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Tips for going green- what do you do?

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         Some of us are veterans to green living and others are new and looking for great advice on how to become greener. I would like to give everyone an opportunity to share recipes and suggestions on becoming green.


by on Mar. 14, 2008 at 10:34 PM
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by New Member on Aug. 23, 2008 at 11:47 PM
I started out by really trying to cut down on the things that I use that are *disposable*. I stopped using the swiffer cloths and used old dishtowels instead, started using tupperware instead of plastic baggies, switched over to "g" diapers (although technically these are disposable, since they're flushable they're much better for the environment), started reusing plastic mayonnaise and ketchup containers to hold my homemade cleaners in. These are just a few things that I've done since my kids were born.
by New Member on Aug. 26, 2008 at 2:13 PM
I may have posted here before, but I have recycled for a long, long time. We only use the low energy light bulbs. I have switched to all natural cleaners, homemade whenever I can. I set-up a compost bin a few months ago. I'm trying the vermiculture method, but I think I need to get more worms! I conserve water and energy whenever I can. I've even got my 5 yo so that he tries to talk me into saving packing so that we can "recycle it and make a picture" or some other type of art with it. I have an organic garden which I'm reaping the benefits of before the bitter cold hits here in MN. I'm always looking for other things I could be doing.
by on Aug. 28, 2008 at 9:47 AM

I use products that are backed by scientific experiment after experiment that are proven not to harm my family as well as great for the enviornment. Below is a video of "Toxic Brew". It might help us all have a better look at what we actually use to clean our homes and what the impact is on our children

Visit this link to watch:

How do you feel after watching this video?

Is this what we are doing to our children?

Now how can we as parents and/or caregivers help our children from these toxic brews that are on our store shelves and being advertised as "SAFE" to use around babies and children?

Now visit here and find out info on what you have under your sink!!!!

All I ask is that you look at the info and be aware of what our children are around in our homes, schools, restaurants, just about everywhere!!!

Wish you a happy, healthier life!!


by New Member on Sep. 8, 2008 at 6:00 PM

I agree. Also, studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have found that indoor air quality is two to five times worse than outdoor air. The fact that our homes are sealed and insulated so well doesn't help either. That was another thing we did to limit our impact and consumption, we eliminated our use of air fresheners and perfumes and now open our house up every evening in the summer and once every day in the late afternoon in the winter.

by New Member on Sep. 12, 2008 at 9:36 AM

I didn't read all of the posts so I dont know if this was said. But I use tea tree oil for cleaning! i mix it with water is a spray bottle and spray it everywhere! or you can put a dab or 2 of it on a wash cloth and wipe everything down. There is a millions ways to use tea tree! Its a natural disinfectant



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by on Oct. 4, 2008 at 1:11 PM

I just bought a handheld steam cleaner. It is great because it can sanitize quickly and easily using only steam. You can steam clean just about anything. It also helps to eliminate odors if used on the furniture or clothes.

by on Oct. 10, 2008 at 2:05 PM

Quoting Danielle923B:

I didn't read all of the posts so I dont know if this was said. But I use tea tree oil for cleaning! i mix it with water is a spray bottle and spray it everywhere! or you can put a dab or 2 of it on a wash cloth and wipe everything down. There is a millions ways to use tea tree! Its a natural disinfectant


This is why  I use Melaleuca's products.  The cleaning, bath & body, cosmetics...most all of the products have tea tree oil (melaleuca artinafolia) in them and they're free from harsh chemicals.  They have one cleaner that's actually certified by EPA to be an effective disinfectant.  That's good, b/c one of my biggest issues with natural cleaners has been that they don't tend to be very effective.  Couple that with the fact that I don't like the smell of vinegar. LOL

by on Oct. 13, 2008 at 3:35 PM

I went to a night class on increasing energy efficiency in your home for cheap.  Here's what I learned:

Clean fridge coils every month

Clean/replace furnace filter every 2 months

check cold water filter on washing machine line for sediment

insulate water heater pipes-hot and cold- 10 feet past water heater to reduce heat loss and condensation

put a full 1L bottle in your toilet tank to reduce water flushed down

install low flow facets or add rings or washers to your sink faucets

low flow showerheads of course

clean the coils on your dehumidifier

calk or spray foam under door and window trim around door or window to prevent air leaks

calk or spray foam under faceplates on electric outlets and switches on outer walls of your house to prevent cold air coming in

shrink wrapping windows in the winter does help a little

unplug electrical appliances not in use like chargers, toasters, etc.  Phantom plug load uses tons of electricity each year that isn't going towards anything

use CFL bulbs, and never use hallogen, especially in lights that are on at least 6 hours a day

if you have a regular schedule, and if your hot water heater will allow, get a timer and set it so that it decreases water temp at night or when you don't need hot water

monitor fridge and freezer temps with thermometers so you know if you can turn them down or not

install an on-demand water heater

don't use the dry cycle on the dishwasher

get a front loading washer-it uses 4-6 gallons per load instead of 40 gallons

have a good old fashioned cord phone in your home-doesn't use electricity and works when the power is out

wear slippers-warm feet equals warm body

turn the heat down at night or when you're gone to work-get a programmable thermostat so it will automatically do it every day.  1 degree cooler per hour saves 1% of your heating cost-really adds up over a year!

Check your local power and gas/water/utilities company for rebates, free efficiency checks on your home, etc.  I've got some websites for this somewhere, when I find them I'll post them!

If I think of any more tips I'll let you know! 

by New Member on Oct. 16, 2008 at 7:59 PM

I just joined cafemom and found your group. I am glad becuase i have learned so much already. My family is new at going green. The main reason is because my mother had a cancer scare this summer, which made me concerned about al the chemicals we use daily just to clean our bodies. Every month we are doing more and more. One thing i would like to share is the use of coconut oil, we use it on all our skin and hair. It is awesome!

use only all natural  hygine products

natural cleaners

take my bags back to the store

natural laundry products

eat organic and locally grown as much as possible

use less paper products

use cfls

turn off lights,tv,computer when not in use

switching over to glass only for food storage

use the library

making my own shampoo and leavein treatments

teaching my kids about why we do all this

cant wait to learn more

by New Member on Oct. 16, 2008 at 8:04 PM

Thank you for the idea to make your own knapkins. I went shopping for cloth knapkins and found them to be expensive. I have a family of 6 so i need alot of them. I'm so glad for your idea thanks again.

Quoting Karmarka:

I started out recyling papers, cans and plastics.
I use cloth napkins and very few paper towels only use those for grease clean ups always use dishclothes and towels for clean up. I sew my own napkins.
  I have always used vineagar because I have allergies and the perfumes are hard on me.
 I grow a vegetable and herb garden
 my mother, daughter and I all car pool for errands so that we are not driving that much and make our trips count.
 We have always shut of things when we left the room. Tv is not on unless someone is watching it.
 We burn wood for heat.
 We have replaced all our light bulbs with the efficency bulbs.
  We pass our magazines around so that every one has read them in the family and then give them to someone else to read.
 I put all our scrap food out for the birds and animals. The ravens have come all the time this winter along with foxes to eat.


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