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I thought it would be fun to share our stories about either how we got pregnant or how we found out. 
My third pregnancy was the big shocker considering i was on the 5 year iud.  I was on it for 5 months before i got pregnant.  I went in to the hospital for a bladder infection and they wanted to do a pregnancy test and i told them no need i was on the iud, well the doctor insisted and sure enough i was 10 weeks pregnant.   It really was a shock!   But i call him my miracale baby becasuse really the odds were so slim!  I couldn't imagine life with out him!
by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 3:03 PM
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by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 6:47 PM

well i want to start off by sayin wow u were really ment to have that wonderful baby! i have 1 son who is 11 weeks old. when i found out i was pregnant my husband and i had went back to indiana( my home town) to visit for memorial weekend and i had been feeling "different" the past couple of weeks, i was telling my husband that i just caught something that was going around and he said well wouldnt it be kool if u were pregnant. so when we got to indiana he was telling my whole family that i was finally goin to have a baby ( i was the only kid without a baby). so that made my whole family happy so late at night just to prove to everyone i wasnt pregnant i went a got 2 tests. well i was the one that was wrong. my mom was sooo happy so was everyone else. ( i had been wrong before in thinking i was pregnant and wasnt so i guess i just didnt want to get my hopes up again)i know not that great of a story but hey it is a memory i will never forget

by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 6:49 PM
With my current pregnancy I had an IUD in and couldn't feel the strings for quite a while, My biggest clue I might be pregnant was when sex really hurt for no reason. I tested. I had a faint line. Apparently it has fallen out.
by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 6:51 PM
thats really scarey haha. I have had an IUD for about 9 months and I don't even get a period. Sometimes it freaks me out, but now I'm sure I'll be even more freaked out!
by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 7:15 PM
my first son was a suprise(got pregnant out of high school)
my second son I got pregnant on the PATCH(my eldest was 6mos old)
my third was off patch for 1 week, and guess what lol
my fourth...that was planned(didn't tell hubby my plan though )
by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 7:35 PM
i got preg with my first within 3 weeks of moving from SC to NY. The first week we were there I had my period, then it dissapeared. We got preg with our second within 3 weeks of moving from NY to FL.... Had my period right before the moved and no more.... LOL. We just moved again and the first week we were here I had my period. Then it was 6 DAYS late. Of course I was freaked out since I had my tubes tied, but luckliy it was just stress that time! We've been here almost 2 months now!
by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 7:51 PM

i have the iud now and that worries me because i have been having some problems and it makes me wonder now. but i was on the pill when i found out that i was pregnant with my son. i went to the doctor for a sinus infection and found out i was 6wks pregnant

by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 9:33 PM
My husband and I had been sleeping together for nearly a year unprotected  because he had been told that he was unable to have children (2500 mg of Ritilan when he was a kid for ADHD), or rather that his chances were like 1 in 100  billion.  Me, I was on Depakote for 3.5 years (Ages 15-18.5) and then I found out that it wasn't supposed to be perscribed to women under 20 because it can cause sterility.

Well, for a year my periods were like clockwork, with not even the slightest hint that I was pregnant.  Than in January of '06, I had to get my bottom 2 wisdom teeth removed.  They gave me percoset for the pain which I found out the hard way that I am allergic to.  Spend 6 hours without being able to keep anything down.  

Got my period in Jan '06.  Febuary rolls around and what do ya know?  I start feeling pregnant, having wierd cravings, the whole bit.  Take a pregnancy test a few days before I'm due to get my period.....negative.

Miss my period in Febuary.  8 days after I was supposed to start my period, I took another test....Big Fat Positive!  My son was born at 40wks1day, on Oct.22nd
by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 9:53 PM

I was on the pill for years when I got pregnant. My boyfriend and I hadnt been together very long and we were definately shocked. Our son is now 7 months and just amazing. Im on the IUD now and I love it. No problems yet. My best friend got pregnant on the pill too. She is due in October.

by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 10:17 PM
I have been on it for the past 5 months too. We have 3 girls, and dont plan to have anymore anytime soon. But my OB said he wouldnt tie my tubes till I was 30. I havent had a period in two months, but he sd that was normal. Anyone else stop having a period while on it???? I am wondering if I should be worried.
Quoting BabyLove:

Oh dear lord!!!!  Don't tell me that!   I have been on the IUD for about 6 mo now and I already have two girls!  I reeeeeally don't want another kid (right now for sure)...  
by on Mar. 22, 2007 at 10:28 PM
When I got pregnant my husband, who was my fiance at the time, had been using condoms.  He had been studying in Spain for 3 months and everyone told me that when he came home I was going to get pregnant.  Well, sure enough, I got pregnant the month he came home.  We found out I was pregnant the day after I had bought my wedding dress.  I thought I was never going to be able to wear it.  Our wedding was supposed to be in 6 months, but we decided to wait until after the baby was born.  I told him he isn't going away for a long time until I am ready to have another kid.

Now I am on the IUD and am always scared that I will get pregnant on it.  We always joke that my husband has super sperm :)
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