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"How To Overcome Fear" - Pre-Launch Invite

Posted by on Oct. 28, 2014 at 12:05 AM
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Do you have a fear you are facing? Something that has held you back recently, maybe it's that one fear that just hasn't been shaken for years?

Are you frustrated because you feel like you can't move forward in your business or life due to feeling like these stories you are replaying in your mind are reality?

I am not good enough.
What is my purpose?
I am not a people person.
It's just not possible for me.
What are they going to think of me?
People just don't understand me so it's not worth it.
How can I make an impact when my life hasn't changed?
There is no way I can do that, I have always been shy.

The list goes on and on. Do you really believe these are truth? That these lies are who you can be and what you are capable of?

Well WE don't and that is why you are about to get some of the most raw, impactful, down to earth, unedited versions of what others would call "average people" facing their fears, conquering what frightens them most over the next 2 weeks as we launch a new mission "How To Overcome Fear" to anyone who would dare to participate! This will prove that...

1. These people who are about to get RAW with you are NOT average, they are full of greatness, heart and can impact this world just as any historic leader in history.

2. That YOU have the same darn potential and greatness sitting right there in your spirit and heart. And if you CHOOSE you can conquer any fear that lies in front of you.

3. That becoming WHO you want to be and living the life you have always envisioned is not some dream that will never come true. All it takes is one step towards conquering a fear, then another step towards greatness, then another step into bringing those dreams into reality.

Hear from one of our good friends who is participating in this mission...

"I have to admit I took about four takes on what I thought was my biggest fear. I kept tripping on my words. Then I got real with myself, hit record and ripped out the video on my true feelings. No need for a second take! Straight to the point. It feels relieving to admit your fears. Saying it out loud puts it to rest." - Melissa Amburgey

Follow our How To Overcome Fear Journey here --->

Maybe you are like many in this world, with a list of fears that non stop show up in your life. Even when they are not invited! Your mind seems to focus on the "what ifs" and how it is not possible. Every time you feel like you are getting somewhere (the next step of success or that break through that can free you of the circumstances you are in) you run into that road block of "fear".

That lie is the in between from you being who you TRULY are and you staying where you are at, holding onto your past you and afraid of what lies ahead. Still sitting there worried about what others will think of you, wondering if you take that chance or make a change, maybe dare to be great no one will care, that it is not in the cards for you.

WE are here to PROVE to you that it is absolutely possible to conquer your fears with one simple decision, one brave choice. That one day you simply say, I AM GOING TO DO THIS is the day that the doors will start opening and freedom of your spirit will start shining!

As we go along the next couple of weeks sharing some of our most deepest, darkest fears we hope that it will encourage, inspire and empower you to embrace your greatness and speak life into your world!

Follow us on this journey of ‪#‎howtoovercomefear‬ and ‪#‎conqueryourfears‬...

It will not be perfect, it will not be exactly how you would expect, it will not be for everyone, it definitely will not be edited nor sugar coated. However we do know that IT WILL BE what that one person needed for the day to CONQUER THEIR FEARS.

Keep your eyes peeled and open for our next announcement tomorrow! We invite you into this imperfect mission of greatness!


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by on Oct. 28, 2014 at 12:05 AM
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by New Member on Apr. 6, 2016 at 1:44 PM

My New Meaning of FEAR: <3

F- Face

E- Everything

A- And

R- Rise

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