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What the hell is wrong with my effing sister!

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This might end up being a long one sorry ladies.


Ok so today I get a call from TFI which is basically CPS ( child protective services) to tell me that my neices have been taken into state custody and that I am the closest relative to them and that if I cant take them then they will be placed in a foster home. So I of course say that I am more than willing to take them. I then have to have a tfi worker come out and do a walkthrough my house to make sure that my house is a "safe living enviroment" for the girls. (it is btw) Then after that I have to fill out 5 million forms that basically sum up to Yes I will take care of these kids and get the to all the appointments and what nots and NO I will not beat them. After that I have to sign papers to agree to the back ground check (not a big deal) then I have to go to TFI to meet up with another worker who hands me 10 different folders and binders that are for the girls and im not supposed to lose them then we head over to our SRS (welfare office) building to get the girls now mind you we drive a 3 seater truck so there was no way in hell we were going to fit me SO and DS in there with 2 extra kids. so this other lady has to follow us allllll the way back to our house. We live a good 30 minutes from there. We get there and I finally have a chance to ask some one WTH happened and I am told that it is all in the RED book I was given but that it basically summed up to my neices were taken for missing the last 2 weeks of school (truancy) mental and physical abuse from both mom and dad ( their parents are split up not even in the same town) and for neglect!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME????// How does somethign like this go unnoticed for so long. I mean my neices are fucking skin and bones and covered in bruises!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo upset I just dont know what to do! All I want to do is cry I just took on 2 extra mouths to feed and bodies to cloth! They dont even have any clothes with them all they got to bring was the clothes they had on!!!!!!!! I dont have any money at the moment I am currently jobless but on the search for one every chance I get! ( I have an interview on thursday) SO is working as many hours as he can and we just arent able to make it on just one income! I am stressed beyond belief right now I just want to cry!



*** UPDATE ***


 I just got of the phone with one of the workers. They are doing everything they can to get us some help. I will get a small check for having them here but it is about $4 a day per kid. so $8 a day. Which is not much but any bit helps!  As for clothes they are trying to get an emergency clothing voucher approved right now. They are going to call me back. I am waiting for the other worker to call me today and tell me what we need to do on that side of everything will update again when I know more.

by on Jun. 26, 2012 at 11:21 PM
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by Bronze Member on Jul. 5, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Wow that's so sad your nieces were treated that way.I am glad to hear they will be in a safe environment with you and CPS is willing to help you.
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by on Jul. 6, 2012 at 8:29 AM

they are after the families that care for their kids and actually give a dern about how their children feel. they target people with little or no money that are on assistance but use that assistance to FEED their children ie the last food stamp goes towards food for their child while they starve. they are th epeople that are losing tons of weight or gaining it cause they arent eating enough food (in many people eating very little will cause a starvation mode where their body retains the calories they eat and they get fat because of it) and they do it because they know that the majority of those individuals wont attack them fo rsnatching the kids. your sister knew how to work the system so that they didnt take them and if shes that violent towards the kids they didnt want to snatch them and end up on the wrong end of a beat down for it. so they had to wait for an opening and get them when she had her guard down. but the majority of kids taken are in loving homes while kids like these two are overlooked out of fear and lazyness!!

by on Jul. 6, 2012 at 8:42 AM
good luck! and you're a godsend for taking those girls in
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