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I need help building up my business?

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I have been trying to build my Body By Vi business up from the ground. I have a medical condition that makes me stay home most of the time. I really need help I have been doing this for a year and nothing but one customer. I talked about on Social Media and shared pictures. I have sent people samples and got back to them and nothing I am so lost. I have tried to host a party but no one comes usually. I am about ready to move and hopefully can get more people involved in that town than this one. This there any advice you can give me to help me succeed. I need to does this for my family, they need a better life and a better mom in their life. I am trying to get help for my medicial condition but it is hard when I have insurance but they won't pay any of it and the visit costs 220 dolllars and I have to have that the time I go. I really need the help.

by on Feb. 10, 2013 at 2:13 PM
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by on May. 14, 2013 at 4:13 PM

Hi Starry,

I completely understand your frustration regarding not seeing results with your home business...

The thing with starting a business from home, is that we can have all the right  "business tools" to sell our products (i.e: websites, the  product/services, do the networking, etc) but if we dont have the right people skills and the  essential tools of how to TALK to people you will get zero results.

Here are 3 FREE Audio Trainings that have helped me be successful in learning those people skills and sales. Im passing them on to you, (or whomever is struggling with their Home Business) because this is NOT something they teach us when we start a home business, many of us (including myself) totally clueless!!

These 3 audio training in this link include: 

  • FREE Training #1 - The Most Important Secret For Your Success
  • FREE Training #2 β€“ How to MAX OUT Your Opportunity
  • FREE Training #3 β€“ How to Make Money Right Now                  

Here's the link:


To Your Success,


by on May. 15, 2013 at 6:01 AM


I am so sorry for all you are having to endure; depression is like carrying a huge elephant while running a marathon. People who haven't suffered with this condition don't understand. My father struggled with bi-polar depression since 1989 and I truly thought I was compassionate and understanding UNTIL I fell into a depression myself. It was then that I realized that I had no clue and what I thought was helpful wasn't. I actually HATE the word depression because when people hear you suffer from any form of depression they think "cheer up" "pick yourself up by the boot straps and move on" "stop thinking negatively". They fail to understand that depression is an actual chemical imbalance in the brain stopping the messages from being relayed properly from one area to another. This in turn affects EVERYTHING and until that imbalance is properly restored you continue to suffer terribly.

My situation got so bad in November 2012, I couldn't get out of bed. I literally would work for 1/2 a day and sleep for the next 3 days straight. My husband would wake me up and make me eat then I'd fall right back to sleep; he was scared. I had a successful business that I could no longer operate. I was scared, this wasn't me. I was sick of being sick. We had started researching natural remedies on the internet and learning about how detoxifying is vital in restoring health. I had been praying hard all along and out of the blue one day one of my husbands health care professionals called and said, "I have something I'd like to share with you." She had no clue what I had been dealing with. She came to our house and showed us some products from a company called It Works. My husband and I had ever heard of them before and I was skeptical but knew I needed to try something different. They have a product called Greens that is suppose to balance, detoxify and alkalize the body. They were less expensive then my antidepressants, so I ordered them and started on them the following week when they came in the mail. I've been taking them for 5 weeks and my life has been given back to me. Before I got sooo sick I always had to take a mid day nap to make it through the rest of the day and HAD to have coffee first thing in the morning to get my blood flowing and turn my brain on. THOSE THINGS ARE HISTORY!!! The greens are magic-they are 100% natural-I no longer crave coffee and I don't need my afternoon naps either. I started another product recently called Confianza it is an anti-stress formula that also helps improve focus and concentration, (which I had neither anymore). The results I have had from these products are miraculous. I know this information won't help your current business, but the products will help you feel so much better. I did sign up with them and if you want to visit my site the address is: If you'd like to talk more send me a personal message. I wish you the best and will help however I can. Don't give up!!

by on May. 15, 2013 at 7:27 PM

Hi Starry412,

I am sorry that you are going through such a tough time.  

My own teamleader lives in a remote part of Arizona and she has built a successful home business almost 100% online!  It's pretty amazing but she has some great tips and information.  

I could connect you with her for some guidance if you like.

The company is Xpress Healthcare and it is a discount healthcare program.  I am mentioning this because you might actually be able to utilize some of the discounts to help with your health care costs.  

I am also a health insurance broker so I know that this company is legit. (it was founded by an insurance broker who was frustrated at the cost of care)

If you would like to poke around my webpage: Xpress Healthcare

or feel free to message me if you would like to connect with my team leader, Julie.

Good luck! 

by on May. 31, 2013 at 10:27 AM

I am sorry to hear you are having a difficult time.  I am familiar with the frustration of having a bipolar condition (close family member) so it can be unpredictable. Maybe you need a business that you can do exclusively at home. When you are doing presentations or attending meetings in person, you have to be there, whether you feel like it or not. And as you might know, one bad network meeting or show can damage your business and reputation. 

What I do can be done exclusively online. I choose my own schedule and can decide when I want to speak to people. If I'm not feeling well or traveling, I just don't work that day. I work closely with my team members to help them get up and running quickly. I get checks weekly and earn monthly residual income that increases monthly.

If you'd like more information, you can visit my website at Take care of yourself!

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