options, that is also fine and perfectly acceptable. I got very frustrated when Drs tried to make me feel guilty for wanting the best outcome possbile for my child. It is not vain to want this gone, it is not being superficial. We really researched all the options, talked to 4 specialists, some of the best in the world, and they all recommended different things. One wanted to leave it and just continue the oral steroids, 2 wanted to do surgery, one wanted to inject steroids and do laser... and they were all probably valid approaches. No right or wrong answer. Good luck with your boy, again he is adorable


by Member on Jan. 5, 2009 at 10:53 AM

He is a doll face. I totally understand how you feel. Zephan's hemangioma (on his upper lip)bother me really bad at first. Now I don't notice it when I look at him. I do feel the same that people don't notice him but notice his birthmark. Or when he goes to school he will be teased. We were referred to a Pediatric Dermatologist who specializes in vascular and pigmented birthmarks. I'm thankful our doctor referred us. We have noticed that his birthmark is growing. Well so has Zephan's doctor. So we were sent to see Dr. Wagner. She is great!! I feel she really knows what parents go through since she has two kids of her own that have these birthmarks.Dr. Wagner informed us that Zephan's hemangioma will not stop growing after a year like most hemangiomas do. We were informed that lip, nose and eye hemangiomas continue to grow after a year. This being said our little guy's lip will become deformed if we do not do something about it. So she has started him on the cortisone shot which is injected directly into the hemangioma. I would much rather him go through with getting shots then to have a deformed lip. Don't get me wrong it breaks my heart that I have to put my little guy through pain. I actually had to leave the room for his first shot I felt so bad and was crying before they even started. He goes for his second shot today. If this does not work we will talk about other methods.

by New Member on Sep. 4, 2012 at 7:25 AM
Hi Amanda,
I have the same problem with my three months old babygirl.Have you had any succes with your baby' s treatment?
by New Member on Sep. 4, 2012 at 11:26 PM

I know how you feel about ppl staring.  It bothers my husband more than it does me.  I just wrote a post becuase we are seeing a specialist, and I know no one with anything like this.  My son's is on his arm/shoulder.

by New Member on Nov. 13, 2012 at 12:55 PM

 My 15 month old daughter has a compound hemangioma on the top of her head that popped up when she was about 6 weeks old, about the size of a lima bean. I was freaked out, but its pretty much covered by her hair and just a part of her little self now. It has been the size of a dime for the past year so I doubt it will ever get much bigger. Most people I've talked to were like me; really bothered at first, then you just get used to it. Many other kids have much bigger issues than a little birthmark; feel blessed.

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