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In need of potty training advice! :)

Posted by on Mar. 8, 2013 at 5:56 PM
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My daughter is 22 months old.  She has been interested in the potty since around 20 months.  She is my first child and I am not sure exactly what is best for potty training.  I know she is still relatively young for being potty trained but I do think she is ready.  I have been taking a leisurely approach to the whole thing and taking her lead.  I haven't been pushing her to use the potty but only take her when she wants to.  I did buy her training pants (not pull ups) and she really likes them and often doesn't want her diaper.  My question is, is it ok to let her take the lead and not be pushy or should I be a little more aggressive.  I don't want to push too hard and make her not like the potty, but I also don't want her to start to think diapers are ok.  It always seems like she does well in the morning and tries to get to the potty, she even sits there for as long as it takes to do her business, but by midday she starts to give up.  Is there something else I should be doing to encourage her? Should I be more pushy or is letting her take her time ok?  

by on Mar. 8, 2013 at 5:56 PM
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by Bronze Member on Mar. 8, 2013 at 5:59 PM
Merina was potty trained completely by 20 months.she hated being wet.every time i went i took her with me put her on the potty and she went.i was pregnant so i went often.i never had to push her but maybe try taking her every time you go.if she cries let it go if she does give her an m&m(thats what we did)
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by on Mar. 9, 2013 at 12:31 AM

It's perfectly fine to take a more laid back approach!  I'd only rush if it you want to be enrolling her in preschool classes, but they usually just require you to have them trained by three, so you've got *plenty* of time! :)

I'm very very laid back with my almost 3yo son.  He knows how to use the potty, and he's been going after diaper changes for quite some time now.  Only this week have I been putting him in underwear (I don't believe in pull-ups or anything that acts like a diaper) and he's the same as your daughter.. he does well in the morning but afternoons are tough and he seems to have more accidents.  

Just keep doing what you're doing, she'll get there :)

by on Mar. 9, 2013 at 1:41 AM

I agree with the other ladies.

I am a big fan of the little plastic potties and letting littles run naked around the house when they are at that stage. You WILL clean up messes, it is going to happen, but once she realizes what's going on, she'll figure out how to get to the potty first.

I'm one of those weirdos that puts the training potty in the living room (or wherever you spend the most time during the day). It helps kids get to the potty quicker, reminds them that it's there, and reminds you to remind them. Cause there's nothing wrong with asking "Do you need to go potty?" "Do you need to pee?"  I don't think that's pushy, I think that just makes them kind of mentally check, cause they won't think about it until they are ready to let it out!

7 is my youngest and is training right now. She is also just over 22 months. We've been doing the nudy bootie for several weeks now, and she's only had a daytime accident twice in the last several weeks... both times were because she just could not get to the potty in time, as she was in another room when it hit her. I've just now started putting underwear on her (we cloth diaper, so I think even underwear was feeling like a diaper to her, cause she was peeing in them, but never when she was completely naked) and she now pulls them down by herself to sit on her potty.

She still wears a diaper when we go out- she's been dry after multiple errands or grocery shopping every time. And she still wears them at night and wakes up soaked- but night training is completely different than day training, so don't stress about that at all!

Sounds like you're doing great! Get rid of those trainers and I bet she'll improve :)

by Bronze Member on Mar. 9, 2013 at 1:48 AM
You can definitely take a laid back approach. When my older two were potty training, we made them a potty chart. Basically a line for each day and every time they went potty (even if it was just a tiny bit) they got to put a sticker on their chart on the appropriate day. If they went #2, they got a sticker and a small piece of candy (like an M&M).
My oldest pee trained in 3 days and poo trained in 3 weeks. He was 2 1/2. My middle son... He took a bit longer haha (part of it was because he regressed when he had a stomach bug). But he was fully trained by 3.
My youngest is still in diapers but I will most likely take the same approach.
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by on Apr. 16, 2013 at 4:07 PM

Thanks for the advice! :) I still have not been too pushy and I have kept her in her thick cotton training underwear. She has been doing great.  I have been slow getting her to the potty a couple of times and she manages to hold it.  I think by her 2nd birthday, which is next month, she will be completely potty trained.  Again, thanks for the replies! :)

by on Apr. 16, 2013 at 6:36 PM

I think what you are doing is fine. I would maybe get a potty training movie. I loved the once upon a potty movie. You would get the for her version. My mom got both the for her and the for him for me, my sister, and my brothers. We watched it even when we were potty trained. It makes going to the potty fun for little kids. That might help a little. 

by on Jul. 31, 2013 at 4:25 PM

I have tried books but I didn't know there was a movie! I will have to find that and try it! thanks.

by on Jul. 31, 2013 at 4:30 PM

So just an update here, (have been bad at getting on here for the past few months) She is now two months past her 2nd birthday and we still have not had success.  It really seems like we have ups and downs.  One day it feels like she is getting it and the next it's like she gives up.  And don't even talk to me about pooping.  She has gone ONCE in the toilet.  It is getting so frustrating and I feel like giving up.  It is getting really old washing 5 pairs of underware a day! I just don't know what I am doing wrong...

by on Jul. 31, 2013 at 5:48 PM

how i had to get my daughter wanting to know it was ok to potty train is i had to put the potty seat in my living room and continusly ask her to try and you have to keep the potty seat clean or it could be a smelly situation. but as she took to going on the potty seat in the living room i gradully moved her to the bathroom to the big girl potty. she will be 3 soon but she was potty trained right after she truned two with doing it that way.

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