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Saw this in another group but wanted to know about the "typical day for a 20 something SAHM"

Posted by on Dec. 10, 2013 at 9:34 PM
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I saw on the 30 something group someone once asked about the typical day for a SAHM. 

What I was finding is many of the moms had more than one kid or a few them were already in school and such. 

I am 23 and have a 3 yr old dd and another on the way and so I can sort of associate with those moms but obv our "typical days" are somewhat different.

So I'd like to know from all of you what your typical day would consist of!

by on Dec. 10, 2013 at 9:34 PM
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by on Dec. 10, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Well, on weekdays we wake up around 6:30 am because I have to drive my mom to work. She is currently working a temp job in the city and there is no parking down there. So we do that and come home and then I make coffee for me and breakfast for dd and I. My dd is 15 months old. We eat breakfast and then I take the dog out. Depending on how much laundry I have to do that day I either put a load in while dd is in the ergo on my back or start working on stuff on the computer for school or work while dd watches Super Why. I pick up a little in whatever rooms on the first floor need picked up. Dd used to take a nap around 10 am but has moved it to around 1 pm, so some days she still does the 10 am it really depends. So she either takes a nap and then she wakes up and eats lunch, or we eat lunch and then she takes her nap. Some days I take a nap with her because she still doesn't sleep through the night. I pick up my younger sister from High School around 2 because she has Senior Release and then volunteers at the elementary school. So pick her up, drop her off, go home for about an hour and a half and then pick her back up. And then leave from the elmentary school to pick up my mom from work. By the time we get home from all that it is 5 pm and I start dinner. Sometimes I still have another load of laundry to throw in while I am doing that. We relax a little and eat dinner, then before we know it it is bed time. Dd doesn't have a bath every night, usually every other. She plays in our room a little before finally passing out. Then I am up on the computer working on school or work for about an hour or so before I go to bed. And we start all over the next day.
On Tuesdays dd has Occupational Therapy in the morning too. And some days I have errands to run that I do after dropping my mom in the morning.

by on Dec. 10, 2013 at 11:45 PM


Get up around 8am, make breakfast, brush teeth get dressed and they watch cartoons while I clean house and make lunch for my bf. Then they have play time until lunch, and learning time before nap time. After nap we do some arts and crafts then I make supper while they play more. Baths after supper and we cuddle watch cartoons and read books.


Get up at 8am. Make breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed and they play while I clean house. We usually do our shopping before lunch. Have lunch and watch cartoons before nap. After nap we do arts and crafts. Supper, baths and family movie time.

by on Dec. 11, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Hmmmm! Where do I begin? Lol. On the weekdays my fiance and I wake around 5:45 a.m. to get my daughter ready for school. I put her clothes out and give her a bath while her dad gets her dressed and prepares her lunch. Then we're all out the house by 7am and my daughter gets dropped off by 7:20. Then I'm off to work until 6:00 and I get to seee my baby girl and finance. After work I go home and make dinner, straighten up the house if needed and watch a movie or read a story to my princess. Such a long day and week but I look forward to the weekends when i can just relax :-)
by on Dec. 12, 2013 at 9:22 AM
I'm 29 and I have a seven month old. She has to be by my side, and if she can't see me she is not happy. So not much house work gets done on a daily basis. I generally wake up about five because she starts stirring in her crib, which is next to my bed. She gets up between 7/8 and eats. We play for about an hour, and then she takes a nap. The rest of the day is up in the air. She takes 3-5 naps a day lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours. She is swaddled and rocked to sleep so that takes a little time some days. She is teething and is extra clingy to me. Every day is an adventure.
by Bronze Member on Dec. 13, 2013 at 12:13 PM

Well, I only recently became a SAHM, so we're getting our routines down. My SO gets up for work at 4:00 a.m., so I get up and make his lunch and he makes my coffee, then I go back to bed until 7:00. At 7 I get up, brush hair, teeth, put on makeup, get dressed. Then at around 7:15 I get the kids up, pick out their clothes, get them dressed, hair and teeth brushed, socks and shoes on. I fix breakfast, and they're normally sitting down to it by 7:30. They eat, I continue getting everything ready to go. We leave at 7:45 and I drop my daughter off at school, and my son and I return home. Then I clean up the breakfast dishes, clean my kitchen (Counters, stove, microwave, sweep, and mop), vacuum, straighten up the house, check my messages, play a few games online, watch some TV, play with my son, etc for the next four hours. I fix my son lunch at noon, then he goes down for a nap after he finishes eating. While he naps I clean up the lunch dishes, make sure everything is in order, watch some TV, play online. When he wakes up from his nap at 2 it's time to go get my daughter, her bell rings at 2:45, we get there at 2:30 so I can find a parking space. Then we either go to the park for two hours or come home, do homework, play a game, watch a movie together. Then it's dinner time, so I start cooking dinner. My SO gets home about 5:30 to 6 p.m. (They work 10 hour days), we have dinner and the kids go in their rooms to play until bedtime. I get the kids dressed, brush hair and teeth, straighten up the dinner dishes, put the kids down to bed, and my SO and I lay in bed and watch Netflix or a movie together until bedtime.

by on Dec. 13, 2013 at 12:58 PM

I'm 27 with boys ages 7, 5, and 2.  (I rounded up since they'll all be these ages in 2 months.)

Typical weekday Mon-Fri.  

Get up with my 21month old around 6:30-7.

Make breakfast, typically eggs and toast, sometimes pancakes from scratch.

Around 8:30-9 I start homeschooling my oldest while my younger 2 entertain themselves or join in.

We finish homeschool about 12-1 and I make lunch.

After that I start cleaning: washing dishes from the morning, cleaning the table counters, putting up our homeschool materials and vacuuming, wiping down the bathroom.

I wake up DH at 2:30 and around 3:30-4 I start prepping for dinner.

Dinner is served between 5-7

At 7:30 I start getting my kids ready for bed.  They're in bed between 8-8:30

Spend time with DH until he leaves for work at 9:30.

Go to bed around 10-10:30 since my mom is currently living with us and sleeps in the living room.  I normally peruse cafemom on my phone until about 11-11:30 then I fall asleep.

Then it all starts over again.

by on Dec. 13, 2013 at 1:25 PM

DS usually gets us up by 6:15 or 6:30 every morning. DH and I have breakfast while I nurse DS. DD wakes up by about 7:45, but on mornings she has preschool we wake her up at 7:00. DH leaves for work at 7:40. She has breakfast and I either get her ready for school (and we are out the door at 8:00), or on non-school days we may go to the library, run errands, or take care of housework. While DD is at preschool, I'll take care of grocery shopping, since it's easier to shop with just one kid in tow or spend some one-on-one time with DS. DD gets picked up from school at 11:30. She'll have some time to play before lunch, eat lunch, and then have naptime. DD doesn't nap some days, so she'll play or read in her room while I try to get the baby to take a nap. After naptime, the kids will play, we'll do art projects, go for a walk, or we'll do some baking. I'll get dinner ready before DH gets home around 5:20. After dinner, DH will play with the kids while I get things cleaned up. We start getting them ready for bed around 7:00, unless the baby is acting too tired before then. Usually both kids are in bed by 8:00 and we got to bed around 10:00.


by on Dec. 13, 2013 at 2:16 PM

5:45 wake up, fix DD(6 yrs) breakfast, get DD ready for school
6:40 DD gets on the bus
6:40-8 watch tv with DS (4 yrs), fix us breakfast
8:15 start getting DS ready for school
9:00 Get DS on the bus
9-11:30 clean, grocery shop, pay bills (whatever needs to be done)
12:00 DS gets home and eat lunch
12:30-1 we have speech on Mon. &Wed. 12:30-1 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday we do his homework.
1:00-2:30 read books, play games, go outside
2:30 start prepping supper(except for Mondays and Fridays we usually eat out)
3:00 DD gets home
3:00- 4:00 homework
4:00 on Fridays we start getting DD ready for gymnastics.
5:00 -6 on Fridays is gymnastics.
6:15-7:00 on Mondays is DD ballet class
During those times on Tues-Thurs. We are eating supper, getting baths, and watching tv or movies
8:00 pick up toys and start settling down and brushing teeth, reading bedtime stories
8:30 is bedtime for the kids
8:30-11:00 is Mommy time
11:30 Bedtime for me


Satuday is our free day we do whatever we want or whatever is scheduled for that day

7:00-8:00 i get up and get ready for church
8:00-9:00 get kids up and ready for church
9:30-11:30 church
11:30-4:30 is usually go out to lunch with my mom and take the kids over to her house to play
4:30 get ready for choir
5:00- 5:45 choir practice
After choir practice we go home, eat supper, get baths, brush teeth, bedtime stories, and off to bed and prepare for the week ahead....
by on Dec. 13, 2013 at 7:34 PM

well when i had just 1 aand had some "fun" money we would play tea party in the yard or drive her princess jeep or maybe go to store or movies or to the park alot and once in a while if we had extra cash we do something like bowleing or museums or build a go for walks alot too. however i now have 2 and a little less money so now we dont go shopping as often or to the  family fun stuff that cost alot but any free or low cost family stuff we do. although lately we have been stuck at home 98% of the time the last few months money has been tight and no car so  going anywhere unnessacery was out and we have been stuck inside playing dress up and tea partys and candy land and just being weird and dancing around the liv. room. also they have alot of time to spend alone together in there room while i do housework or cook. i think its inporant they have "sister time" as well as mom and dad time and one-one time with each of us. i am also low on energy right now being that i am "baking" baby #3 and chasing the other 2 around so the last few weeks they have had alot of "sister time".


by *Ada* on Dec. 13, 2013 at 7:44 PM

I am 28 with a one year old son... I wake up at 7 get dressed... Wake my son up at 8... We have breakfast then get ready  head out the door by 830 to the base. We are at the gym from 9 till 11. Usually have lunch with my DH then head home for my sons hour nap... While he is napping I tidy up. When he gets up we are usually playing all day...or I am cooking or cleaning as my son plays. There isn't much tv watching in the house... I will cook dinner and my DH and son will eat together... I go to the gym again at night and my DH takes care of night time routines... Our weekends are different and we spend more time and try to do activities. 

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