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Advice on friendship (long)

Posted by on Feb. 8, 2012 at 12:13 PM
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Ok ladies, I need some serious advice here. I know this isn't "mommy related", but I'm not sure where else to turn. Since we're all "20 somethings" I figure some of you may have dealth with a similar situation. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I've known my best friend since 3rd grade, which puts that at just shy of 20 years. We've always been great friends, and she's the only one who I've maintained an actual relationship with after high school. I still talk to some others, but only here and there on facebook.

As kids we were content being kids, never getting deep. Very superficial as most childhood friendships are. Over the years I've tried very hard to progress this friendship to a deeper level, with minimal success. She's lived a rough life and was taught as a child that emotions are meant to be held in. I was tought the exact opposite. We've come to a cross roads in our friendship, where she finally admitted to me that she doesnt want a deep friendship, with anyone. She's even admitted that there are things she doesn't even discuss with her husband. So, I know she's not just trying to shut me out. It's everyone.

Of course I want to have at least one person in my life that I can share anything with and who feels safe enough to do the same with me. I have DH, but he's not much of a talker (very frustrating btw!). 

So pretty much where I stand, is that I have to accept a casual friendship or no friendship at all... because she's "tired of faking it." I appreciate her honesty... but I just don't know where to go from here. I know I won't be satisfied being just a casual friend, but we've tried the alternative (simply not being friends) and it hurts like I can't describe.

Do any of you ladies have any  adivce for me? Have you dealt with anything like this?

Happy Valentines Day!!!

by on Feb. 8, 2012 at 12:13 PM
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