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My true story of when my sone ws cured from MRSA

Posted by on Jan. 27, 2009 at 9:02 AM
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---------->This is a blog i wrote on Myspace a few years ago! When my son was only 2 yrs old he was diagnosed with MRSA. I hope it helps people

MRSA is a very serious skin bacteria disease that have been infecting people all over the world....... it causes very painful blisters and boils all over the body and had killed people in some cases. It is very highly contagious and NO i don't know how my son encountered it but i know it would have been from anything that a person with this disease had touched and then my son touched (sort of like a cold). Well you could only imagine the pain that i felt for my little boy...i would do anything to protect my children!! I was told by specialist from Cooper Hospital that he could never be cured but only controlled by using bleach in his baths and constantly cleaning him and bathing him with iodine (the stuff DR's use before they operate!)

It was really hard and depressing. The more I learned of this disease the more it hurt. I was told that my son probably could never interact normally with other children because this MRSA is so contagious....which means school, sports and all other sorts of things were off limits..........not only that but i was so scared that my Princess Beba would get it too and then the New born Nalani Sky.......My faith was disappearing and fear and depression started to set in!

OK so i realized that i could not take " NO CURE" for an answer and i remembered reading about Natural Cures in Kevin Trudeau's book. I was even a member of his Myspace group. Then i heard of this DR in Mexico that practiced Iridology (looking in a persons iris to see what's going on in a persons body) I heard that this person had cured many people with natural cures. But it would cost me an arm and a leg. So i realized i needed a lot of prayer and a lot of faith!!!!!!! So i clung on to God praying every chance i got asking him for an answer! Begging for mercy on my little boy who just turned only 2 years old! Then my beautiful Mother spoke to her husband about taking my son to Mexico to this DR and paying for it all! Can you imagine her surprise when he answered................."why would you go to Mexico for when our friend Wanda from church does the same exact thing and owns a health food store about a half our away" ( Lord you are so obvious with the answers that you give us ........ THANK YOU)

So i take my son to this lady and she doesn't even charge me to see my son. Right away she asks in my son had taken lots of antibiotics when he was smaller. (YES, he was always sick with ear infections and well as asthma ) She told me that all the antibiotics killed my sons immune system and this is why he got this MRSA and could not fight it off.(and also why no one else around him was contaminated.) So we changed his more cows milk, no more salt, sugars, meat, oils, candy McDonalds, happy meals, chips, cookies....................yeah can you imagine that!!! Not only did i think it was impossible for my to say no to my son when he said " mommy mommy happy meal" but it was also costly to buy goats milk (yuck) and organic and vegetarian foods and also a few natural supplements that would help him get rid of the bacteria and build his immune system. But again I held on to Gods hand and asked him for help. Sure enough it wasn't as hard as it seemed.

My son loved the food and never gave me an issue about eating it. As a family we tried our best to not bring foods he couldn't eat to his attention and never ever ate in front of him. It was harder to explain to the ADULTS around him that he just could not have anything that they wanted to stick in his mouth.Needless to say i saw results with in days.

I was in an car accident with my kids.When i went into the hospital i had to explain to the ambulance people to be careful when handling the baby because he was positive for MRSA. Can you believe that once they put me in a room to stay they explained to me that as long as i was in the hospital my children and family could not see me because i was going to be in isolation. ( even though i tested negative for MRSA) They said that because my son had it that it could be on my cloths and stuff. They made everyone who came in my room were a gown and gloves and the DR even wore a mask and a hat while in my room. You could only imagine my pain. I was scared alone and not allowed to see my family. I hadn't seen my children since the ambulance took me away. Oh it hurt so made me angry and sad yet i understood it because if the person who originally had the MRSA would have taken care of themselves them my baby would never had gotten it! Mind you i was in the Hospital for 3days which may not seem like much to some but I am a stay at home mother and am with my children 24/7 and felt so empty with out them.

So again i took that anger and sadness and took those 3 days to focus on God and beg him again for help. Not only for my unborn child who was at risk, but for my son who was sick and my daughter who was just an innocent by stander paying the consequences for something she had no say over. Well God Must have heard my cry because that same week after i got home I took my babies back to the DR's for a cold and decided to get the children retested to see if it had gotten worse for Julian and to see if Saevonni and beacme contaminated......................................................................................... would you believe my surprise when 4 days later i get a call from the nurse saying that not only did Saevonni test negative but so did Julian! (GOD YOU ARE THE GREATEST) It paid off all that Prayer faith and hard paid off my Baby boy is cured! He's CURED!!!!!! ---------------------> My son is 5 yrs old now and he's the healthiest Little monkey I know!!!!! Thank GOD!

Proud Navy Veteran Wife and Stay At Home Mom

by on Jan. 27, 2009 at 9:02 AM
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