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Posted by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:04 PM
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 I had a post about my hubbys sister useing his car, and refuseing to get insurance on it, she sent him an email and i came across it today while cleaning out his inbox (i get rid of the spam so he doesnt have to take time to wade thu all the mess) now i dont make it a habbit of reading his emails cus well they are his, but i had to open this one to see what she told him after her phone call full of cussin me and her last ungreatful email, i couldnt help myself. Hers what she sent to him, I have written out a reply to her, but have not sent it yet, would you ladies send it?? or let hubby take care of it himself? He doesnt have much time for computers so it could be months b4 he got around to replying to her. Should i send it??? of course id let my hubby know what i told her! I know this is long but i need opinions!

what would you ladies do??

email from her to hubby

You completely screwed us over Elias. What are you doing? So now "ya'll" can't afford insurance on the car, big surprise, with the wife that you have spending all the money you make on everything else except what you need. I understand you couldn't pay for the stupid thing. Fine, whatever. We couldn't afford it either. By the time anyone bothered to tell us what was going on our money went to paying the rest of our bills. All this CRAP could have been easily avoided by a simple phone call. Instead you and your so called wife decided to wait till the last second to say anything to us. No one is driving your piece of crap. as soon as I got word of your mess I told my husband not to drive it and he hasn't. It will sit here in Veronica's driveway till you get back. Now your wife thinks she was being nice, "WHATEVER". I am not going to give your car over to a complete stranger, people I know you DO NOT TRUST! You know your stupid car IS SAFER WITH US!!!! people You KNOW AND TRUST!!!!! Now I told you what made me so angry is YOU GAVE US NO WARNING!!!! at all. Which in the end just hurt us. I have never asked you for anything ELIAS!!!! The one time I needed your help YOU screw me and my husband over. Now I call Stacie and I was ANGRY. I said a whole bunch of stuff that has been on my mind and I didn't care. All This stress I don't need WHY? Cause I am considered a HIGH RISK PREGNANCY!!!!!!! Another thing you screwed me over on now it is very difficult for me to get to my Doctors appointments. All the Doctors are saying I could lose the baby and you and your wife are just adding to all stress I already have. Not only that Shane just got a really good job and if it weren't for Veronica being nice enough to let him use the van to get to work he'd be out of a job. All that was needed from you was a PHONE CALL!!!!!! I will not hand over the car to anyone until YOU YOURSELF CALL ME AND TELL ME TO DO SO!!!!!!! I don't care What you wife says. She is an idiot anyway. Now your stupid wife is threatening to have me arrested on FRIDAY for "STEALING" The car, which will be very hard for her to do since you gave me power of attorney over it. You really screwed us over Elias. We are family and we don't do stuff like this to each other. Call off the thing you call a "wife" if you can even call her that. If you want your stupid car in the hands of idiots call me and tell me and I'll hand over your stupid keys, till then your wife can kiss it. Here is a copy of the letter your "lovely wife" sent me!

*insert last fb message from me to her*

Now I already told you I called her and told her what I thought about the stupid crap you are pulling. I don't care. Your my brother and I'll always love you but I want nothing to do with you or your wife if this is how you are going to be. Don't Worry as soon as we get back on our feet you can have your stupid money back not that it will make a difference with your wife spending all your money anyway.


this is what i want to reply to her...

It thrills me that you thought i wouldnt see your email to Elias. Were you unaware that we have no secrets and access to eachothers email? Or that i get on there to clear out the spam that way when he goes to check his email he doesnt have to worry about all the nonsense just whats important?? I left your email for him to see, not to worry about THAT! You know you sure do have a mouth on you for someone that CLAIMS to be a good christian woman. And since when is it your business what WE spend OUR money on? We have spent more then enough of it on YOU and YOUR husband! But becauses you mentioned it, i will tell you what WE spend OUR money on... 1st and foremost, KAIDAN, he is HAPPY and HEALTHY and has EVERYTHING he needs. 2nd our money goes to a car that we ACTUALLY PAY for, not one that we are MOOCHING off of my brother! Then theres INSURANCE for the car WE pay for, insurance that WE pay for, no one else. And there is (until tomorrow) the insurance on the car Elias so nicely let yall use while he is away, when he DIDNT HAVE to. Then theres OUR cell phones, which is the only way my DEPLOYED husband can contact HIS WIFE! Again NOT something we have to get from someone ELSE! Then theres things such as GROCERIES, ELECTRIC, WATER, ect. Those arnt just handed to us either, because we dont believe in takeing advantage of those that help us. We live in the real world, we dont EXPECT others to take care of us, the way you expect others to take care of you. O and another thing, this THING he calls a "wife", may not do everything right all the time, but at least i can say i actually TRY, I actually CARE enough to MAKE SURE my family is well taken care of, more then you can say for yourself isnt it?? O and if youll go back and actually read (if its not to much for your obviously small mind to comprehend) the 1st email i sent to you, youd know, that its not that we didnt give you warning its that we had NO WARNING ourselfs! We gave you the same amount of time USAA gave us. And what does it matter who YOU dont trust?? Its not about YOU, *gasp* get over yourself, stop acting like a spoiled child whos mommy wont buy her candy at the grocery store. All i did was tell you what Elias told me to do. Getting insurance on a vehicle should NOT be this flippin difficult. NO ONE "screwed you over" youve done that ALL BY YOUR SELF! It would have taken 5 mins to hop online, go to an insurance site, and be done with it. But instead your causeing this big ass scene, and for what? So people will pity you?? So we will feel bad for you? GOOD LUCK! Because something didnt go YOUR WAY your thowin a hissy. And OMGoodness, stop bringin that poor baby into this mess! Your PREGNANT not TERMINAL for christ sakes! The only stress you have is the stress your adding to yourself, ALL BY YOURSELF! So do not try and make Elias feel bad for you, or feel like hes done something to jepordize his niece/nephew, when hes done NOTHING except try and help you out, when you needed it! Guess what, he knows all about HIGH RISK PREGNANCYS, *I* was a high risk pregnancy with Kaidan for THE EXACT SAME reasons, you douche. That baby or the amount of stress you are putting on yourself have NOTHING to do with Elias. O and yea Veronica is being VERY generous. I hope you show her more gratitude then you show/ed your brother, anyone else would have left you on your ass! O and he wanted to, to be completely honest! The person you TRASHED thru out that entire email to him (me incase you didnt get it) is the person who spent 2 HOURS talking him into letting you come to CO with us, so if ya wanna get real deep in it, he was gonna leave you on your ass but I wouldnt let him! And your forgetting something else, he wasnt gonna let yall ride back with us from CO, for your mommas funeral, he was gonna have the army get plane tickets for ME and HIM but *I* talked him into getting the money to drive so YALL could go too without haveing to worry! So you just go on, continue showing a complete lack of respect and gratitude for your brother, when in all absolute honesty ALL it does is make YOU look like a silly little girl! Now what you need to do is step back, BREATHE, get online and get insurance for that car, its not that difficult!! Really its not, ive told you quite a few times already I DO NOT CARE IF YOU USE THE CAR AS LONG AS IT HAS INSURANCE ON IT!! so just go get flippin insurance and stop all this madness already! crap! Stop being an ungreatful lil girl, and start being the adult you need to be. Life aint easy, you of all people should know that, and its not just handed to you, we kept the insurance for as long as we could, apparently illegally, but still we did it. Now its your turn, if you want to use the car get insurance, its that easy.

o yea and you didnt have to send him what i wrote to you i already did. along with what you wrote to me, and i had already informed him of your so very polite phone call to me. Tho i really think he shouldnt have to worry about all this mess, when he needs to be thinking about HIM and what hes doing over there. I also believe he should be informed of whats going on. so ill be letting him know i replied to this email. and 1 more thing, he barely has time to call me, and when he does he has like 3 mins tops, how in gods green earth do you expect him to call YOU?? I mean really?

good luck :)

the thing your brother calls a "wife"



by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:04 PM
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by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:11 PM
Send it! She needs to hear it.
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by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:15 PM

 i would talk to your husband 1st and see what he says. just go over the basics of both emails. She sounds like a keeper tho. I wouldnt let her use crap of mine. I'm considered high risk right now, but that doesnt stop ME from having a job or doing things for myself... what a loser. Sorry.. i think everyone has to have a SIL thats lame.!

by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:16 PM

Honestly, I'd say leave it alone and continue with the plan you and your husband already had in place in regards to taking the keys and parking it elsewhere, or towing it away. If she is this irresponsible and immature, she sure as hell can't be trusted to NOT drive the car just because it doesn't have current insurance on it.

And you are 100% correct.. your husband is deployed, and I'm sure already has enough stress on him as it is, without adding his little sister's drama into the mix. Let him read the email if you want, but if it were me, I'd let HIM make any decisions for response...

by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:19 PM

The reply you wrote out I think is good.  I would send it.  I mean you are giving her options on what to do if she still wants to use the car and all diff examples of how you all have helped and been very gracious to them and you didn't even curse once.  So yes I would send it.

by Platinum Member on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:21 PM

omg! my sister-in-law is the same exact way! I made a crack about her being in Paris, TX, not Paris, France and she went ballistic. She's never liked me, so little things like that tend to totally send her off the deep end.... you should read the nasty letter that was in my FB, but addressed to DH. 

Send it. Then be done with her. don't open anything else. If she calls, let it go to voicemail before returning it. And be sure you keep all of the copies in case she tries to twist it around. Also, I would delete her from your FB/myspace/twitter - whatever you have. Less drama means less stress on you and your house. When she wants to act like an adult, then she knows where to find you. Until then... bu-bye. 


by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:22 PM

send it i mean she cant send crap like that and act that way

by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:23 PM

Sounds like she needs a wake up call....I have a sister that is the same way. I feel sorry for the people in their lives that have to deal with it. I feel sorry for the baby that she is carrying that has to have a mother that is like that. What values could she teach them? I would send it.

by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:29 PM

Send it. Then follow through with what you said you were going to do. Her driving a car w/o Insurance can cause your hubby & your family alot of drama.

by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:33 PM

Quoting HisMommaNikki:

 i would talk to your husband 1st and see what he says. just go over the basics of both emails. She sounds like a keeper tho. I wouldnt let her use crap of mine. I'm considered high risk right now, but that doesnt stop ME from having a job or doing things for myself... what a loser. Sorry.. i think everyone has to have a SIL thats lame.!

While I agree with this, I also agree with the other ladies. My husband doesn't get much time except on his days off. I'm luckier than she is as my husband can usually call me a few days a week and up to 15 mins at a time, plus e-mails and such as part of his job is working on computers. Her husband, as it sounds, doesn't get as much time to be able to check e-mail, and as she said, it could take quite a few weeks before he would get the chance to respond.

I say send it to the wench. I would do a little spell checking and whatnot first, but then again, I'm a stickler for grammar and such, LOL

by on Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:36 PM

i don't know. If it were me, i probably wouldn't send it. I would talk to my husband and sort things out with him. And if i couldn't get along with his sister then I wouldn't talk to her. You don't have to explain yourself to her. But I wouldn't send it because i wouldn't want to cause more drama and make him feel like he has to choose. That would just be me though. I would just have him deal with her.

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