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Looking for Committed, Determined Home Business Partnered Mommies

Posted by on Sep. 7, 2009 at 7:51 PM
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What we are not:

We are not a JOB!!

This means...

You decide when to get up and go to work

You decide what hours you work...NO clock to punch...EVER!!

You get to come and go as you please...have a doctor's appt to take your kids to? School play? Birthday party? No problem! No switiching shifts, calling off(lying to the boss, come on we've all done it!)

No gas money spent!

No work clothes to should see what I am wearing right now...LOL!

Want to work in your jammies, hair uncombed, and no makeup? Go right ahead!

No office politics...there is NO one stepping on your toes to get your job because YOU are the owner and manager and the whole company!

NO babysitter, you can get up and get your kids what they need when they want/need it, have them play at your side, put phone calls on mute and play with them, my office and playroom are the same room!

No guilt...No more "Mommy please don't go". I dealt with that with my first one and never will again.

You get what you earn. Your earnings and raises do not depend on the whims or bargainings of anyone else! The sky is the limit! There IS no glass cieling!

What we are:

This is WORK! It is WORK FROM HOME , but it is WORK! It is not some phoney get rich scheme. It is not "if you sign up I promise you will make money in your sleep". If you want to believe those things you read, I can almost promise you, you will be scammed. This is a business. It takes TIME to build. Just like going to work takes time and effort, this takes time and effort! Is it worth it? Absolutely!

I am looking for serious, hard working, committed MOMs that are tired, as I was of leaving their kids, going to work for someone else, never getting ahead, and determined that things are going to change, and they are going to find a way and MAKE it work!  I am NOT looking for quitters, or people not willing to put time and effort into improving their life! Money does NOT come out of the computer like an ATM if you join some program...I can guarantee it!

If you are looking to invest time and effort into changing your life and improving your future I am ready to partner up with you and show you how I have found to make that happen!

Go to and request more info today!


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by on Sep. 7, 2009 at 7:51 PM
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