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I almost ran over some teens tonight.

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 Yep. You read that right. I damn near ran their asses over, and me and DD were laughing about it!

We had went to see ParaNorman ( which is an awesome movie!!!!! So cute and funny!!!!! ) and we were going out to eat. Well, DD wanted McDonalds, so I went by there to get her some food. The drive-thru line was WAY too long, so we went in. The moment we walked in the doors, we get assaulted by these foul-mouth teens, throwing food at each other and just being idiots. One of them thru a burger bun, and it came within a centimeter of hitting my DD. I flat out told them all ( and my exact words ) * throw something else and let it hit my child. I don't care if it IS just a burger bun or even a napkin. Do you really think these people here want to have to clean up after idiots like you? They have enough they have to do without having to put up with you kids. *

A couple of the girls gave snide ass little catty remarks, but the guys actually listened to me. They apologized, and 2 of the guys actually got up and started cleaning up the mess they had made! Those guys I told thank you too, and I just ignored the catty remarks from the few girls.

DD got her food, and we were walking out to the car and I saw about 10 teens all leaning on my car. Now my car was locked, and I had my purse on me, so I knew they hadn't broke into it. I just walked up to my car, unlocked it, and got DD in and buckled. The teens were STILL leaning on my car. I stood up after getting DD buckled in, and told them * guys, you need to move off my car. I'm leaving. * One of the guys decided to be a smartass, and cuss very loudly, enough that DD heard what he said. THAT is what set me off. I try my hardest to NOT cuss around DD, and I will NOT have someone purposely do it in front of her.

I kinda sorta went off. The last thing I told them was if they didn't move, my lil bug was gonna run over them. I had given them plenty of time to move, and plenty of warning. They didn't move. So guess what?! I started my car and began backing out! Several of them jumped out of the way, looking at me like I tried to kill them! That was NOT my intention......I just wanted them to learn a lesson. I think they did lol.

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by on Sep. 2, 2012 at 1:25 AM
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by on Sep. 2, 2012 at 2:24 AM
That's good. I cann learn sumthin from u!! i like goin out with bf after work nobody messes with a man in his police uniform i remeber he went to ger our son out from school early and all the kids in my sons class behavior changed lol the teacher was wow'd

Quoting maryjmom:

 I usually pop back with something too, but I had my DD with me, and I don't want her around that stuff. I just said what I felt was needed, and I said it very nicely compared to how I wanted to be.

Quoting rockabillybetty:

Yep ! Posers lol ya i dont have patience for kids like that i mean grow up lol me n bf make them kids speechless when they try to act up around our kids like that cursing not included

Quoting maryjmom:

 Most of them looked that part, yes, but the rest looked like they didn't care about anything except themselves. You know the type....the ones where their outfit costs more than our car payments lol. I wanted to get ALOT more verbal, but I wouldn't dare do that in front of DD. She's the only thing that saved their asses tonight, to be honest.

I HATE a smartass kid, and I will correct said kid if I feel it is needed.

Quoting rockabillybetty:

Let me guess..emo punk looking kids?? They get on my nerves them lil posers! I wuld have done and said all the same things! u warned them! Good job :) idc who u are that made me giggle XD



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by on Sep. 2, 2012 at 2:59 AM
I have to hand it to you... because If that was me I would of handle that differently..because 1 if something hit my son because they are acting childish.. mmm no ma'am and 2nd I carry a licence handgun ( my father carry one since I was lil and train me) so I carry it around my waist as he did.. sooo I would give warning and flash my gun.. I'm very protective over myself and my family... teens like them I do not trust.. but I bet they move for me on the first try..
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by on Sep. 2, 2012 at 3:05 AM
Oh I would have bitched them out!!! I dont take crap like that. Im 25 and where I live EVERYONE knows me because of my parents (my father is the chief of the fire department and my mom works at the bank) so they know how to piss me off. My daughter who is 4 1/2 will even reply back to people "move bitch" if they are being rude or leaning on our vehicle. I of course tell her that's not nice and not to talk that way while in my head I'm saying "that's my baby" lol nOw my 3 year old nephew on the other hand will say "boo ya bitches that's how it's done"
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