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Posted by on Aug. 28, 2012 at 2:10 PM
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PM me your address for updates. getting to hard to update and keep the story organized.

  Inspired by true events



Chapter 1:



I step out of the shower and the fresh water dripping down every inch of my 5'9, sweet scented, skin tattooed. I stop for a second in the mirror and catch a look at myself. I'm a twenty something newly single woman with no one telling me what and how to do anything. I do a 180, flip my dark black wet hair and wrap up in a towel. My face is a mess from yesterday's make up. My eyes hazel eyes glisten as I wipe my eyelids with lotion on a cotton ball.  As I walk into my bedroom I think, what are you going to do with yourself now? You have no one to wait on hand and foot and you finally get to do what you want to do without asking permission. Finally free from his controlling grip and free to do what I please. For the past 4 years I have been a victim of a nasty relationship. I was under lock and key and not free to do anything as I please. I was being told what to wear, how to look, what to say and do. Freedom was bitter sweat. I had to explore myself and only worry about me for once. No looking behind my back, no worrying about what to say and walking on egg shells, being intimidated on a daily basis. His hold of me has finally been lifted. I plop down on my bed and day dream for a while. I never had any so called free time. Between work and my ex all my time was planned out for me. I'm so glad that he can never come close enough to me, to hurt me ever again. I will never have to cover up any marks that he put on me, or make excuses for them.



                I get myself up throw on a yellow sundress and grab a fresh bottle of red wine from the cellar. Its high noon and I feel a little thirsty, so I open the cupboard and grab out my favorite wine glass. I set up my laptop and hope that there aren't emails with problems from my wedding vendors. Today is going to be a great day, no drama and no stress, I tell myself as I pop the cork to a nice red wine. Filling my glass, I'm distracted by an email that reads. New beginnings click here. "Oh fuck it," I think as I open the email and slowly sip off my glass.



"Mrs. Carter, you are officially invited to come and see the side of life that you have been missing." Please accept our offer of an all expenses played vacation to Atlantic City, NJ.



My first reaction is SPAM, but after reading further I see,



‘You are a very valued customer of Visa/ Master Card and we like to reward our customers.'



 Oh Hell. This can't be for real.



‘Please contact our sweepstakes department at 1-866-555-9688 and have your conformation number G6838gL098 ready. You must contact us within 48 hours of receiving this email, to be eligible for this offer.'  



This is too good to be true I think to myself as I call the number just for shits and giggles. After being on hold for a few minutes, and listening to that annoying elevator music, a Representative comes on the Line.



"Thank you for calling Visa/Master Card Services, this is Alicia, how may I direct your call?" she asks.



"Hello, my name is Rose Carter and I have received a confirmation number via email." I explain to her.



"Well congratulations, I can help you with that. What is your confirmation number Ms. Carter?" she continues.



I give her the confirmation number that was on the email and she says, "Mrs. Carter, I have you down for a one way ticket from LAX to Atlantic City, 7 day personal driver, 7 day 6 night stay at the Trump Taj Mahal. The credit for all your expenses has been cleared. When are you available to vacation?"



"Um, well, as soon as possible," I inform her in total shock. She gives me the date of the 25Th. I quickly turn to my calendar I see that I have nothing planned and I take the date.



"Perfect, your tickets and all accommodation information will be in the mail today and I should receive my packet in 24 hours via UPS."



"Thank you very much." I thank her for her time and hang up the phone.



Oh my God, did that just happen to me. I actually won something bad ass for once in my life. But Momma always taught me to, ‘Never believe it until I see it.'  I shake my head clear and continue to read emails. I'm interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Perfect timing I think to myself as I notice the familiar car in the driveway.



 "Hey girl" she says as I open the door. It's Melinda, Just the person that I want to see.



"You'll never believe who I just got off the phone with," I blurt out.



 "What are you talking about," she says



 I start to break down what just happened and she shouts out,



"You're serious?"



I finish explaining how the timing couldn't be any better for this and how I can't wait to get away. I have only 2 days to prepare for a week trip. Mel and I spend the rest of the evening day dreaming about a getaway trip. She takes off home and I get ready for bed.



As I lay in my bed I can't seem to turn my brain off with the anticipation of tomorrow and seeing if this package actually comes.



The next day I'm practically pacing in front of the big bay windows in the front of my house that go show the entire yard and street. Where is the damn UPS man, why hasn't he come yet? I head into the kitchen to refill my glass and I hear a knock at the door. I rush and open it. To my surprise there is a man in a brown uniform that has a letter in his hand and his digital pad in the other.



"Mrs. Carter" He says and raises one eye brow, as I stand there is a robe. I haven't even had the chance to get dressed yet. I was too busy waiting for him.



"Yes." I say and close up my robe a little tighter.



He hands me my letter and asks for me to sign, so I do and thank him. I shut the door and lean back against it to brace myself for the news. Either it's true or too good to be true. I stick my finger into the side of the envelope and tear it open. There is a letter addressed to me with flight numbers and address of the hotel, driver information, and all the travel accommodations. It's real, it's really for real!



My first call naturally is Melinda. She was so excited when I told her about the possibility of this all being real. I text her ‘it's real' and not even 10 minutes later she is flying through my door with excitement. We quickly move to my bedroom and I pull down the jumbo suitcase from the closet and throw it on my bed. We are giddy like little school girls and jump around in excitement. Mel goes into the kitchen and a crack open a bottle of wine and brings two glasses to my room. I open the empty suitcase and look at Mel. She is grinning from ear to ear, and is sincerely showing excitement toward my vacation plans, as she hands me a glass of wine.



"This couldn't come at a better time Rose." Mel says sipping her glass. I knew what she was referring to. Even though everyone thought I was distraught about the breakup with Jason, I couldn't be happier with my life right now. Freedom is awesome!



She goes to the kitchen and grabs my laptop and sits on the bed. I stand pointlessly looking at my closet filled with clothes thinking, what I should ware in Atlantic City.



"Well they say if you want to get naughty the only place you can do it is Atlantic City."  As she fingers away on the keyboard.



I begin to pack random summer outfits and think that it's the middle of July so I'll mostly likely be by the pool at some swanky hotel. I ask Mel to Google the hotel and see what comes up.



A website flashes across the screen reading "Experience a Luxurious Getaway."



We both look at the pictures that begin to scan by and our jaws drop. The hotel is amazing, The ‘Trump Taj Mahal.' There were many tabs on the side that were labeled: Casino, Entertainment, Nightlife, and Salon Spa.



"Where do we start?" Mel asked as she clicked onto the casino part of the hotel. Bright lights and movie stars. My stomach started to turn in the anticipation. I throw in a few bathing suits, fresh undies, a little black dress and heels of course, comfy shorts and shirts.



"This time tomorrow I'll be on a plane to New Jersey," I squeal.



As Mel is sharing random info about the Hotel and all the cool things there will be to do there, I realize that I'm going alone.



"I wish it was tickets for two," I say with worse pout face.



I continue to grab outfits out of my closet and I run across the "in case of emergency" box. It is filled withal kinds of fun.  I take it out and put it on the bed next to my suitcase. Mel sees it and gives me a huge grin.



"You never know if I will need a little stress relief after a 4 hour plane trip." I say to her and shoot her the wink.



"Ohhh... It's going to be that type of vacation?" she says sassy.



"Maybe." I shrug, and throw the box in my suitcase.


by on Aug. 28, 2012 at 2:10 PM
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by on Aug. 28, 2012 at 2:10 PM


Chapter 2:

Standing at the gate to the plane I have everything I need. Ticket? Check, Purse, and carry on? Check and check. I'm excited and nervous to see what this trip has in store for the new me.

"Call me as soon as you land." Mel orders.

"Yes Ma'am," I solute

We share a hug and I'm off down the gate onto the plane. I find my seat, put away my luggage and relax in my seat. As everyone files onto the plane I find myself people watching. You have the typical suspects. The Crying Baby with the 16 year old Mother, The Fat Dude taking up two seats, The Business Man in a full suit and tie, The Little Old Lady, The Honey Couple all over each other and the Sexy buff Athlete. All this is making me really consider what "my type" actually is. I never even entertained the thought of anyone else besides Jason and if he found out about me looking at other men, I stop myself. I don't have to be under his control anymore and that thought takes me out of that day dream. The stertist starts her safety spiel and I drift off to into a better day dream. I close my eyes and imagine the perfect man and what he could potentially look like. He's tall, that's for sure, beautiful eyes. As I start to imagine his eyes I don't have a specific color, any eyes that sparkle are good with me. He has short groomed hair and a few tattoos that stick out of the arms of his button up shirt. His lips are thick and juicy with a lip piercing on the side. I have to giggle out loud to what I'm actually envisioning. A tattooed, pieced up, sexy business man. Do they even make those? I continue having fun with the thought of this imaginary man and I dose off. Am awakened by the dinging of the, fasten your seat belt que. I wake up just enough to hear the click of my belt and we start ascending in the air. After a while of tossing in my chair I finally doze off.

Im awakened by the pilot welcoming us to Atlantic City. I open my eyes and look out the window as we pull up to the gate. I grab my things and exit the plane. Walking out of the terminal I see a woman in her early 30's with a sign that read: Mrs. Carter. Ugh I really need to get my name changed I though as I saw HIS last name on the sign. She is dressed in all black skirt suit and has a tight bun in her hair. Her lips are bright red and she has 5in heels. She is working her uniform for sure. Her tag on her blazer read ‘Danielle'. I greet her with a handshake and she leads me out of the Atlantic City International Airport. It's about 2am and I'm so tired that I can't wait to get to the hotel and hit a bed. We walk up to the valet and she opens the back door to the black suburban. I crawl in and she loads my bags into the trunk with ease, surprised me considering she was a small statured woman in big heels. I curl up in the back seat and look out the window. There is so much going on at such an early hour when I roll down my window and hear all the excitement going on in the streets as we drive through the city. Bars, Clubs and lines of people crowd the streets.

Before we know it we pull up to a large hotel. In big red lights the hotel reads, ‘TRUMP Taj Mahal'. It looks like an Arabian palace. We travel through the parking lot and pull up to the entrance. Before I can catch a grip and take it all in, she is opening the door for me to exit. My bags are at the curb as I look toward the double doors. I can smell the cold ocean breeze as I roll my bags in and walk in toward the Check In.

"I'm checking in." I inform the woman at the front desk.

"Last Name?" she asks.

"Carter." I respond. That name is really making me sick the more times I have to say it.

"Welcome Ms. Carter. Berry will show you to your room and help with your bags. Enjoy your stay." I receive my keys and escorted through the casino and to the elevators by Berry, the small bell boy. I followed him to room 4053. He opened the door to my suite and pushed the cart with my luggage in. I have never seen so many lights before in my life. I was in awe as I walked to the large windows that covered the wall of the living area. The view was like nothing I have ever seen, ever. Just outside you can see the moon over the ocean and the wonderful glow. I haven't been to the beach in years, and here I am just a few feet from the ocean for 7 days. I let out a little giggle and bite my lip.

"Atlantic City, you and I will become more acquainted tomorrow"

Berry was finished unloading my bags and was standing by the door with a big smile. Of course, a tip. I reach into my purse and grab out a $5. He thanks me, nods and walks out as I shut the door behind him. It's now 345am and I' am totally jet lagged. I undress half ass and crawl into the master bed in the suite. It smells divine. As soon as my head hits the pillow I'm out cold.

I wake up to the smell of the ocean breeze and the sun shining through the layered lace shades. I roll over to discover its 12:20. Oh hell, I must have been tired. I roll out of bed and stretch in front of the view of Atlantic City. It's beautiful out even during the daytime. I start to walk around the suite and enjoy every little decoration detail; I stop myself, I Didn't come out to Atlantic City to check out the hotel room. I un pack my clothes and realize there is a menu on the bedside table. Mmmm food. I call room service to order the French toast and all the sides. I continue to unpack and set out an outfit for the day's exploration. I find a magazine of all that Atlantic City has to offer on the table in the dining area. As I flip through the magazine and look for something that catches my eye, I hear a knock at the door. I hop up as my mouth is watering from the thought of food, its Berry the Bell Boy with my breakfast. I continue to check the list of activities they offer as I eat my breakfast. It's 2pm now and I realize I haven't called Mel to let her know that I have arrived safely, so I shoot her a text.

‘Hey I made it, sorry I passed out.'

A few second later she responds.

‘Thank god! I was worried.'

I make my way to the shower and freshen up and get ready for the day. I go down in the elevator to the main lobby and notice that the casino is live and busy as I wait in line at help desk.

"Yes I would like to have a car take me to Tanger Outlets. "I enquire.

"Yes," Mrs. Carter, She paused

"Please call me Rose" I exclaim. Damn that name!

"We will have a car out front for you in 35 minutes. You can enjoy a drink or take a gamble in the casino." She shared.

"Thank you." I reply

I turn and notice a sign that says BAR, and I walk in. It's pretty crowded for the middle of the day. The DJ was a do spinning all the hottest jams. I really got a Sin City vibe when I walked in and I make my way through the crowd to find the bar area. I order a double shot of Honey Jack and throw it back, time to start this day. I find a seat at the bar and order a beer.

"Coors light please" as I pass the bartender a $10.

I find myself people watching again and yes we have the usual suspects for the bar scene. The blonde fist pumping with her 4 inch acrylics, the robot dude, the break-dancer, the shuffler, the stripper, the Dirty Dancer, and the sexy tattooed business man.

"Oh, my god! I say under my breath.

I quickly look away. Maybe it's just the jack. I look back and sure as shit, there is a man standing up on the balcony. His hands are resting over the hand rail and tattoos peak out of the bottom of his arm sleeves that are cuffed up a few times. He has a navy blue vest and matching pants, a white button up shirt with the top two button undone and some black shiny shoes. We meet eye to eye again and he winks at me. I smile at him and think, oh hell, did that just happen? I continue to people watch as I finish my beer and I feel a tap on my shoulder, it's him, holy shit! He has a cold beer in one hand and a shot in the other.

"Hi there my name is Dominick Ayala. I would love it if I have a drink with me." He introduces himself.

I'm totally in awe as we meet eye to eye. I lean on the bar to stand and greet him and trip on the leg of the bar stool. I'm going down hard and he catches me with one arm. That is all it took to stop me from hitting the floor. He was very strong as I grabbed his arm to brace myself; I knocked the drinks out of his hands. We were both covered in booze as the bottle and shot glass crashed to the floor.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry "as I realize his white long sleeve isn't white anymore. Classic, I thought as I stand in front of a short haired sexy hunk of man meat. I noticed that he had a lip piercing on the side of his lip. I smile at him waiting for him to say something. He was just as I envisioned him to be. He has brown short fine hair and the brightest white smile that I have ever seen. He was dressed to a T and underneath I could picture his smoking hot body. I shake my head and cover my face with my hands. The only thing I can do is laugh as he asks the bartender for a towel. He pulled my hands away from my face to reveal my bright red face and school girlish giggle, and hands me the towel. I start to wipe my face and arms off.

Well, he said, like I said I'm Dominick. Pleasure meeting you Mrs.....umm... "I caught you but not your name." I can't help but giggle again. It's Rose, My name is Rose, and the pleasure is all mine." As I shake his hand and hand him the towel.

"I'm really sorry about your shirt." I apologize.

He chuckles and pretends to wipe off beer and jack off his shirt, I notice his watch and the time. I was so caught up in the moment I totally lost track of all time. It's been 45 minutes. My car was out front waiting for me.

"Shit" I exclaim. "My car, 45minutes, I'm so sorry I have to go."

I turn to walk out of the bar and he stops me. "Whoa whoa. What are you trying to say?"

"I have a car picking me up out front to take me shopping. I was supposed to be out front 10 min ago."

"Well I was just leaving." He states, "I could give you a ride to the shopping center. Then maybe we can get a drink, I owe you." He peruses.

"Oh no that's fine. I was just trying to see the sights and get some shopping in." I explain as we walk to the entrance of the bar.

"You're not from here I take it." He questions.

"No, actually, it is a funny story..." I catch myself again. "Maybe we'll see each other later. I have to run" and make a dash for the front entrance to the hotel. I look back as I walk off and he is standing there in the main lobby with a mixed look. He smiled and was looking confused at the same time as he waved to me and turned back into the bar.

by on Aug. 28, 2012 at 2:11 PM



Chapter 3:


                I walk out the doors to the hotel and there she is. The driver red lips high heels. I'm totally covered in booze. She notices that I am a mess, and smiles at the sight. I tell her the news and how, "I must change so please don't leave." I haul ass up to my room and change clothes and take a wash cloth to my arms and legs that were sticky with booze. Not even 10 minutes later I leave down the elevator. Hurry, hurry, as I tap my foot. I don't like to keep people waiting on me. Going down the elevator I have a thought or two about what the fuck just happened at the bar. Did that even happen? Was he real? Damn, I giggle out loud. He was just as I imagined. I find myself daydreaming and recapping, and the elevator stops.  As the doors open it reveals him, Dominick, standing right in front of me again, you have got to be kidding I think to myself. Damn, I look him up and down and give him the wink and walk out of the elevator, I can't help but giggle.


"Oh it's like that huh?" As he cocks his head to the side as he gets into the elevator to go up. I turn back to look at him as I walk through the lobby and he is taking in every minute watching me walk away. I pick up the pace and get focused on seeing the city. I jump into the car waiting in the drop off area in front of the hotel and were off.


Danielle takes me to all the hot shopping spots in the town and all I can think about is him as I walk from store to store window shopping. I really wish that Mel could have come with me. This would have been so much more fun shopping with her rather than alone. We kill a few hours driving around as she shows me all the landmarks in the area.


After shopping and site seeing. Danielle returns back to my hotel, she grabs my bags from the trunk and hands them to me.


"Thank You Danielle." I say and slip her a tip.


"Any time Rose." She responds.


I make way to my room and set my bags down.  And there is a message flashing on the phone. Really? I think. Who could it be? I pick up the phone and it rings the front desk.


"Yes Mrs. Carter, you have a message from Mr. Ayala Requesting you for dinner tonight at the Rain Forest Lounge at 830."


"Thank you?" and I hang up.


 Really? He stalked me down and wants to have dinner. I check the time and realize I have 30 min to get ready and down to the restaurant. Good thing I packed several dresses I think as I grab one, throw on my pumps and re apply some make up. Out the door and down the elevator I go and it stops at the 2nd floor and yes it's for real, it is him. He giggles as he steps onto the elevator. He is looking as handsome as I remember. He has a nice pair of jeans and a button up shirt that is cuffed to his elbow.


"Well, well." He says checking me out from head to toe.


"Hello there." I smile as he enters the elevator, I turn towards him. I put out my hand for a shake but he pulled me in for a hug. I go along with it and indulge. He held me unexpectedly tight and let out a sigh as we pull away from each other. That was the most sincere hug I have ever had from a man other than my father. 


"Where are you headed all dressed up Rose?" he asks jokingly.


"I'm meeting someone for dinner." I say playing along.


"I take it you got my message?" he questions me, like I was actually going to meet someone other than him.


"How was your day I asked" clearly blushing.


"Well get in to that." As are elevator doors opened he holds his hand out to signal for me to exit, I nod, and walk out looking over my shoulder. Yep he's checking me out, big time. He walks out close behind me so we don't lose sight of each other as we walk through the crowd. He places his hand on my lower back to guide me to toward the restaurant through the casino area. We come to the restaurant and he nods to the woman standing behind the podium.


 "Mr. Ayala" she says with googly eyes and grabs two menus. She leads us to a table in the back corner.


The restaurant is busy and dark, yet cozy and romantic. I look around at all the excitement as he sits across the table from me. We order drinks and get right into conversation.  He shares with me that he is in Atlantic City for business and is working on big project to remodel a hotel/casino in the area, total construction entrepreneur.  I find myself staring at his lips as I'm totally leaning forward in awe of the conversation. He notices me getting a little too comfortable with hearing him taking.


"What about you Rose? What do you do?" he asks me.


I share the fact that I'm an Event Specialist and here on last minute vacation, and how I ended up at this hotel. He is shy and awkward but stunningly handsome. Comfortable is what I feel, like I can sit here all day, just so I can watch his lips move. I bet there tasty. He signals the waitress for another round of drinks after dinner.


Before you know it the restaurant is clearing out. I glance at my watch and it says 1:25am. I just caught myself up with this man for hours and didn't even notice the time. We talked about everything you could possibly think of. All the things we want to do and have done. He is so passionate about everything that he has done. He is the "don't sweat the small stuff" kind of guy, and that is a refreshing change for me.  It was endless conversation and we both clearly enjoyed it. He notices me check the time.


"Do you have some where to be Rose?" he questions me as I turn my watch on my wrist.


I smile embarrassed and shake my head, "Not at all."


 We finish our drinks and head outside for some fresh air. There is a back entrance to the restaurant and we sneak out of it. We are right on the beach. I take off my shoes and hold them with one hand and grab his.


 "Come on, let's go for a walk." I suggest.


He doesn't hesitate and takes his shoes off as well. I take this as an opportunity to take off running through the sand playfully and he chases after me. The moonlight on the water is simply breath taking and I have to stop dead in my tracks to enjoy the view.


"It's beautiful isn't it? He says between breaths.


"Yes, it really is." as I turn toward him his eyes are already locked on mine.


"Almost as beautiful as you Rose." he says as he clears the hair from my face.


I can feel myself blushing and I break eye contact with him to stare down at the sand. He lifts my chin up so that our eyes lock again. He tucks the hair behind my ear and lean in for a kiss. I close my eyes in anticipation and in that moment our lips meet. It felt so good to have those lips on mine. I have been thinking about it all night. Fireworks went off in my mouth as he tangled his fingers in my hair to pull me in closer. A simple kiss has turn into full blown make out session.  I wrap my arms around him and embrace him fully. Lip to lip, chest to chest, pelvis to pelvis. It's like electric charge throughout my whole entire body. So soft and so sensual I stop myself and pull my face away from his. I look deep into his eyes and ask myself, what are you? He can't be real. I never felt this way over a total stranger or better yet, I never felt this way at all.


"Delicious" I say as I lick my lips. He smiles and looks at me with a confused look, not knowing exactly what to say.


 "Hummm" he mumbles, and takes me by the hand. "It is getting late. We should call it a night." I smile at him and we start walking to the casino. He is looking over at me as we walk with a big grin on his face.  He pushes the button the call the elevator and we both jump on. We share a warm embrace and he exits the elevator and slips me his business card. How romantic, I think as the doors close and I continue up to my floor. I send him a text that says ‘Rose' so that he has my number and put my phone away in my clutch. The elevator dings open and I walk down the hall I feel my phone vibrate.


‘I hope you enjoyed yourself Rose, I know I sure did ;)'


I can't help but smile as I slide in the key and enter my room. I'm exhausted but had one of the best nights of my life, and it's only the second day here. I quickly undress and slip on some pj's and curl up under the clean white sheets of the master bed. Every time I pictured him winking at me my heart cracked a smile. His touch was so soft and gentle. The way he bravely nibbled on my lip when we kissed on beach under the moonlight. Thoughts of the night run through my brain and I dose off to sleep.



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Chapter 4:


I let out a moan as I saw him enter my room. Not sure of what to do I lay still in the bed. He slowly walked towards me and stood by the edge of my bed. He has on black satin pajama pants with the top of his boxer briefs showing slightly above his pant line. His bulge was noticeable and made me pull the overs down more so that I could get a better view. I gasp and look into his eyes. He sits on the bed and rolls me on to my stomach and pulls the covers down to expose my back. He gently traces the straps to my nighty down and over my shoulders. His finger tips are so rough yet gentle as he runs his hands all over me. He stratles me and is sitting on my butt. Both of his hands were in full force rubbing into the muscles on my back. With every thrust of force I can feel the bulge rubbing against my backside. Every time he thrusts I let out a sign. The force of him rubbing on my back and butt is unreal, I can feel myself starting to get wet.


He is kissing my back all the way up to my neck and sends shivers through my spine. He nibbles on my neck and plants a soft kiss on my cheek.


"You're so beautiful Rose" he whispers in my ear.


I turn onto my back and we are lip to lip. Gently tugging my bottom lip with his teeth is his first move. It sends a shock wave down my body and my back arches uncontrollably. He pulls back and tugs the rest of the covers off me to expose my entire body. He sits over me and takes in the sight of me. He rubs my cheeks, down my neck, and breasts. He stops over my nipples which are standing straight up by this time. He pulls them out from the top of my nighty and pinches them ever so slightly just to see the reaction I have. I gasp out loud and wrinkle my eyebrows. Seeing that was clearly enjoyable for me and he does it again and I let out a smirk and bite my lip to control my moans. He traces the line down my stomach and does a few circles at the bottom of my stomach and looks at me in the eyes pulling my nighty down as he goes. He gazes into my eyes, to make sure that I'm okay with what is happening. I give him a nod that tells it all. He pulls down my undies and throws them on the floor. I lay there with a naked and exposed and he rubs his nose across my stomach which makes me go crazy. Stay still, I try and convince myself as my body is shaking from the inside out. He comes up to my breasts and blows gently on each of my nipples, looks up and smiles. I can feel the chills radiating through my very core as his lips brush against my neck. He bites me on the front of my neck and brings his lips to mine.


His hands are exploring my body and finally reach my danger zone. As soon as his hand touches me there I let out an uncontrollable moan. He smirks to the sign of my enjoying myself, and begins to open my lips with his single finger. He is taken back by how wet he has made me already and wrinkles his eyebrows at me.


"We're going to have some fun with this," as he plays in the mess he has made.


I smile at him and wait anxiously for what he has in store next.  He kisses down my stomach and puts his warm mouth on my dripping wet vagina. He circles his tongue ever so slowly over my clit a few times and continues down.


"MMmm" he moans as he licks up every drop.  He grabs my hips and pulls me the edge of the bed so that my legs are wrapped around his neck. My hands are holding the back of his head encouraging him to keep doing what he is doing. I feel the rush starting in my toes, oh no I think. I sit up and brace myself letting go of his head. My heavy breathing and sitting up in anticipation has his attention and he rubs his fingers on the outside of my vagina, teasing as he pleases me with his tongue.


He looks up at me and lets out a cry, "Cum for me baby."


Just with the sound of his deep voice sends me over the edge. A big burst of energy runs out from between my legs and I tense up as he shoves his finger inside me without warning.


 I let out another loud moan and he smiles, "That's what I'm talking about." he says with a smirk.


 I lay on the bed trying to catch my breath and he pulls me to sit up straight. He hands me a glass of ice cold orange juice.


"Perfect," I say as I take a few drinks.


I look over at Dominick on the bed next to me with a smile from ear to ear.


"Holy shit" I say.


He smiles and nods his head as he gets on to the bed and leans back against the head board. He pats his lap and I crawl over to him and wink. It told my every move, it was his turn now. I sit on him and grabbed his face with my hands. I had to get a good look at him before I started, I give him a tender kiss on the mouth and started to slide my way down his legs. Rubbing my hands all over his perfect sculpted body was what I started with, looking at every single detail that his body had to offer. I move my way down to his pant line and tug on it. He signals me to continue by sliding down and closing his eyes and laying his head back on the pillow. He lifts up so that I can easily rid him of his silky pants. There he lies, hard as ever with anticipation and we haven't even started. I look up at him and wink and he rustles his eyebrows with confusion. Damn, I love that look, when he is totally speechless. I lay on top of him so that his hard throbbing cock is between us and begin.


 Kissing down his neck as we are pelvis to pelvis, he lets out deep breaths trying to stay composed.  I work down his chest and stop at his nipples. Let's see how he like this I think to myself as I bring my mouth over his nipple. With a quick swirl of my tongue and a nibble, his back is arched and his toes are curled. I look up at him taking in his expression. I rub my finger on his wet nipple and move my other hand down his stomach to get around him, all of him. Damn, it sure is a handful. I look him in his eyes and lick down the palm of my hand and begin stroking him. His eyes locked as I move down and put him in my mouth. Still looking right at him I begin playing with him. In and out and in and out as my lips tighten up on him and lays flat on the bed. Not too long after I feel his hands on the back of my head as I tickle his stomach with my nose. He has a worried look on his face, like he should say something. I close my eyes and push down on him so that all of him is in my mouth and he explodes. Moaning my name, he releases in me. I slowly suck the mess and play with the tip. This feeling makes him squirm and I like it. This time it is me who is handing him the Orange Juice.


KNOCK, KNOCK at the door. I look at him and we look toward the door. Who could it be I thought?


I open my eyes and listen close. KNOCK, KNOCK. 


"ROOM SERVICE!" Yells a woman from the outside of the door.


You have got to be kidding me I thought, as I look over next to me and I'm alone in my bed.


"Please return later." I order and search around the hotel room for him. I make it to the couch when I finally realized that Room Service had interrupted the best dream ever!



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Chapter 5:


As I sit on the couch in the empty hotel room and decide to order some breakfast. Looking over at my cell on the counter top charging, it's blinking, and a message for me.


‘Good Morning, Rose. I hope you slept well. I have meetings this morning and afternoon. How about diner at 5?


Dominick Ayalla'




I grin as I picture him in a suit and hard hat.


‘Mr. Ayalla,


I would love to be so inclined to join for dinner. Where shall I meet you?






Breakfast is here and I'm starved. I dig in to my omelet and my phone vibrates across the coffee table.




I'm sure I'll see you in the elevator. See you later.'




‘Dominick, I sure hope so!' and I hit send.




I get excited for our date as I scarf my breakfast down. Dominick is the first man I have even talked to long enough to share anything personal with. He was defiantly different than any man I had met.  I mean come on, the dream from last night was the first time I had a sexual encounter with someone that wasn't a celebrity.  I draw a bath and pick out an outfit for the day. The sand has been calling my name since I woke up this morning through the big floor to ceiling glass windows. I grab a bathing suit and a quick cover up and lay them on the bed. The bubbles filled the tub as I soak one foot in to feel the water. MMmm nice and warm just the way I like it. I take off my nighty and underwear and hop in the tub. I lay back and soak up the warm water and slide down into the tub. I can't stop thinking how he made his way into my dream, thoughts of him flowed through my head before bed, so that had to be it. I can't seem to get him off my mind, especially since I'm going to see him today. I take a deep breath to ease my anxiety and lube up the loofa with a bar of soap. I see the bottle of hotel shampoo and smell it. Good enough for me, as I dump the bottle in my hair. I take the closest towel off the rack and step out of the bath, dry off and parade to the bedroom with an extra bounce in my step to get dressed. I make a drink from the kitchen and check my phone.


‘Rose, what are your plans today in Atlantic City?'


‘Dominick, I am heading down to the beach at the Hotel. Lie out and enjoy the sun until we meet later.'


                Slipping into my bathing suit and my cute little cover up, grab my purse and phone and take off. Going down the elevator, I find myself thinking about him again considering every time I get in here, he shows up.  I exit the elevator and go through the lobby to beach entrance.  There is a bar on the sand and tables and chair set up all around, a beer was sounding amazing right now. It was a little more crowded at this time during the day, luckily I was able to find a lawn chair to settle in. I remove my cover up and check my phone for messages.


‘Rose, Sounds more enjoyable than what I'm doing.'


I wonder what he is actually doing so I can't help myself but to ask.


‘Dominick, which is...?' I reply and check the time and its 345pm.


Laying my phone down and look out to the water, it's so lovely here, I wish I could stay. With that thought I send a text to Mel. I pick up my phone and there is a message from him.


‘Rose, I have a very critical walk through of a new hotel that is up for auction. Have to see if it is something that my company is interested. Wish I was at the beach with you. Enjoy the sun, see you soon.'


Hummm, I think, sounds interesting. And I wondered how it would be if he was here. I focus back on the text to Mel.


‘Lying out at the beach. Met a really great guy, had dinner last night and we have plans again tonight. Having the time of my life! Ekk'


I hit send and quickly snap a picture of the open ocean and send it to Mel with the title. "Wish you were here"


She quickly replies, ‘What you mean? I want details!'


I laugh out loud to her text and write, ‘I will tell you all about it when I get home xo'


‘Grr.. xo,' Mel texted.


She loves to hear all the juicy details for everything. I can tell her anything, but at this time I'm not sure what I should tell her about him. I spilled a drink on him, had dinner and made out. Oh not to mention the hot steamy dream I had about him. My mind drifted off into thoughts of his dinner plans. Where would we be going? What should I ware? Before I knew it, the time was 4pm, time to start to getting ready. I gather my empty bottles and slide on my cover up. Heading to my room I think of what to ware to this dinner and send a text to Dominick.


‘What is the dress code for tonight's dinner?'


He replied with, ‘You look lovely in anything'


Well that really helps me out I think. I go through the dresses that I have packed. One stands out in particular. Its bright red, with a high waist and a little for the eye to see. Time to get sexy I thought as I brushed through by hair and pulled it into a side bun. I quickly threw on some make up and stepped into my best pair of pumps. I returned to the bathroom to have a look at myself. Good, I think, and do a quick turn in the mirror inspecting the outfit from head to toe. I grab my bag and phone and make my way down the hall 5:00 pm, right on time. The elevator opens and goes down. It stops at the 2nd floor, I hoped it was going to be him. The doors open and to my surprise a little old lady gets on the elevator and we continue on down to the lobby.



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Bump. Can't wait for more
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Loving it so far
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love the changes you have made!!! and still love the story!!

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Dang. I was hoping there was more of the story here. Can't wait for more.
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