namesSome couples know before they're even pregnant what they will name their future children. Others hem, haw, debate, fight, and drag their heels until the last minute because they just can't decide on a baby name.

Still others employ some very creative and unusual ways to name their children. And really, as long as they end up with a name that's not too far out there, then it's really not about the journey in this case, but about the destination -- settling on a name your child will carry for life. Here five of the most creative ways we've seen people name their children lately.

Let Starbucks Decide

This summer a couple had reached an impasse when it came to their son's name, so they asked customers at their local Starbucks to vote. Almost 2,000 votes later, they settled on Logan Jackson.

Sell the Right to Name Your Baby

A Los Angeles mom actually sold her right to name her baby to strangers for $5,000 ... or so we thought. It actually turned out to be a hoax, but it didn't stop plenty of people from coming forward wanting to do it for real.

Siblings Get to Say

When it doubt let big brother or big sister decide? Some parents do. My daughter would have been named R2D2 had I let my son decide, but others may be a bit more judicious.

Let Facebook Name Your Baby

Last year Dave and Lindsey Meske couldn't pick a name so they set up a Facebook page so others could pick for them. Risky, but, fortunately, their little girl came out with a cute one -- Madelyn. 

Leave It to the Tweets

When football player Drew Brees was looking for a name for his son a couple years ago, he turned to Twitter. More than a few have followed in his shoes since. Just check #namemybaby.