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SO F***king Mad and Need to Vent...He RUINED my Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!**UPDATED**

Posted by on May. 14, 2012 at 12:32 PM
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Thanks to my fuck head now EX-roommate, I had a rather shitty Mother's Day all around and really feel the need to vent about it before I kill him! Let me start with a little back story...

Chris (my SO) and I met Dustin a little over two years ago. We became friends pretty quickly and hung out on a pretty regular basis. We have friends of all different ages. Dustin is 22. I'm 30 and my SO is 25. Anyways, almost a year ago Dustin's mom went crazy on him (which is nothing new) and kicked him out of her house. We were gracious enough to take him. He's spent most of his life living in the ghetto in Racine, WI while we live in a nice middle class city 45 minutes away. We were nice enough to drive all the way out there, use our car to haul all his shit to our house and we let him stay with us. That turned into full blown living with us. He said he would find a job and help us out with rent and blah blah blah. Nearly 3 months went by and he sat on his ass doing nothing. Within that time, our asshole landlord kicked us out for the bullshit reason that he wanted to "remodel" our apartment. We were really stressed out about the whole thing because Chris had his wallet stolen and we've had a terrible time trying to get him a new ID so Dustin offered to help me get a lease on an apartment and we would pretty much sneak Chris in which is exactly what we did and it's been working out just fine. The leasing office is in another building, only open twice a week and the neighbors pretty much keep to themselves except for our excessively nosy next door neighbor.

Everything went great with the move and we found a beautiful apartment that we love. Another 3 months went by and Dustin still sat on his ass doing nothing to find a job but thinking doing a few chores around the house once or twice a week would keep him from getting bitched at. WRONG! We had finally had enough of him not pulling his weight. We'd spend the better part of 6 fucking months supporting him in every way. We paid all the bills, fed him, bought him personal shit like shampoo and deodorant, took him out places with us, ect, ect.

We told him we could no longer support him and that he needed to get a job. The next day he tells us he's moving out so he go move in with his grandparents back in Racine because his grandmother is in ill health and he wants to help them out. We're kind of irritated but understanding so we help him move all his shit back to Racine.

He moved in with his grandparents and sat on his ass doing nothing for 2 weeks before they got fed up and pretty much got him a job working at McDonalds. He worked there for 5 months but dicked around, not saving a penny and spending most of his money on weed and useless shit he didn't really need. His grandparents got even more fed up after those 5 months of him doing nothing constructive and gave him a month to either save up enough money to get his own place or find somewhere else to go. Guess who he calls? He begged us to let him move back in with us because he knew he'd never be able to find a place of his own and no one else could take him in. We reluctantly told him we would give it another try but that he had to really focus on getting a job. He was going through a lot of personal shit so since we cared about him and he was like a brother to us, we gave him a month to do whatever then we expected him to get his ass in gear.

 That month turned into 3 fucking months of him still sitting on his lazy fucking ass doing nothing except a few chores every week although he had the nerve to announce to us when he moved back in that he hated doing dishes and would never do them. This time around we even went so far as to give him OUR FUCKING BEDROOM so he could have more privacy. It really didn't matter because we spent most nights sleeping on our awesomely comfy bean bag couch in the living room anyways but still.

A little over a week ago, he asked me if I would drive him down to Racine so he could spend a few days with his friends. I didn't mind getting rid of him so I took him down there. The night he left, Chris and I were talking and agreed that we needed to tell him that he had to start looking for a job when he got back because we really can't support his ass anymore, its putting too much of a dent in our finances.

I sent him a message on FB the next day telling him that I hoped he was having fun but that when he got back, he needed to buckle down and look for a job. We can't afford to keep supporting him plus ourselves and our DD. What does he do? Sends me a message back saying that he's seriously considering moving back down to fucking Racine AGAIN because his loser ghetto friends want him to move in with them because they can barely afford the rent on their house together and they offered to help him find a job. He said he needed time to decide what he was going to do. I told him he needed to at least come home long enough to sign the renewal papers for our lease. I waited two days for a response. When I told Chris everything, he was absolutely livid. We messaged and texted and called Dustin repeatedly telling him that there was no way we were going to allow him to let us lose our home because he decided he wanted to be a selfish little asshole. He finally responded to us a few days later and agreed to sign the papers for us.

I had to drive down to Racine to meet him at one of his friend's houses yesterday afternoon at 2:30. I told him on 3 different occasions that I needed to make it quick because I had to pick up my DD from her Dad at 3:00 a half hour away from Racine. Right after I left, he sent me a text and told me he would meet me at a different friend's house which happens to be further away and that he was helping someone move a couch but would be back in time to meet me. I get there almost right at 2:30 and HE WASN'T FUCKING THERE!!! I sent him a text and asked him where he was then tried calling him. 10 minutes later he said he was on his way and would be there soon. I told him he needed to hurry up and reminded him about my DD. He came back with the bullshit excuse that he thought I picked up my DD first. BULLSHIT!!! I told him 3 fucking times I had to get her after I met up with him! I waited 25 fucking minutes for him to finally show up! He didn't say a god damn thing about anything that was going on, didn't ask how we were, nothing. He signed the papers and I left. I was almost 20 minutes late picking up my DD.

 We went over to my Mom's house for a little bit for Mother's Day and while I was there, I checked my FB. Dustin has been gone for over a week now and still hadn't given us a straight answer if he was moving out or not. The first post I see on FB is from him saying he has a job interview at Arby's today at 5:30. I fucking lost it. Not only did he manage to get someone else to do his fucking work for him again (one of the friends who asked him to live with them works at Arby's) but he never even fucking bothered to tell us he'd made up his mind. I WAS FUCKING PISSED!!! I sent him a text right away and told him that if this is how it's going to be and he's just going to play games with us and not give us straight answers then he can come and get his shit out of my house!

He wrote back saying that he will come get his stuff but that we should be thankful he signed the lease papers and that he really didn't have to sign them because our lives would have improved if he hadn't AND that he didn't have to explain himself. HOW THE FUCK IS LOSING OUR HOME A FUCKING IMPROVEMENT???!!!!

I wanted so badly to go off on him but I kept my cool until I got home and told Chris what happened. I wanted him to be as angry as I was but he stayed calm the whole time and told me that he had already had his time to be angry and hurt and that he was over it and ready to move on and knew that Dustin wouldn't be coming home. I was the one who hadn't accepted it and he was right. I broke down crying. We were supposed to be family and he completely shit on both of us after everything we did for him.

It became very clear to both of us that he's always been a user and he totally used us. The first job he had when we met him was at wal-mart and his ex-girlfriend had gotten him that job after he moved in with her, sat on his ass for months and never did anything to get a job on his own. She worked there and got him an interview. The job at McDonald's he had, his grandparents pretty much got for him and now if he gets hired at Arby's it's because his friend got him the fucking job. He won't go get one on his own because he doesn't think he can so he just uses whoever is kind enough to take him in until he's asked to do something he doesn't want to do and then he moves on to the next sucker.

We trusted this dirtbag with our home even our own daughter. Chris spent countless hours training him in martial arts and he came to our classes with us. Chris also spent countless hours trying to help him become a better person and encouraging him to grow up.

So much time and money has been wasted on that ungrateful, selfish little hood rat. It just goes to show that in his case, you can take the rat out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the rat. That's just fine though. He can go back to his fucking ghetto and rot for all I care. The way he's going, he'll never be anything except a burger slinger. He supposedly had ambitions of being an MMA fighter but he was never hungry for it.

My SO on the other hand IS hungry for it so while our dipshit ex-friend is off thinkin he's living the life, we're actually moving forward towards our goals for the future. Chris is training his ass off to get back into fighting shape so he can hopefully go train with a real choach and start fighting again. He went pro for a short time as a kickboxer when he was 18 but an injury forced him to retire.  

I just hope he gets his shit out of my house soon because I don't want to look at it anymore. I can't believe he pulled all that shit on me on Mother's Day of all days. I couldn't enjoy my day at all but my SO is such a sweetie and said one day this weekend we would have an alternate Mother's Day and actually celebrate the way we had intended to.

I still wish I could beat Dustin's ass though. He fucking deserves it. Vent over.

 **Update** - Fuck nuts got the job at Arby's...not only did he use his friend to get him an interview but he'll need rides back and forth too since he has no car or license which means he probably managed to get put on the same shifts as his buddy so he has a way to get to work *sigh* I'll give it to him he knows how to get whatever he wants but he ain't gettin shit from us no more.

This new job also means we get to sit idly by and wait for him to have the time to come get his shit. We're giving it a week and if we haven't heard anything, his shit is gonna start to disappear. For the time being I think we're going to put it all down in our storage locker since we're not even using it for anything at the moment. Lucky for us, he doesn't own much other than clothes, a mattress, a tv, his PS3 and a bunch of guitars so we won't have to waste much of our time moving anything. We just don't want to look at it anymore.

by on May. 14, 2012 at 12:32 PM
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by on May. 14, 2012 at 12:41 PM

 wow Im so sorry. Thats so messed up and you guys sound so sweet for even giving him a second chance. You never really know people until they live with you sadly. I hope everything goes better now that he is gone! good luck

by Bronze Member on May. 14, 2012 at 12:50 PM
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You enabled him for so long.You kept letting him get away with shit.Part of the blame is on y'all not just Dustin.
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by on May. 14, 2012 at 12:54 PM

this sounds like my brothers to a t! i could go on and on about how much they take advantage and hurt me... but everyone says its my fault...well i do believe ppl can change so i give them chance after chance and they always lie to me steal from me and just straight up use me thenwhehn they do finally get money or something they take off till its gone and dont help out they spend it all on drugs..they only caare about doin what they want when they want.. and it hurts to wathch them live like that and ive sacrificed loosinmy home for them (not supposed to have anyone livin w me in my appt) over and over and supported them most their lives one of them is even older then me they are 19 and 23 and idk what to do they always try  to make me out to be the bitch and their excuses ar always lame like the place where i live goes on income so even if htey didnt have a job theyd have to wait on waitin list but eventually wouldbasically get a free if you have no income the place will give yuo a check to help towards electric!!!.. and they could apply for fs..but there excuse for that is they dotn wanna live around here which tthey said the same thing last yr and look where they are usin me again (till i gave them an option start followin my rules which i have so me and my family sstill have a place to live!!!!!! get a job (the temp  agency been callin for em) and clean up after themselves  and they decided theyd rather be homeless!!!) it is what it is ...the worse aprtis they never even asked to live here they klept actin like htey were leavin andmakin up all these lies and excuses and wouldnt get a other brother lives here he buyshis own food and nes.. he pays half of electric and half of rent and i [ay everything else.... along with the helkp of my bf (babydaddy) who also lives with me... so we all help out.yet they try to make it seem like im upset for no reason and jsut being a biotch about it and blah blah blah..all this bullshit anything but take the blame for their own actions...i hate that things are this way but they make thigns this way ive done nothing but give them chance and chance and chance and risk everything for them over and oever and over jsut to get hurt again and again thye even steal from me on top of me providing literally everything they could ever need..... me my brother and my bf... iand basically everyone else... it hurts so bad..that esp after all ive done fo rthem tehyd do that to me, then have the balls to talk shit to me like i have no reason to be uspet about... have the audacity to be so ungrateful and unappreciative then break into my house when both of my doors are locked... omg i could go on and on like i said... i think they may have finally taken me seriously ifnot then oh well bc i am not supporting their asses naymore NINETEEN AND TWENTY THREE!! are you kiddin me? talk about how the govt is flawed and society is flawed yet all they can do is sit on their asses hipocryts straight up ....grr sorry i am just so upset about this..too it hurts. i always get hurt like this not jsut by them i helped my cousin andher four kids out..i have helped multiple friends out my other three cousinsand their two kids...i could go on and all of them bes tealin from me makin rumors up about me and expectin me to bend over backwards for them but when i need somthin i jsut get fucked over... wherei live "the valley" is a fucking blackhole of grimeballs and scavengers!!!!! the good need to stay good we are a dying breed!!!

by on May. 14, 2012 at 1:06 PM

Quoting NVL0707:

You enabled him for so long.You kept letting him get away with shit.Part of the blame is on y'all not just Dustin.

Here's the thing though we didn't let him get away with anything. Every time he wasn't pulling his weight with chores or did something that pissed us off we would call him on it BUT he would only improve long enough for us to forget he'd been in trouble then another few weeks would pass before we'd get annoyed again. He kept showing signs of improvement but it never lasted. That's why we never kicked him out.

by on May. 14, 2012 at 1:14 PM
I would be concerned that he would cause trouble for you with your landlord. Any chance you could get SO on the lease now?
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by on May. 14, 2012 at 1:23 PM
i would have locked the doors and thrown all his shit by the trash!
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by on May. 14, 2012 at 1:33 PM

Quoting GirlWSlingshot:

I would be concerned that he would cause trouble for you with your landlord. Any chance you could get SO on the lease now?

We can once he has his ID. We found some old W2's of his yesterday so along with all the other stuff we already have gathered, we're going to take everything and see if the DMV will give him an ID. If it doesn't work, we'll have no choice but to either bus down to Texas so his Dad can help him get his ID replaced from down there or we'll have to drive down since Chris can't fly. *sigh* 

Fortuntely though Dustin is terrified of Chris and knows that if he tried messing with our home, he'd hunt him down and kill him. We know where he's living and where his friends live...we can find him *evil grin*


by on May. 14, 2012 at 1:36 PM

Quoting Autumn19:

i would have locked the doors and thrown all his shit by the trash!

Oh believe me if he doesn't get his shit out soon, we're going to start selling it starting with his guitars, amp and pedals. Fuck that little bastard we ain't playin. My SO is leaving for NYC on the 28th and I already told Dustin he needs to have his shit out by then. Otherwise, whenever he does come to get it, there will be way less of it!

by on May. 14, 2012 at 2:51 PM


by on May. 14, 2012 at 2:54 PM
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I couldn't finish this ridiculous post. It falls on YOU for taking care of him do long. Blame nobody but yourself.
I wish I didn't read this.
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